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General Hospital Fans: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
"General Hospital" Spoilers: What Will Happen...
General Hospital upcoming spoilers and rumors
General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of April...
General Hospital Spoilers for the week of April 21, 2014
What's Ahead for Genral Hospital in 2014
General Hospital - What's Ahead for 2014, for Robin and Patrick, the Jerome family, Sam and Silas, Lucas Jones, and other characters.
A Luke Spencer Lookalike
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Who is Faux Luke?
Teresa Castillo/Sabrina Santiago
Teresa Castillo plays Sabrina Santiago on General Hospital, and in this article, we look at what could be ahead for Sabrina.
General Hospital Recap for April 11, 2014
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Stuart Damon
Stuart Damon, General Hospital, who played Alan Quartermaine - what he is doing now
Alicia Leigh Willis
Alicia Leigh Willis, Courtney on General Hospital - what she's doing now
All About General Hospital Actor Jeffrey...
Jeffrey Vincent Parise, General Hospital actor who plays Carlos Rodriguez, a man in love with Sabrina Santiago, but a mobster connected to Julian Jerome
Luis/Lorenzo Alcazar-Luke Spencer/Bill Eckert -...
Luis Alcazar and Lorenzo Alcazar-Bill Eckert, evil twins on General Hospital? No,the Alcazars weren't twins, and Bill Eckert wasn't Luke's twin.
Several Contracts Up for Renewal on 'General...
An article about contract negotiations between General Hospital and Maurice Benard, Steve Burton and Rick Hearst.
Kathleen Gati/Liesl Obrecht: Faison's Wife!
Dr. Liesl Obrecht/Kathleen Gati, General Hospital Character and Actress; Kathleen Gati talks about her upbringing.
Lisa LoCicero
Lisa LoCicero, General Hospital actress - she plays Olivia Falconeri, Kate Howard's cousin on the soap opera General Hospital
Emma Samms
Emma Samms, a General Hospital where are they now
Spencer Family Tree
Spencer family tree from General Hospital, which includes members of the Webber, Quartermaine, and Cassadine families
Kelly Thiebaud-Britt Westbourne - General...
Kelly Thiebaud-Britt Westbourne - General Hospital Actress & Character, a biography of Britt Westbourne
Luke Spencer Biography
Luke Spencer - General Hospital character, portrayed by Anthony Geary
Quartermaine Family Tree
Quartermaine family tree - General Hospital. The Quartermaines are one of the most powerful families in Port Charles
Corinthos Family Tree
Corinthos Family Tree from General Hospital. This includes Sonny's half-sister Courtney Matthews, his illegitimate son Dante Falconeri, and his half-brother Ric Lansing
Ned and Lois
Ned and Lois, played by Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer (she was replaced by Lesli Kay), were a super couple on the soap opera General Hospital
Sonny Corinthos - General Hospital Character
Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital character played by Maurice Benard.
Luke Rapes Laura
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >In 1979, Laura
Laura Wright - General Hospital Actress
Laura Wright, General Hospital actress; she currently plays Carly Corinthos.
Blackie Parrish (John Stamos) - Street Smarts
Blackie Parrish (John Stamos) General Hospital legacy character
Nikolas Cassadine
General Hospital character profile of Nikolas Cassadine, played by Tyler Christopher
Elizabeth Spencer
Elizabeth Webber Spencer - General Hospital character biography. She is portrayed by Rebecca Herbst
Jane Elliot
Jane Elliot, General Hospital actress. She plays Tracy Quartermaine
Anthony Geary - General Hospital Actor
Anthony Geary - General Hospital actor, who plays Luke Spencer
Cassadine Family Tree
Cassadine family tree; the Cassadines have been a very important part of the history of Port Charles and who have had a strong effect on several other families, including the Spencers and the Quartermaines.
Tyler Christopher
Tyler Christopher, General Hospital actor biography; he plays Nikolas Cassadine.
Set Your DVR: Can't Miss Episodes of General...
Important episode dates - Set your recording device to catch these important episode dates on General Hospital for the next week!
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan: General Hospital character biography. He is played by Steve Burton
Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond) - Keeping it Cool...
Jimmy Lee Holt, General Hospital Legacy Character, a member of the Quartermaine family, who comes to live in Port Charles in the 1980s.
Webber Family Tree
The Webber Family Tree, one of the legacy families on the soap opera General Hospital
General Hospital Contact Information
contact information for General Hospital, including addresses and emails of ABC and the soap opera magazines.
Luke Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine
Luke and Tracy, General Hospital Supercouple, and their fake marriage that became real.
