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General Hospital Fans: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What's Coming Up for Your Favorite Characters...
General Hospital future spoilers and rumors
General Hospital Spoilers for the week of May...
General Hospital Spoilers for the week of May 25, 2015
Shawn Butler is Going to Prison so Guess What...
Sean Blakemore, who played Shawn Butler on General Hospital, is off the show.
How to Upset Fans: Direct a Film but Depart...
Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) taking a break from her role on General Hospital
Bride of Chucky
On a live episode of General Hospital, Nina marries Ric, Hayden is shot, Anna kills Carlos, Carly flips out at Sonny, and Elizabeth now hates Nikolas.
Set Your DVR: Can't Miss Episodes of General...
Important General Hospital episode dates - Set your recording device for these important episode dates for the next week
True or False | Is a Popular Star on Her Way Out?
Rebecca Herbst speaks to rumors about her leaving General Hospital
What's Ahead for General Hospital in 2014?
General Hospital - What's Ahead for 2014, for Robin and Patrick, the Jerome family, Sam and Silas, Lucas Jones, and other characters.
Ryan Carnes Talks about General Hospital and...
Ryan Carnes, the actor who plays Lucas Jones, the biological son of Julian Jerome, talks about returning to General Hospital after nine years.
Jeffrey Vincent Parise - General Hospital Actor
Jeffrey Vincent Parise, General Hospital actor who plays Carlos Rodriguez, a man in love with Sabrina Santiago, but a mobster connected to Julian Jerome
Sad and No Surprise: Tony Geary Departing 'GH'
Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) has announced he is leaving 'General Hospital'
Jason & Elizabeth: Love Means Never Having...
Jason and Elizabeth, General Hospital supercouple, played by Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst
'GH' Live Shows -- Get Ready!
General Hospital is airing live shows May 15 and May 18.
Duke Lavery and The Jerome Family - Fifty Years...
The Jerome family, a mob family in Port Charles, and the connection they had to Duke Lavery.
General Hospital's Lisa LoCicero | She Plays a...
Lisa LoCicero, General Hospital actress - she plays Olivia Falconeri, Kate Howard's cousin on the soap opera General Hospital
General Hospital Contact Information
contact information for General Hospital, including addresses and emails of ABC and the soap opera magazines.
Roger Howarth Joins General Hospital
Roger Howarth, General Hospital Actor biography, in which the reasons why he left One Life to Live initially are discussed.
Alicia Leigh Willis
Alicia Leigh Willis, Courtney on General Hospital - what she's doing now
Dominic Zamprogna | Popular Guy Had a Show-Biz...
Dominic Zamprogna, who plays Dante Falconeri in the long-running soap opera, comes from a show business family.
General Hospital: Lab Rat
Parry Shen plays Brad Cooper on General Hospital; in real life, he is a hardworking, disciplined actor committed to his work.
The Christopher Family Celebrates a New Baby
Tyler Christopher and his wife Brienne Pedigo have a new baby.
Will Alan Quartermaine Ever Make Another...
Stuart Damon, General Hospital, who played Alan Quartermaine - what he is doing now
Dirty Work | It's About Cheating at the...
ABC is accused of lying about the results of a poll for General Hospital
General Hospital's Laura Wright | Wine Taster...
Laura Wright, General Hospital actress; she currently plays Carly Corinthos.
Anna Devane and Duke Lavery | Love in Latex
Anna Devane and Duke Lavery,General Hospital super couple, played by Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan.
Nikolas Cassadine | Wealthy, Powerful Sexy and...
General Hospital character profile of Nikolas Cassadine, played by Tyler Christopher
A Fearless, Hot, and Sexy Man!
Sean Blakemore (Shawn), General Hospital actor and character biography
Young & Restless Writer Leaves Genoa City...
writer Jean Passanante leaves her Young & Restless job to return to General Hospital
Luke & Laura | Shocking Rape in the Face of...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >In 1979, Laura
The Webber Family Tree (the Squirrels Don't...
The Webber Family Tree, one of the legacy families on the soap opera General Hospital
Lucas Jones, Another Stolen Baby: Fifty Years...
