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Laura Spencer Reveals to Luke that She Has a Cassadine Son

A Surprise for the Spencer's


It's nothing new on a soap opera to have a baby's paternity revealed when the child needs a medical procedure such as a bone marrow transplant. But on General Hospital in 1996, viewers found out more about the year that Laura was kidnapped by the Cassadines when hers and Luke's daughter, Lulu, needed a bone marrow transplant.

It turns out that Laura conceived a child with Stavros Cassadine during her time in captivity, and that was baby Nikolas. Before telling Luke, Laura goes to see Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols) to see if a test can be arranged for Nikolas, since he is the only person left who could possibly be a match for Lulu.

Luke & Laura

A Suspicious Husband

Luke is suspicious that something is going on with Laura, and finally, Laura has no choice but to tell her husband about her other son. Geary and Francis did their usual spectacular job together, and Luke is repulsed at the thought of Cassadine blood in his daughters veins and shocked by Laura's admission. His relationship with Nikolas, as well as Lucky's, is an uneasy one, though over time, it gets much better.

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