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General Hospital 2009 Best and Worst Awards

The Best, the Worst, the Cutest, the Funniest - All the Significant Awards


General Hospital 2009 Best and Worst Awards

The rarely seen Jason Cook (Dr. Matt Hunter) with Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

As tradition demands, it is now time for the General Hospital Awards for 2009. We encompass far more than best and worst, covering everything from hairdos to acting. So here we go:

Best Couple: (second year running) Robin and Patrick

After a rough patch, they're cuter than ever. Is Lisa a fatal attractionoid? Don't know, but she won't break up "Scrubs."

Best Actress: Laura Wright

Likable, emotional, and sexy, Wright is a special actress and a wonderful Carly.

Best Actor: Brandon Barash

His scene with Morgan was one of the best; his grief over his sister, his passion for Olivia - he's got it all.

Best Newcomer: Dominic Zamprogna

People were sick of hearing about Dante Falconeri until this cute, relaxed, funny, and charming actor came along.

Best Bad Guy: James Franco

His multilayered, psycho Franco brings a great character to GH.

Best Hurt Look: Spinell

With those big brown eyes, he's like a puppy dog.

Best Scenes Awards

  • Scariest: Jason and Franco
  • Sweetest: Johnny Zacchara and Morgan Corinthos when Morgan thought Carly was dying
  • Meanest: Sonny telling off Claudia at her party
  • Most Poignant: Carly when Michael woke up
  • Tearjerker: The Spencer Family Looking at Laura's Angel on the Christmas Tree
  • Funniest: Sam Shoots Jason by Accident
  • Took Us Off Guard: Jason calling Michael "a little bitch!"

    Best Friends Awards
  • Best Tell It Like It Is: Lulu and Maxie
  • Lucy/Ethel: Diane and Alexis
  • Ours is a Fine Bromance: Sonny and Jason

Best Wardrobe: Lulu Spencer

She really popped this year.

Best Ethnic Diversity: Any show but General Hospital!

Best Episodes

  • Bioballs - First Episode, Surgery Episode
  • Carnival
  • Karaoke

Sexiest Performance: Try a Little Tenderness by Johnny

Special Couples Awards

  • Quirkiest: Tracy and Luke
  • Cutest: Lulu and Dante
  • Sexiest: Johnny and Olivia

Worst Father: Sonny Corinthos

Jason is better at disciplining Michael than you are.

Worst Sendoff: The elevator doors closing on Ric Lansing

Worst Business: The Haunted Star

Luke drinks all the liquor and no one goes there. Definitely a tax loss.

Worst Revisionist History Awards

  • The 'Wow, That's a Switch': Olivia suddenly emerging as the big heartthrob of Sonny's past after we were led to believe all along that it was Kate Howard. Even Kate Howard thought it was true.
  • The Most Stupid: Emily having an identical twin, given up by Paige, who, even as she was dying, never bothered to mention it to Monica.
  • The Most Egregiously Wrong: The Ethan Lovett story. Suddenly Luke slept with Holly while married to Laura. Ethan should be Robert's and Holly's. Writers: If that was planned and Tony Geary changed your minds, don't listen to him again. If you think his ideas are so great, put him on the writing staff.

Worst Product Placements Awards

  • V-8 Fusion
  • Coleman touting the film Nine

Worst Employee Treatment by Producers

  • Greg Vaughan (Lucky) firing
  • Rick Hearst put on recurring status

Most Clueless: Alexis Davis

Alexis, wake up. Your daughter is in trouble.

Most Loquacious: Molly Lansing

Most Fun Character: Diane Miller

Most Changing Hairdos: Maxie Jones

Most Angst Ridden: Jason Morgann

Most Trashed Character: Elizabeth Spencer

Now is engaged to Lucky but has the hots for his half-brother, Nikolas.

Most Repetitious Pattern: Elizabeth Spencer

Continuously agrees to marry Lucky when she's not in love with him.

Most In Denial: Jax

He had to know Carly would stop speaking to him if she found out that he knew all along Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting.

Most Headed for a Fall: Kiefer Bauer, woman beater

Biggest Lack: New Opening Credits

It would be great to see some people actually IN the show in the opening.

Biggest Flop: The over-hyped Bioball crisis

The present/future episodes, with the exception of a few episodes, went on too long and was not the big storyline viewers were promised.

Before this story arc aired, there was a rumor of going forward one year, seeing Sonny in a coffin, and showing the events that led up to that, with Sonny in the end faking his death. It would have been much more exciting. Too much repetition from past episodes, too many plot holes: wheelchair-bound patients left alone in hallways while ambulatory people were evacuated from the roof, Nikolas trolling the halls looking for the Emily clone, and Spinelli stuck in a closet. Meanwhile, people walked into GH from the main entrance, past guards and firefighters - all similar to the Port Charles Hotel crisis.

Biggest Change: Lucky Spencer

He went from Barney Fife to Kojak in one episode.

Biggest Marble Mouth: Kristina Davis

Biggest Loose End: The Fate of Poor Max After the Carnival

For all we knew, he was dead.

Biggest Disappearance of a Storyline: Valentine Cassadine

Will we ever find out why Helena was so frightened of him? Will we ever see him?

Biggest Disappearing Acts: Sonny's Bodyguards

Just how did Jerry Jacks get in to hide all those DVDs? And how come anyone can just walk in unannounced?

Biggest Absence: Kate at Franco's Art Show

If she was responsible for this show, where was she?

Biggest Letdown: No Reading of The Christmas Story to the Kids at GH

Please leave us with some traditions.

Dumbest Undercover Cops: Ronnie and Dante

They continually meet in a laundromat or worse, on the docks. Talk louder, guys, I don't think the whole town heard you.

Dumbest Move: Robin Leaving Her House in a Blizzard with her Baby

Dumbest Plot Device: Franco Being of Interest to Crimson

We all want to see couture on a murdered body.

Special Awards:

Too Much Makeup

  • Ronnie Domestico in the hospital after being mowed down by Franco.
  • Rebecca Shaw before she started to look more like Emily.

Why Am I on this Show: Jason Cook (Matt Hunter)

He's good-looking and displays a nice personality when he's given lines to say. He's just never there.

Birds Do It but It's Okay, They're Birds: Robin Parking Her Daughter in a Tree

What Were You Thinking: Maxie Jones sleeping with Franco.

Some Days It Doesn't Pay to Wake Up: Michael Corinthos

Glad to See You On So Much: Mac Scorpio

Superman: Nikolas Cassadine

In Elizabeth's dream of Lucky shooting him, if you watch it on youtube.com, he leaves the ground.

Least Used 'Name': Billy Dee Williams

Is Toussaint ever on the show?

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree: Michael Corinthos

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