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General Hospital 2012 Review, Part II

Hail and Farewell


Old-timers, new characters, and some goodbyes - that was General Hospital in 2012.

The Farewells

We waved goodbye (and in some cases, said good riddance to): Franco, Dr. Ewen Keenan, The Woman in White, Matt Hunter, Maggie (Kodi Kitchen), Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons), Ronnie Domestico, (Ronnie Marmo), Delores Padilla, and the original T.K., Krys Meyer.

We also said a sad goodbye to three very important characters and the actors who played them:

Edward Quartermaine - John Ingle, who played Edward Quartermaine, had his final scene during the poisoned water crisis in Port Charles, and gave us one of the most memorable moments of 2012, certainly the most poignant, when he wanted Emma Drake to have his antidote to the poison. Ingle's health had deteriorated, and our last vision of him was in a wheelchair, giving the thumbs-up. This remarkable actor, who gave the role such bluster, humor, and energy, died shortly afterward.

In memorializing the Quartermaine patriarch, General Hospital also gave a loving tribute to John Ingle. The show did a magnificent job, and I imagine as Lila and Edward ascended upward, there wasn't a unused tissue to be had anywhere among viewers.

Robin Scorpio - Kimberly McCullough joined the show as Robin when she was seven years old, and in 2011, decided it was time to pursue her ambitions on the other side of the camera. The 2012 demise of Robin had been planned actually as part of the grand finale of General Hospital, and Robin was to die.

However, the show's fortunes changed, and the character of Robin turns out to be alive and well and being kept captive by Faison in a Swiss hospital. McCullough was brought back to tape some scenes, and will come back again to tape more. So it's been kind of a half-goodbye.

Jason Morgan - Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was a pivotal part of General Hospital, tying many Port Charles citizens together as a Quartermaine, the father of Elizabeth's son Jake Spencer, the man who cared for Michael Corinthos as a baby, Sonny Corinthos' right-hand man, Sam's boyfriend and later husband, Carly's best friend, Brenda's constant annoyance, Spinelli's "Stone Cold," and a close friend of Robin's.

After spending twenty-one years (with a break) on General Hospital, Burton announced he was moving his family to Tennessee and intended to enjoy the good life and spend quality family time. Apparently, The Young & the Restless must be filming there because Burton is now on the show. As a result of his leaving, chaos ensued, and a story arc had to be closed quickly and not very convincingly. It's not likely Burton will be back; though it was unthinkable that Jason would be recast, will he be? We don't know.


For some newcomers, the jury is still out; others have fit in well; and still others are gone already.

Dr.Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud): Another manipulative woman after Patrick. I vote her off the island.

Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo): Innocent, sweet, with a crush on Patrick, Sabrina may turn out to be a good addition to the show. She will be getting a makeover from Lucy, that’s for sure, and it will be interesting to see where she goes from there.

Ellie Trout: Just an opinion, but audiences want to see Maxie and Spinelli together. And she’s so hyper.

Joe Scully Jr.: Richard Steinmetz joined the cast briefly as a link to Sonny's past and as a way of introducing Connie’s son Trey Mitchell into the story. He sparred with Sonny, John McBain, Connie herself, had an affair with Tracy, and eventually was shot and killed on the waterfront along with Jason and Bernie, Sonny's accountant.

Todd Manning – A One Life to Live transplant, Todd Manning has fit well into the General Hospital landscape, bringing his vivid personality, humor, and a complete disregard for boundaries to the show. He seems headed for an involvement with Carly. According to General Hospital producers, both the actor, Roger Howarth, and the character are a major hit in focus groups, scoring "through the roof."

Starr Manning – The appearance of Todd’s daughter was the beginning of a story arc that is still not over, concerning the death of her boyfriend Cole and her daughter Hope. Starr has become involved with Michael Corinthos and has to deal with her irksome father. Also, believing Connie Falconeri to be the person who caused the demise of Cole and Hope, she has had to put up with Connie walking around Port Charles without someone throwing a butterfly net over her.

John McBain - McBain, from One Life to Live, was an integral part of the Sam-Jason and baby situation but hasn’t been around much since. However, he’s now a member of the Port Charles Police Department and we will be seeing more of him.

Trey Mitchell - Erik Valdez joined the show as Connie's son Trey, but as of this writing, his final scenes are being aired.

Kristina Davis - Lexi Ainsworth, the original grown-up Kristina, was seen as a bit too young for the direction the writers wanted to take the character, so she was let go. Fans were miserable. Kristina went off to Yale, and when she reappeared, she was in the form of the more mature Lindsey Morgan. Unfortunately, our introduction to Kristina was as part of an unpopular and just plain stupid storyline, and viewers found it difficult to line up the old Kristina with the new. Whatever the writers had planned for this character, they've shelved it and are still looking for it.

T.J. (Tequan Richmond) - Tequan replaces Krys Meyer in the role of Molly's friend T.J. He seems a little older, so perhaps the writers are planning to take T.J. him in a different direction.

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