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Grant Andrews/Grant Putnman

An Obsessed Killer with the Face of Mr. Nice Guy


Grant Andrews/Grant Putnman

Grant Putnam (Brian Patrick Clarke) and his wife Celia Quartermaine Putnam (Sherilyn Wolter) before his evil twin, bearded twin Grant Andrews, hit town

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The Spy Who Craved Me

Anna Devane has been the object of a great many affections from men, many of whom were kooks. Add Grant Putnam to the list. The affable Brian Patrick Clarke played both Grant Putnam and Grant Andrews.

You know, when a man has a dog named Satan, it makes you stop and think, doesn't it? Grant Putnam was a real baddie who came from England to Port Charles after killing the one doctor who didn't think he was ready to leave the asylum just yet.

In reality, Putnam was a crazy spy named Andrei Chernin. He was after the spy who had stolen his name and identity - Grant Andrews. Andrews' life wasn't exactly a Port Charles picnic, but he didn't know how good he had it. Once Putnam hit town, he set up Andrews so that it looked like he was having an affair with Tania Roskov, thus threatening Andrews' marriage to Celia. Like that was a stretch - I mean, who WASN'T Tania involved with at one time or another?

Putnam Competes for Celia's Affection with Jimmie Lee Holt

Then Putnam convinced Celia that her husband was trying to kill her. Her testimony on that account put Andrews away for fifteen years. Then Putnam went head to head with his big competition for Celia - Jimmie Lee Holt. Remember him, girls? NO CONTEST. Celia finally became suspicious of Putnam and went to England.

Putnam followed and tried to kill Celia, missing twice. Working with Robert Scorpio, she eventually found out that the doctor Putnam killed had left an incriminating tape; Scorpio saved her as Putnam moved in for the kill.

In Love with Anna - So What Else is New?

Putnam was returned to a British asylum where, several years later, guess what? They decided he wasn't a menace to society and let him out again. It must be the water over there! This time he went after Robert Scorpio, kidnapping Anna (he really wanted Robin, but it didn't work out) and putting her in a chain-link prison guarded by Satan, a Doberman.

Putnam's ego did him in - he actually believed Anna wanted to seduce him; instead, she stabbed him. He wound up delirious from an infection and, walking the streets, ended up in the hospital. There he switched ID bracelets with a patient, kidnapped Anna AGAIN and headed for the Adirondacks, where he was finally stopped from falling off of a cliff by Robert Scorpio. Not one of Robert's smarter moves.

Hopefully, no doctor will decide Grant Putnam is ready to be released from an asylum ever again.

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