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Heather Webber: Grand Illusions

Crazy, She Wrote


Luke and Heather's history consists of one night together twenty-plus years ago that Heather has held onto all these years.

Heather returned to Port Charles in 2004, after she had been impersonating Laura and coming and going from Shadybrook as if it were the Holiday Inn. She killed a policeman and framed Skye, who went to prison as a result. Then she poisoned Lesley Webber so that she could push herself into the lives of the Spencer family and be close to Luke. Luke at the time was off on one of his trips. Heather decided to go after Edward, a grieving widower. Heather's goal was to knock him off and get his money.

Edward wasn't sure that Lila wanted him to move on, so he stalled in committing to a relationship with Heather. So Heather went back to an old standby -- she put something in Edward's drink, and during a family gathering, he grabbed his heart and collapsed.

The Qs, not the most sympathetic lot, thought Edward was attention-seeking. Heather disagreed and got Edward medical care. She never left his side while he was in GH. While at GH, she ran into Steven Lars, her beloved son whom she'd sold so many years earlier. Steven wanted to run the other way, and as they fought, Felicia, who was the trustee of Lila's estate, overheard them.

Heather attempted to no avail to convince Felicia that she was sincere and sane but Felicia cut her off from Edward. Edward was grateful to Heather, so he didn't feel that way -- in fact, he wanted her to move into the mansion and take care of him after he was released from GH. The two became engaged.

Once she was ensconced at the Qs, Heather had Laura moved to the attic of the Q mansion. Laura, of course, was comatose. Whenever she could, Heather would quietly go to the attick and visit Heather. She told the catatonic Laura that she had a plan to bring Luke back to Port Charles. She promised to keep Luke away from Skye.

Luke and Skye managed to get together in spite of this, and they figured out that Heather had been intercepting their messages to one another.

Edward wondered why Heather was always going to the attic, but Heather derailed this by showing him a portrait of Lila and declaring it was a sign that Lila approved of them. Heather and Edward married. Heather was in a mad rush to consummate their union, but Edward fell asleep.

When Monica found out Edward had married Heather, she threw both of them out of the manse. Edward and Heather moved into an apartment at Kelly's, quite a comedown. Edward divested himself of his money and ELQ shares and started working at Kelly's, claiming he only needed his bride.

This didn't thrill Heather, who was seeing another of her brilliant plans get trashed. She decided that Edward had gone crazy. Tracy agreed -- money makes strange bedfellows -- and the two worked on getting Edward evaluated on the QT.

The psychiatrist who examined Edward found him of sound mine. This wasn't what either woman wanted to hear, so Tracy got out her purse and bribed the good doctor to commit Edward. When Heather returned to the mansion, she checked on Laura. What she didn't know was that Dillon Quartermaine, Tracy's son, was spying on her.

Laura had been discovered and moved her to another location. Heather told Luke that she would make sure Skye was out of the way for Laura's sake. Luke was sure someone had framed Skye for murder. Skye was very upset when she found out that Heather invested $2 million of Edward's money into the Haunted Star. Skye reported this to Tracy.

Tracy and Skye decided Edward needed to realize the truth about Heather, so they got him released. Edward was hurt by Heather's behavior and filed for an annulment. Luke coerced Heather into saying she wanted to kill Edward, and Luke graciously offered his help.

Heather approached Edward from behind to choke him, but it turned out to be Luke. You know, Heather's plans usually fizzle. With Skye and Edward listening, Heather, freaked out that she nearly killed Luke, told Luke how much she loved him and that she had killed the police officer and framed Skye.

Heather realized she had been caught and took Skye hostage. They hid at Wyndemere, where Skye attempted to reason with Heather, who now believed she was Laura. Heather got sick of listening to Skye so she injected her with a hallucinogenic drug. Guess she really messed around in that mental hospital's medicine rooms.

Luke found Heather, but not Skye, and asked Heather what had happened to Laura. Heather promised to tell them once they were married. Luke agreed to marry her at the Q mansion.

On the day of the wedding, Heather arrived at the mansion and saw Emily Quartermaine in a wedding gown. Luke took her aside and explained that Emily wanted to emulate Heather, so she put on a wedding gown. Right, makes perfect sense.

Luke also said they couldn't start the wedding because he wanted Skye there, and she was late. Heather then happily told him where Skye was. Luke called the police. Heather was declared insane and taken to Ferncliff. She never did say where Laura had been taken.

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