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General Hospital's All-Time Top Villains

The Characters You Love to Hate


Welcome to the General Hospital list of top villains, a compilation of the best at being scariest. What becomes a villain most?

  • Some people do bad things and others are just inherently evil. This list covers the inherently evil.
  • Morals are in short supply. In fact, they're totally missing.
  • They think of death and destruction the way we think about our grocery list.

With these features in mind, a list of the top 11 GH villains of all time have been compiled.

Damian Smith: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Handsome, debonair, and charming, Damian Smith's favorite hobbies are blackmail, seduction, and arson.

Heather Webber: Baby Broker in the Name of Love

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Pretty Heather Webber, a manipulative troublemaker, poisoner, and baby broker.

Frank Smith, Gentleman Mobster

Frank Smith, the man who started Luke & Laura's love on the run

Ryan Chamberlain: Kevin's Evil Twin

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Dr. Kevin Collins has a lookalike, Ryan, who stalks women and steals children.

Faith Roscoe: A Killer in Victoria Secret's Lingerie

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Beautiful Faith Roscoe is a mobster who would kill her grandmother to get what she wants. In fact, she did.

Grant Putnam: Another Anna Devane Obsessee

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Grant Putnam, a bearded lookalike of Grant Andrews, went up against the buff Jimmie Lee Holt for the affections of Andrews' wife, Celia.

Mikkos Cassadine: The Iceman Cometh

Screenshot - Joyce Howard
Mikkos Cassadine wanted to rule the world, but he wanted to freeze it first.

Helena Cassadine: A Curse on Both Your Houses

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Helena Cassadine is big on curses. But she's the biggest curse of all.

Stavros Cassadine: Evil in the Form of a Popsicle

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Stavros emerged from the deep freeze to commit murder and mayhem in Port Charles.

Cesar Faison: Say It With a Smile

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Killed twice, Faison took a lickin' and kept on tickin'.
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