Lucas Jones, another baby stolen - 50 Years of General Hospital
Daytime Emmy Awards: GH Has Good Makeup and...
A report on the Daytime Emmy Awards
Tyler Christopher
Tyler Christopher, General Hospital actor biography; he plays Nikolas Cassadine.
Jason Morgan: Ruthless Killer with a Wounded...
Jason Morgan: General Hospital character biography. He was played by Steve Burton and is now played by Billy Miller
Elizabeth & Jason: A Surprise Pregnancy,...
Due to defective condoms, Elizabeth Spencer becomes pregnant by Jason Morgan after she divorces Lucky, in a continuation of Elizabeth Spencer's biography.
Elizabeth Spencer: A Remarkable Beauty, An...
Elizabeth Webber Spencer - General Hospital character biography. She is portrayed by Rebecca Herbst
Kelly Monaco | Dancing Lady
Kelly Monaco, General Hospital actress biography; she plays Sam McCall.
A Heart-Stopping, Beautiful Grand Finale
General Hospital Recap for May 5, 2014: The Nurses Ball ends with a startling decision by Elizabeth; Duke orders a hit: Courtney visits Spencer.
Corinthos Family Tree: Dante, Michael, and the...
Corinthos Family Tree from General Hospital. This includes Sonny's half-sister Courtney Matthews, his illegitimate son Dante Falconeri, and his half-brother Ric Lansing
The Supercouples of 'General Hospital'
Read about some of the top supercouples on General Hospital: Luke and Laura, soap's first supercouple; the steamy love of Sonny and Brenda; the fan favorites, Elizabeth and Jason; the sad lovers, Robin and Stone; the wacky Sean and Tiffany; the love/hate of Alan and Monica; the touching Anna and Duke story; first love with Elizabeth and Lucky; two spies, Robert and Anna; bigamist Ned and his true love, Lois; Sonny and Carly, who can't stay apart; and the first couple on GH, Steve and Audrey
Blackie Parrish (John Stamos) | Blackie and the...
Blackie Parrish (John Stamos), General Hospital legacy character
Chad Duell: The Replacement's Replacement
Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos III) on General Hospital
Legacy Character Katherine Bell - Karma's a Bitch
General Hospital legacy character biography of Katherine Bell, played by Mary Beth Evans
Maurice Benard | He Plays Port Charles' Dark...
Maurice Benard, General Hospital Actor who plays Sonny Corinthos.
Michael Sutton: A Strong Resolve to Promote His...
Michael Sutton (Stone Cates) on General Hospital - where he is now
General Hospital's Brandon Barash | Renaissance...
Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara), General Hospital actor biography, including his many activities as a musician, a photographer, a husband and father.
General Hospital's Emma Samms | English Rose
Bio of Emma Samms, who played Holly Sutton on General Hospital.
A Day on the Set of 'General Hospital'
A day on the set of 'General Hospital'
Kimberly McCullough | Directing Her Life
General Hospital actress Kimberly McCullough, who plays Robin Scorpio on General Hospital.
Sherilyn Wolter (Celia Quartermaine) - Where Is...
Sherilyn Wolter, where is she now, and a biography of her character on General Hospital, Celia Quartermaine
Hayley Erin: Restless' Abby, Now Kiki, Colludes...
Hayley Erin, the new Kiki Jerome on General Hospital
Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) | The Fast-Talking...
Bio of Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital; her background, family, departure from the show and return, her husband and new baby
Quartermaine Family Tree
Quartermaine family tree - General Hospital. The Quartermaines are one of the most powerful families in Port Charles
Luke and Laura's Wedding
The long-awaited wedding of Luke and Laura is one of the top moments in the history of General Hospital
Out and Proud: General Hospital's Felix Dubois
Felix Dubois/Marc Samuel, General Hospital Character and Actor, during which the controversy over the character of Felix is discussed.
What You Need to Know About Sabrina Santiago...
Teresa Castillo plays Sabrina Santiago on General Hospital, and in this article, we look at what could be ahead for Sabrina.
Nancy Lee Grahn | An Inspiring Outspoken and...
Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis), General Hospital actress biography.
Cassadine Family Tree - At Least This Week
The Cassadine family, important in Port Charles history with an effect on other families, including including the Spencers and the Quartermaines.
Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos Dies...
Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos dies
General Hospital's Olivia | A Devoted Heart, a...
Olivia Falconeri, General Hospital character, played by Lisa LoCicero
Actor Brad Maule | You Can Go Home Again
General Hospital legacy actor Brad Maule (Dr. Tony Jones) - where he is now.
Rick Hearst - No Regrets
Rick Hearst, who plays Ric Lansing on the soap opera General Hospital, talks about his recent status change from regular to recurring, the role of Ric, his father Trevor, portrayed by Stephen Macht, and what's ahead in his future.
General Hospital: A Rich History, Part I
A look at the history of General Hospital, the popular soap opera that first went on the air in 1963
General Hospital's All-Time Top Villains
The top villains of General Hospital, including Helena Cassadine, Cesar Faison, Stavros Cassadine, Grant Putnam, Ryan Chamberlain, Faith Roscoe, Jerry Jacks, Heather Webber, Damian Smith, Frank Smith, Mikkos Cassadine, and Anthony Zacchara
Rebecca Herbst: Beauty and Talent
Rebecca Herbst, General Hospital Actress. She plays Elizabeth Webber Spencer Lansing Spencer.
Is Ian Buchanan Out?
Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) may be leaving General Hospital
Sonny Corinthos: The Powerful, Sexy Mobster...
Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital character played by Maurice Benard.
Billy Miller Steps into Some Big Shoes on...
A bio of Billy Miller, who plays Jason Morgan on General Hospital
Steve Burton | The Quiet Man
A biography of Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan on General Hospital
Legacy Character Tony Jones | Next to Normal
Tony Jones - General Hospital dad and father of B.J. Jones and Lucas Jones
Jax and Sam McCall - Continuation of Jax...
Jax and Sam - General Hospital character bio continued
General Hospital | An Extra Tells All
An interview with actress Heather Hudson, who appeared during the hospital crisis on the soap opera General Hospital
Jason Thompson: Daytime's Dr. McDreamy
Jason Thompson, General Hospital actor - he plays Dr. Patrick Drake
The Spencers and How They Grew
Spencer family tree from General Hospital, which includes members of the Webber, Quartermaine, and Cassadine families
General Hospital's Jimmie Lee Holt: Thank God...
Jimmy Lee Holt, General Hospital Legacy Character, a member of the Quartermaine family, who comes to live in Port Charles in the 1980s.
Hello, Wife - General Hospital Recap
General Hospital recap for June 3, 2004, during which Patrick and Sabrina receive bad news about baby Gabriel; Ava takes a blood test; Nina shows up.
General Hospital Writing, Directing, and Acting...
General Hospital Emmy submissions by writers, directors, and actors, which consist of a reel showing the best representative work of each person, or a representative episode.
General Hospital's Cesar Faison: Bad to the Bone
Cesar Faison, General Hospital character, a biography of the character and his obsession with Anna Devane
Michael Easton: From Vampire to Cop to Vampire...
Biography of Michael Easton, GH actor, which talks about his other works and private life.
That Nasty Dr O. Can Sure Belt Out a Song
Dr. Liesl Obrecht/Kathleen Gati, General Hospital Character and Actress; Kathleen Gati talks about her upbringing.
Where is General Hospital's Lynn Herring Now?
Lynn Herring, (Lucy Coe) - General Hospital, where she is now.
Huge, Exciting Announcement at Emmy Awards?...
Genie Francis returning to General Hospital
General Hospital | Julian Jerome (William...
Julian Jerome (William Devry) | General Hospital Character and Actor, telling the story of Julian Jerome, beginning when he first came to Port Charles.
Ava Jerome (Maura West) | Beautiful, Deadly,...
Ava Jerome/Maura West, General Hospital Actress and Character, who came to Port Charles in 2013 and was an instant hit with fans.
General Hospital Flip Flops Time Slots Again
General Hospital will be reverting to its old time slot in some areas.
General Hospital's Luke & Laura | Love on...
Luke and Laura, played by Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, a super couple on the soap opera General Hospital
Robin Scorpio | General Hospital's Little Girl...
Robin Scorpio is diagnosed with HIV in one of General Hospital's Top Moments.
