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The Best and Worst of General Hospital in 2011

It Was the Worst of Times, It Was the Worst of Times


The Best and Worst of General Hospital in 2011

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is in love with Lulu (Julie Marie Berman), and shows her with a kiss.

Carol Kaelson/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
General Hospital - Best and Worst of 2011:

2011 on General Hospital was mostly a disappointment, to use a mild word. I could have said disaster.

Behind the scenes, there was plenty of upheaval as the other two ABC soaps went off the air, veterans left or were fired, and there was a change of head writers. In front of the camera, there were villains, murders, personality changes, drugs, old girlfriends, new characters, weddings, illnesses, stalking -- sounds exciting, doesn't it? I guess it's all in the execution.

But that's only my opinion, readers. Now it's your turn to pick the best and the worst of the year 2011.

It's difficult for me, as someone who has watched GH since the '60s, to be terribly positive (though I remain hopeful for 2012), so that makes it tough to figure out how to ask you to vote. Frankly, I feel like just putting "WORST" in front of everything! On some of these categories, viewers might not like ANYTHING.

So here are the voting rules: 2. Feel free in your email to "write in" anything you think was left out of any category if you want to vote for it for best or worst, or whatever the category is about.

3. I would like all the emails to generalhospital@aboutguide.com to be received by December 30, 2011, so that I can post them on December 31, 2011. They will then stay up for a week or so.

4. It's easiest to cut and paste this into an email and just eliminate what you don't want.

5. In some categories, there will be one choice; in others, I will ask for your top 2 or 3. In a couple of categories, I have asked you to refer to a previous one for the choices, or just to write in your choices.

Any questions, email me at generalhospital@aboutguide.com

Story Arc That Went On Too Long:

  • Franco
  • The Balkan
  • Lisa Niles
  • Spinelli becoming The Jackal

    Best Wedding:

  • Sonny and Brenda
  • Jason and Sam
  • Dante and Lulu

    Best Villain:

  • Lisa Niles
  • The Balkin
  • Franco
  • Anthony Zacchara

    Best Return:

  • Monica
  • Skye

    Best Storyline: (PICK YOUR TOP THREE)

  • Woman in White
  • The Message from Siobhan
  • Siobhan's death
  • Jake's Death
  • Luke's alcoholism and intervention
  • Spinelli Becomes The Jackal
  • Michael's Rape
  • Bus Crash
  • Carly-Jax custody battle; Sonny framing Jax with drugs
  • Sonny trying to kill Jax by tampering with this plane
  • The boat cruise
  • More brain surgery for Jason
  • Lulu chasing Luke to the bordello where he grew up.
  • Elizabeth being accused of trying to hurt Siobhan
  • Molly's post-traumatic stress
  • Girls at Vaughn's being roughed up, leading to Abby going to Chicago and her death
  • mob war
  • Sonny excises his demons when he returns to Bensonhurst with Kate.
  • Jax's attitude toward the custody case.
  • Brenda leaves Sonny.
  • Spinelli's bakery caper where he emerges a hero.

    Most Wasted Opportunity:

  • Brenda's Return
  • Lucky's marriage to Siobhan
  • Lucky and Elizabeth
  • James Franco

    Best New Character:

  • Maggie
  • New Kate
  • Ewen
  • Delores Padilla
  • Shawn Butler
  • Woman in White

    Character You Were Happiest to See Leave: (PICK TWO)

  • Nikolas
  • Jax
  • Kristina
  • Abby
  • Lucky
  • Old Kate
  • Suzanne
  • Brook Lynn Ashton
  • Siobhan
  • Maya
  • Kristina
  • Brenda

    Character You Were Saddest to See Leave: (PICK TWO)

  • Nikolas
  • Jax
  • Kristina
  • Abby
  • Lucky
  • Old Kate
  • Suzanne
  • Brook Lynn Ashton
  • Siobhan
  • Maya
  • Kristina
  • Brenda

    Most Shocking/Exciting/Interesting Moment (PICK THREE)

  • Jason locked up by Franco in a room with a monitor so he sees Franco grab Sam
  • Sam on the stretcher after the limo Brenda entered was bombed.
  • Jake's Death
  • Michael's admission that he was raped
  • Suzanne's true identity revealed
  • Lisa trying to inject Robin's blood into Patrick
  • Robin's news that her drugs are no longer working
  • The dream sequence of what might have been had Jason not had his accident
  • Lucky burning down his family home
  • Ethan catches Maya with another man.
  • Lucky learns he is Aiden's true father.
  • Dante and Lulu break up.
  • Dante and Lulu become engaged.
  • Game of strip pool at Jake's

    Favorite Couple:

