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Sonny Corinthos Shoots Carly Corinthos

Sonny's Itchy Trigger Finger


Sonny Corinthos Shoots Carly Corinthos

Sonny and Carly (Maurice Benard and Tamara Braun)

American Broadcasting Companies Inc.

Carly Has an Off Year

2003 was not a banner year for Carly Corinthos (Tamara Braun). For one thing, Sonny shot her.

On the happy occasion of Jason's and Courtney's wedding, Carly disappears. She has been kidnapped by Ric Lansing, Sonny's half brother. He holds her in a panic room in the house he shares with his wife, Elizabeth Webber Spencer Lansing. Elizabeth lost their baby when she fell down a flight of stairs, and Ric is certain that Sonny did the pushing. So he decides to kidnap the pregnant Carly and take her baby. Elizabeth doesn't know there's a panic room in the house. Inside, Carly remains chained. The chain is long enough for her to get around - but not out. Even when Elizabeth presses a button behind the book case and Carly appears at the entrance of the open door, it doesn't save her - Elizabeth suffers a stroke when she sees her and later can't remember a thing.

If this weren't enough, Lorenzo Alcazar kidnaps Carly from Ric and takes her to a ship. He holds her hand as she struggles not to give birth prematurely. Alcazar falls for her. Carly is rescued at last, and goes home. Happy in the bosom of her family after her horrible ordeal, she looks forward to giving birth. One night, while she's alone, Alcazar visits her at Greystone, where she lives with Sonny. While he's there, Carly goes into labor. This time, it's the real thing.

Alcazar is helping her deliver baby Morgan when Sonny enters the house. It's dark; he sees his wife in agony and Alcazar in front of her. Sonny shoots. The bullet passes through Alcazar and hits Carly. She goes into a coma. When she wakes up, she has no emotional memory of ever loving Sonny. Wonder why.

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