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Mikkos Cassadine Profile

The Iceman Cometh


Mikkos Cassadine Profile

Mad with power - Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos)

Screenshot - Joyce Howard

Mikkos Cassadine - All He Wanted Was to Control the World

Mikkos Cassadine was The Face of Evil - gone global. He was the leader of the pack - beloved husband of Helena; father of Stavros and Alexis; grandfather of Nikolas. Played with abandon by the late Canadian actor John Colicos, Mikkos was a vicious tyrant seeking world domination.

Luke and Laura Go After the Ice Princess

It was a decidedly sci-fi adventure that Luke and Laura embarked upon after their popular Love on the Run escapades. Alexandria Quartermaine, Edward's niece, hired Luke to find the world's largest uncut diamond, the Ice Princess. Locating it in South America, she disguised it by painting it black before shipping it from Rio de Janeiro to Port Charles. Alas, it was stolen from the docks. Luke's quest put him in competition with the mysterious Robert Scorpio and in bed with Edward, who wanted the diamond found also. And guess who had it? LILA Quartermaine! A blond bimbette, Emma Lutz, whose cab driver-husband was a purveyor of stolen goods, had donated it to Lila's charity auction, in hopes of breaking into high society. But no one had a chance to bid on it or steal it - the Ice Princess disappeared from the auction, too.

The Ice Princess, of course, wasn't just a diamond. In its base was a formula that could be devastating to the world if not found by the World Security Bureau, for whom Scorpio worked as an agent. The search causeed Luke, Laura and Robert to stow away on the yacht of Victor Cassadine, one of the mercenary Cassadine brothers. On a tropical island, the three discover not only hot passion (Scorpio with Victor's date, Tiffany Hill) but also an underground factory. At a coming out party, Mikkos revealed his plans to build a massive weather machine that can freeze the world, using the formula in the base of the Ice Princess.

A Chilly Scenario

By icing a target city like Port Charles, Mikkos could bring the world to its knees and force leaders to do his bidding. Refusing to negotiate with the WSB, Mikkos kept lowering the temperature until chilly Port Charles is declared a disaster area. As the situation deteriorated, our heroes broke into the factory and found that the icemaker had run a bit amuck. Alexandria, Victor, his brother Tony and other yacht guests had become ice sculptures. Only Mikkos remained.

In a deadly struggle with Luke, Mikkos fell into his own ice chamber, becoming instant Birdseye. Luke then decoded the chamber mechanism and warmed up the world again - definitely already less chilly with Mikkos and two Cassadines gone! But never fear - we hadn't seen the last of a Cassadine-ice connection.

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