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Luke Rapes Laura


In 1979, Laura Spencer Baldwin went to work at the Campus Disco. It was there that she met and became friendly with the manager, Luke Spencer. Luke was involved with notorious mobster Frank Smith, and he believed that he was going to be killed. In love with Laura, he wanted to be with her before dying.

Luke got drunk, and as the Herb Alpert song "Rise" played in the background, Luke raped Laura. The perception of rape as a social issue was different in 1979 than it became later on, and the event was not dealt with as a trauma for Laura. In interviews, Genie Francis, who played Laura, referred to the event as a "date rape," the implication being that it was more excusable. As the years passed, it became a seduction.

Nearly 20 years later, Luke and Laura were forced to face the reality of what truly happened when their son Lucky's girlfriend Elizabeth is raped, making for some very strong television viewing.

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