Scott Reeves
Scott Reeves biography - he plays Dr. Steven Lars Webber on General Hospital
General Hospital: A Rich History, Part II
An overview of General Hospital from the 1990s to the present
Mac Scorpio | He Makes Fatherhook Look Easy
Mac Scorpio, General Hospital dad, Robin Scorpio's uncle and stand-in father for Maxie and Georgie Jones.
Will She Bring Jason with Her?
Kimberly McCullough, Robin Scorpio on General Hospital, is due to return over the summer.
Grant Andrews/Grant Putnman
Grant Putnam, General Hospital villain, and the evil twin of Grant Andrews
The Jerome Family
The Jerome family, an old mob family from General Hospital in the 1980s
Edward Quartermaine's 1989 Death - Fifty Years...
Fifty Years of General Hospital, Edward Quartermaine's 1989 Death, during which Edward leaves to go on a fishing trip and never returns.
Lucky Spencer
Lucky Spencer, General Hospital Character
General Hospital's Frisco and Felicia | Reel...
A profile of Frisco and Felicia, a super couple who appeared on the soap opera General Hospital and were played by Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner.
Nazanin Boniadi: Did She Date Tom Cruise, Or...
Nazanin Boniadi, General Hospital actress - she played Leyla Mir
Claire Coffee
Claire Coffee, General Hospital actress - she plays Nadine Crowell, a love interest of Nicholas Cassadine.
Nurses Ball: Beautiful People, but Ugly Secrets...
General Hospital Recap for 5/1: The Nurses Ball: Two marriage proposals, one accepted; a big reveal; Britt surprises Spencer; Nikolas drops a bomb.
Tony Geary: Iconic Character Played by the Man...
Anthony Geary | General Hospital actor, who plays Luke Spencer
The Death of B. J. Jones
B.J. Jones was pronounced brain dead after a school bus accident, and her heart was donated to her cousin Maxie.
Luke Spencer: How Awesome and Fantastic Is He?
Luke Spencer - General Hospital character, portrayed by Anthony Geary
'General Hospital' Stars Participate in a Soapy...
General Hospital's Robin, Kimberly McCullough, has written a new pilot with Tyler Christopher as producer.
Maxie Jones | It's Not Where You Start, but...
Maxie Jones - General Hospital character biography - she is played by Kirsten Storms
Where's Tony Geary When You Need Him?
Anthony Geary news item about his recent surgery: will he return to General Hospital?
General Hospital's Walking (or Rolling) Horror,...
General Hospital actress Michelle Stafford and the character she portrays, Nina Clay, a biography and a look at Stafford's career.
General Hospital's Sonny and Carly: The Curtain...
Sonny and Carly, General Hospital supercouple, played by Maurice Benard and Laura Wright
The Ice Princess: A Crazy Trip on the Haunted...
Luke & Laura & The Ice Princess - 50 Years of General Hospital, the story of how Luke and Laura became involved with the Cassadine family
Nikolas and Emily
A profile of Nikolas and Emily, a supercouple on the soap opera General Hospital, portrayed by Tyler Christopher and Natalia Livingston
Chad Duell Won, Lost Emmy Nomination in One Day
General Hospital's Chad Duell was told there was a miscount when he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award.
What You Need to Know About Lucy Coe on...
Lucy Coe, General Hospital legacy character Lucy Coe, played by Lynn Herring
Baldwin Family Tree
General Hospital Family Tree of the Baldwin Family
Sean and Tiffany
Sean and Tiffany, played by John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt, a supercouple on the soap opera General Hospital
Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan
Finfest, Finola Hughes' event which benefits Childhelp
Laura Returns
Genie Francis, who has played Laura Webber Baldwin Spencer since she was 14, returns to General Hospital for a short run in August.
Jagger Cates
Jagger Cates, General Hospital character played by Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Leading a Scary, Strange Life Somewhere
Robin Scorpio, General Hospital character, including her involvements with Stone Cates, Jason Morgan, Patrick Drake, and kidnapping by Cesar Faison.
Goodbye, Steve Burton
Goodbye, Steve Burton, General Hospital actor, who played Jason Morgan. A look back at how the character has evolved over the years.
