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Cesar Faison - General Hospital Character

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Cesar Faison - General Hospital Character

Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) - up to something, as usual

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Faison and Anna

He loves her, she hates him

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Cesar Faison

His typical expression

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Obsessive and Destructive

Charming but lethal, Cesar Faison, as portrayed by Anders Hove, is one of General Hospital's most compelling and villainous villains! Whether in cahoots with Helena Cassadine, mentally torturing Mac Scorpio, stalking Felicia, or kidnapping Anna, Faison was -- and remains -- an evil force. And never say never when it comes to this scary man - he's always planning his next move.

Faison became obsessed with Anna Devane in childhood, when his mother was her nanny. However, the two went in opposite directions – Anna to the WSB and Faison to the WSB's nemesis, the DVX. He first broke up the marriage of Robert Scorpio and Anna by forcing Anna to betray Robert, who was also an agent. When they individually surfaced later on in Port Charles, they both concluded that Faison was dead.

The Undead Return to Port Charles

No true General Hospital villain stays dead very long. Faison resurfaced during the alien storyline. Living in Europe as a writer using the name of Sinclair, the megavillain saw Robin on television showing a crystal from the planet Lumina that she found on Spoon Island. He decided to go after the crystal. Soon he was living at Windemere.

Casey, the alien from Lumina, eventually arrived at Windemere looking for the crystal that would enable him to return home. Anna tried to help him, and along the way, ran into Faison, who kidnapped Anna, Robin and Casey. Ultimately, his plans failed to "crystallize" when Anna and Frisco Jones got in the way and returned the crystals to Casey, who promptly left earth.

Anna Sets Up Faison

Anna, Robert and Sean Donnely decide they need to rid the world of  this madman once and for all. Anna played on Faison's feelings for her, and the two become engaged. She must have been throwing up nightly. Meanwhile, Remondo, Faison's enemy, was contacted as to his arch rival's whereabouts. When Remondo came after him, Faison split Port Charles. He returned the day that Robert and Anna got married and tried to get Anna back – by force, naturally – but the wedding happened anyway.

Business - the Nerve Gas Business

After that, Faison went into the nerve gas business. He created something called carbon disulfide with three other men, referred to as a cartel, using a cannery as a front. Then they sold it to the third world. Great. They also made a terminal virus out of it and used it on Tiffany Donnelly, Sean's wife. There was an antidote, but Sean could only get one pill at a time by giving the cartel info about Robert Scorpio. Sean went to Scorpio, and the two created false information to feed the cartel.

In order to get control of ELQ, the next virus victim was Susan Hornsby, in a ploy to force her father, Paul, to get in with the Quartermaines. First order of business – Paul was to marry Tracy and get her ELQ stock. Though in love with Jenny Eckert, Paul felt he had no choice. Jenny, of course, hating Paul's guts, moved on.

After all that, Paul never did get Tracy's stock, so Faison wanted Tracy dead, enabling Paul to inherit. This time, Paul put his foot down and stole a vial containing the virus. Tony Jones analyzed it and found a cure for the virus. Faison was foiled again.

When Bill Eckert joined the cartel, he was in actuality helping Robert. As a sign of loyalty, Faison wanted Bill to kill Robert. Robert and Bill decided to fake Robert's murder and also keep the nerve gas from being released on Founder's day. They got everyone to pretend to be dead when Faison released what he believed to be the nerve gas. Two of the cartel were killed, and guess who escaped. Faison. Soon Port Charles residents received packages in the mail with the initials FK – Faison Kills.

The Old Dog Resorts to Old Tricks

Faison's next move was to kidnap Anna again. This time, he was successful, and Robert reconciled with his ex, Holly. Now, who do you suppose her old nanny is? Faison's mother. Holly brings her to Port Charles, and Nanny McTavish goes before the media to plead with her son to return Anna. How did someone named Cesar Faison wind up with a mother named McTavish? Anyone's guess.

Well, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. She then turned around and helped her baby boy kidnap Robin so that the Faisons could be a family at last – Anna, little Robin, and Cesar. Robert followed Nanny M one day and managed to get Robin. He believed his mother deliberately brought Robert to him, so he shot her dead.

Faison wasn't through with Paul Hornsby yet - the guy can really carry a grudge - so when Jenny Eckert was to be married to Ned Ashton, he slipped a bomb in her bouquet. Paul realized something was wrong and threw the bouquet outside just in time. Jenny and Ned proceeded with the ceremony. Faison disappeared with Anna, and Robert found them on a boat in South America. Faison apparently blew up the boat, and he, Anna, and Robert were killed.

It's Not Over Until It's Over, and is it Over?

None of them, of course, turned out to be dead, and all eventually found their way back to Port Charles, Faison seven years later to smuggle diamonds and to kidnap and brainwash Lucky at the behest of Helena Cassadine. And to die again. No way.

Always Time for Another Encore

Yes, he's back again, in cahoots with his wife, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, though at this point, we aren't sure of all the ramifications. We know this: He somehow kidnapped Robin, and she's being held at his wife's clinic in Switzerland, where Duke Lavery was also being held. Faison wore a Duke Lavery mask and returned to Port Charles, determined to seduce Anna. But Anna, for some reason, couldn't warm up to the fake Duke.

We know Dr. Obrecht's motives: She wants to destroy Anna. She wanted her daughter, Britt Westbourne, to seduce Robin's husband Patrick. Britt then announced she was pregnant with his child, except she isn't. We think the baby she's carrying is Dante and Lulu's.

Jerry Jacks was poisoned -- in fact, Jerry got $88 million by holding Port Charles hostage in order to pay for his cure. Now, Luke has been poisoned by Helena, and he is searching for Jerry. And he's run into Dr. Obrecht. Somehow Helena (now deceased), Dr. O, and Faison wound up in this plot together, all with different agendas.  We know Faison's, of course: Anna Devane.

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