  • Jason and Sam
  • Sonny and Kate
  • Michael and Abby
  • Matt and Maxie
  • Steve and Olivia
  • Tracy and Luke
  • Diane and Max
  • Dante and Lulu
  • Robin and Patrick

    Favorite Potential Couple:

  • Shawn and Carly
  • Liz and Ewen
  • Ethan and Woman in White
  • Tracy and Anthony
  • Alexis and Mac
  • Johnny and Delores

    Most in Need of a Storyline or a Better Storyline:

  • Mac
  • Alexis
  • Spinelli
  • Steve Webber

    Best Triangle:

  • Lucky/Siobhan/Elizabeth
  • Spinelli/Maxie/Matt
  • Franco/Jason/Sam

    Worst Direction Taken by a Character: (PICK THREE)

  • Spinelli's new personality
  • Diane's book, breakup with Max, leaving Sonny's employ and becoming an undercover investigator
  • Luke's obvious alcoholism, alleged killing of Jake, his memories of being unhappy with Laura in the house, not to mention sleeping with Holly while married to Laura and fathering Ethan
  • Ethan's obsession with the Woman in White
  • Matt as a medical researcher
  • Robin not fighting her illness and deciding to disappear
  • Lulu starting to drink
  • The mayor's new career as a newspaper publisher and changing his name to Preston
  • Elizabeth's desperate manipulation to get Lucky back

    Character I Got to Know Better This Year:

  • Matt
  • Ethan
  • Anthony Zacchara
  • Tracy

    Characters I'd Like to See More of (not mentioned in the "need a storyline" category): (PICK TWO)

  • Coleman
  • Johnny Zacchara
  • Steve Webber
  • Tracy
  • Molly Lansing
  • Spinelli
  • Monica
  • Shawn

    Character I'm sick of: (write in) (PICK TWO)

    Best Actor: (PICK TWO)

  • Jonathan Jackson
  • Chad Duell
  • Tony Geary
  • Bradford Anderson
  • Steve Burton
  • Sean Blakemore
  • Bruce Weisz
  • Jason Cook
  • Maurice Benard
  • Jason Thompson
  • Daniel Benzali

    Best Actress: (PICK TWO)

  • Laura Wright (Carly)
  • Brianna Brown (Lisa Niles)
  • Kelly Sullivan (Kate Howard)
  • Julie Marie Berman (Lulu)
  • Kelly Monaco (Sam)
  • Kimberly McCullough (Robin)
  • Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)
  • Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller)
  • Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)
  • Jen Lilley (temporary Maxie)

    Stupidest Moments on GH (please choose THREE from most exciting/interesting moments above)

    Characters I would like to see return (played by the original actors, please): (PICK TWO)

  • Laura (Genie Francis)
  • Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson)
  • Noah Drake (Rick Springfield)
  • Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)
  • Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring)
  • Cesar Faison (Anders Hove)
  • Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher)
  • Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson)
  • A.J. Quartermaine (played by Billy Warlock)
  • Jerry Jacks (played by Sebastian Roche)

    Announcement that has made me happiest:

  • Jax is returning for a story arc.
  • Anna Devane is returning.
  • There's a new writer and producer coming to GH from One Life to Live.

    Rumor that has excited me the most: (PICK TWO)

  • Jake may be alive.
  • Who's the daddy - Franco/Jason/Sam
  • Woman in White is Laura's daughter.
  • Tristan Rogers may return for Kimberly's exit.
  • One of the familiar characters is a serial killer.
  • Lexi Ainsworth may return as Kristina!
  • Kate has a few secrets, one of which is a child.
  • Ewen is Valentine, the most evil of all Cassadines.

    Rumor that has made me saddest: (PICK TWO)

  • Robin may die.
  • Kristina may return sexier and looking more mature.
  • Dante may be Kate's son.
  • Spinelli may be Kate's son.
  • Tony Geary and Maurice Benard may leave the show.
  • Shawn is a Fed.
  • Steve Webber knows that Jake is alive.
  • Edward may die.
  • Spinelli may be written out of the show.

    Feel free to mix and match these and put a saddest in the excited category and vice versa - you may be happy that Edward may die, for instance, not sad.

    Most needed on GH: (PICK AS MANY AS YOU WANT)

  • Less dark storylines
  • Better writing
  • A new love interest for Elizabeth
  • Jake returned to his mother
  • Lucky reunited with Elizabeth
  • Less cartoon-like villains
  • More comedy
  • More romance
  • Happiness for Jason and Sam that lasts at least fifteen minutes
  • More stories involving the Quartermaines.
  • Better treatment of women and more focus on women's stories
  • More attention the history of the show and the back story of its characters
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