Frank Smith | Gentleman Gangster
General Hospital mobster Frank Smith, one of the original Port Charles mob bosses responsible for Luke and Laura's Love on the Run
General Hospital: "I want a helicopter,...
General Hospital recap for September 2, 2014: Nina and Ava meet; Kiki hears something she shouldn't; the girls are rescued but something else occurs.
Kelly and Britt | Beautiful, Sexy, and Smart!
Kelly Thiebaud/Britt Westbourne | General Hospital Actress & Character, a biography of Britt Westbourne and a look at Kelly Thiebaud's life.
Laura Spencer Reveals to Luke that She Has a...
Laura Spencer reveals to Luke that she has a Cassadine son.
Zacchara Family Tree
Zacchara Family Tree - General Hospital Family that is a rival of Sonny Corinthos
General Hospital's Vanessa Marcil | One Hot...
Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett), General Hospital Actress
Tony Geary: Timeless to Me
Tony Geary, article on General Hospital actor, who plays Luke Spencer
Dante Falconeri: Hidden Identity
Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), General Hospital character biography. Dante is the son of Sonny Corinthos and Olivia Falconeri.
Several Contracts Up for Renewal on 'General...
An article about contract negotiations between General Hospital and Maurice Benard, Steve Burton and Rick Hearst.
Sam McCall: The Married Widow
Sam McCall, General Hospital bad girl turned good, played by Kelly Monaco since 2003
Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) - General Hospital...
Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) on General Hospital - a biography and his feelings about the show and Anna Devane
General Hospital's Jane Elliot | One Tough Lady
Jane Elliot, General Hospital actress. She plays Tracy Quartermaine
General Hospital's Lulu Spencer: Looks Like...
Lulu Spencer, General Hospital character, Luke and Laura's daughter, played by Marcy Rylan
Anna and Robert
A profile of Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio, played by Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers, who were a super couple on the soap opera General Hospital
The Story Behind General Hospital's Elizabeth...
Elizabeth Spencer and Ric Lansing meet; Elizabeth becomes pregnant, and miscarries in this continuation of Elizabeth Spencer's biography
Steve Burton Spills the Beans
A description of an appearance of Steve Burton, Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson and Derk Cheetwood
Hutch | Guitar Man
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Jefferson Smith
Mikkos Cassadine Profile
Mikkos Cassadine profile, the Greek tycoon who tried to freeze Port Charles
Jax (Jasper Jacks)
Jax (Jasper Jacks), General Hospital character played by Ingo Rademacher.
Daytime Emmy Awards
Daytime Emmy Awards. General Hospital Fans.
Brook Lynn Ashton
Brook Lynn Ashton, General Hospital character biography. Brook Lynn is a Quartermaine, the daughter of Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo, and Tracy Quartermaine's granddaughter.
Britni Sarpy: Awesome "Babe" in the Spotlight
Biography of General Hospital actress Brytni Sarpy (Valerie Spencer)
General Hospital Character Silas Clay: My...
Silas Clay: Biography of a General Hospital character
Carly Jacks | One Hot Mama
Carly Jacks - General Hospital character - she is currently played by Laura Wright
When MacGyver Was on 'General Hospital'
Richard Dean Anderson, General Hospital actor, article which goes into the story of the character played by Anderson, Jeff Webber.
Kelly Sullivan: Dancing Her Way Into 'General...
General Hospital actress Kelly Sullivan (Kate Howard) interview, who talks about how she won the role of Kate Howard.
Lisa Cerasoli (V, for Venus Ardonowski)
Lisa Cerasoli, V Ardonowski of General Hospital, what she's doing now
What's the Full Story Behind Bill Eckert?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Who is Faux Luke?
General Hospital's Frisco Jones: Dancin' in the...
Frisco, General Hospital character, played by Jack Wagner
Johnny Zacchara: The Man with the Plan
Johnny Zacchara, General Hospital character played by Brandon Barash, is a young man with a confused past and pulls from many directions.
Frisco, Felicia, and That Desirable Treasure
Fifty Years of General Hospital - The Aztec Treasure, during which Frisco and Felicia, one of General Hospital's supercouples, meet for the first time.

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