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Luke and Laura's Wedding


Luke and Laura's Wedding

Luke & Laura wedding photo (Anthony Geary, Genie Francis)


The wedding of Luke and Laura is one of the biggest - if not the biggest moment on General Hospital and in all of soap opera history. After the summer adventures of Love on the Run, fans anxiously awaited the nuptials. Finally, on November 16, 1981, Luke and Laura were married outdoors in front of 30 million viewers! Today, soap operas are lucky if they get 2 million viewers.

Friends, Family - and Enemies in Attendance

The couple was surrounded by friends and family not only from Port Charles but people they met during their adventures in Beecher's Corners. Even Bobbie Spencer, Luke's sister, who was not always in favor of this liaison, was in happy attendance.

Not everyone was thrilled about this wedding. Laura's former husband, Scott Baldwin, fought with Luke after the ceremony. And Helena Cassadine (portrayed by none other than Elizabeth Taylor), before leaving Port Charles, put a curse on the couple, wishing them plenty of misery. She blamed Luke and Laura for the death of her husband, Mikkos. She has remained an enemy of Luke and Laura to this day.

After the Honeymoon

Over the years, lots has happened to soapdom's first supercouple: two children, Lucky and Lulu, a divorce, a remarriage, and Laura's institutionalization and emergence from a catatonic state with the help of an experimental drug. The drug's good effects were short-lived, however. Knowing this, Luke went through with a re-marriage ceremony, though at the time, he was already married to Tracy Quartermaine. A catatonic Laura returned to the institution.

Laura Recovers

Laura again came out of her catatonic state in 2008. At this time, she learned that Luke had remarried - and was married when they remarried! In the end, Laura decided to go to Paris for more treatment, to make sure that she was permanently recovered. Though Luke still loved her, he decided to stay with Tracy. Perhaps, he and Laura decided, your great love is not always the person you will be with the rest of your life. Will Laura return? Audiences hope so - and if she does, Tracy is in for one heck of a fight.

Lots can happen to a couple in 28 years, and Luke and Laura are no exception. Despite their parting, no one will ever forget the love that was Luke and Laura and its culmination in the beautiful wedding of November 16, 1981.

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