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Faith Roscoe

A Killer in Victoria's Secret Lingerie


Faith Roscoe

Faith Rosco (Cynthia Preston)


Lovely but Lethal

Don't let the Victoria's Secret lingerie she parades around in fool you - Faith Roscoe, a terror of a mob widow, was one scary lady. Put it this way - the Titanic couldn't drown 92-year-old actress Gloria Stuart's character in the film, but Faith got rid of Gloria's character on General Hospital with one poisoned cognac.

Cynthia Preston was so effective as Faith that when the actress bopped onto SoapNet with a big smile on her face, this writer almost wasn't sure who she was, she seemed so different. (Human? Nice? Friendly?)

Faith's Agenda

Faith came to town to bring down Sonny Corinthos. She apparently believed in the phrase, "any port in a storm". She was in cahoots with Edward Quartermaine and also his grandson Ned. When she first met Ned, she frisked him herself, thus beginning their wild affair, a total manipulation on Faith's part. She also manipulated Sonny's brother, Ric Lansing, who was her attorney, and anyone else she could find to make Sonny pay for the death of her husband. (Are we sure that Sonny killed him? Maybe she just got bored with him and offered him one of her famous drinks.)

Body Count

Faith racked up bodies like crazy, leaving viewers to hope that when she actually did bring Sonny down, there would still be someone left in Port Charles.

When Faith needed money for a hit woman, she got rid of her own grandmother (the formerly indestructible Gloria Stuart). But give Faith credit for some humanity; she cried after she did it. Then she killed the hit woman. The minute I saw the two of them together at the bar, I knew the hit woman was having her last drink before going to that big bar down below. Faith's ultimate act was the lap dance she did on poor Benny, which gave him a coronary. Again, though, before Faith walked over his dying body, she did speak to him. Of course, she did all this in fishnet stockings and dresses that go up to her thighs. Black was her color. That's because she was in mourning.

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