Chad Duell
Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos III) on General Hospital
Parry Shen (Brad Cooper) - General Hospital Actor
Parry Shen plays Brad Cooper on General Hospital; in real life, he is a hardworking, disciplined actor committed to his work.
General Hospital: A Rich History, Part I
A look at the history of General Hospital, the popular soap opera that first went on the air in 1963
Ava Jerome/Maura West: General Hospital...
Ava Jerome/Maura West, General Hospital Actress and Character, who came to Port Charles in 2013 and was an instant hit with fans.
Cesar Faison - General Hospital Character
Cesar Faison, General Hospital character, a biography of the character and his obsession with Anna Devane
Elizabeth Webber and Ric Lansing
Elizabeth Spencer and Ric Lansing meet; Elizabeth becomes pregnant, and miscarries in this continuation of Elizabeth Spencer's biography
Maurice Benard: Port Charles' Dark Force
Maurice Benard, General Hospital Actor who plays Sonny Corinthos.
Nikolas Cassadine Biography
General Hospital character profile of Nikolas Cassadine, played by Tyler Christopher. Page 3.
Jason Thompson Biography
Jason Thompson, General Hospital actor - he plays Dr. Patrick Drake
General Hospital's All-Time Top Villains
The top villains of General Hospital, including Helena Cassadine, Cesar Faison, Stavros Cassadine, Grant Putnam, Ryan Chamberlain, Faith Roscoe, Jerry Jacks, Heather Webber, Damian Smith, Frank Smith, Mikkos Cassadine, and Anthony Zacchara
Luke and Laura's Wedding
The long-awaited wedding of Luke and Laura is one of the top moments in the history of General Hospital
Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) -- General...
Maxie Jones - General Hospital character biography - she is played by Kirsten Storms
Frank Smith Profile
A profile of mobster Frank Smith, who was one of the original Port Charles mob bosses on General Hospital
A Day on the Set of 'General Hospital'
A day on the set of 'General Hospital'
Is Brenda Returning to Port Charles?
An article about Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil) returning to General Hospital
Grant Andrews/Grant Putnman
Grant Putnam, General Hospital villain, and the evil twin of Grant Andrews
Damian Smith Profile
Damian Smith profile, son of mobster Frank Smith.
The Supercouples of 'General Hospital'
Read about some of the top supercouples on General Hospital: Luke and Laura, soap's first supercouple; the steamy love of Sonny and Brenda; the fan favorites, Elizabeth and Jason; the sad lovers, Robin and Stone; the wacky Sean and Tiffany; the love/hate of Alan and Monica; the touching Anna and Duke story; first love with Elizabeth and Lucky; two spies, Robert and Anna; bigamist Ned and his true love, Lois; Sonny and Carly, who can't stay apart; and the first couple on GH, Steve and Audrey
Lucky Spencer
Lucky Spencer, General Hospital Character
A.J. Quartermaine's Story
A.J. Quartermaine, General Hospital character, and an explanation of the back story that led to his hospitalization.
Vanessa Marcil
Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett), General Hospital Actress
Lulu Spencer - General Hospital Character
Lulu Spencer, General Hospital character, Luke and Laura's daughter, played by Marcy Rylan
Heather Webber Frames Anne Logan for Diana...
Heather Webber frames her husband Jeff Webber's girlfriend Anne Logan for the murder of Diana Taylor.
Elizabeth Webber Spencer
Elizabeth Webber Spencer character biography. She is portrayed by Rebecca Herbst. Page 2.
Felix Dubois/Marc Anthony Samuel - General...
Felix Dubois/Marc Samuel, General Hospital Character and Actor, during which the controversy over the character of Felix is discussed.
Julian Jerome-William DeVry - General Hospital...
Julian Jerome-William Devry - General Hospital Character and Actor, telling the story of Julian Jerome, beginning when he first came to Port Charles.
Dominic Zamprogna
Dominic Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri) on General Hospital
Mikkos Cassadine Profile
Mikkos Cassadine profile, the Greek tycoon who tried to freeze Port Charles
Sherilyn Wolter (Celia Quartermaine) - Where Is...
Sherilyn Wolter, where is she now, and a biography of her character on General Hospital, Celia Quartermaine
Nancy Lee Grahn
Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis), General Hospital actress biography.
Brad Maule (Dr. Tony Jones)
Brad Maule (Dr. Tony Jones) - where he is now.
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis, General Hospital character
Julie Marie Berman
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Sarah Joy Brown
Sarah Joy Brown, General Hospital actress - she played Claudia Zacchara Corinthos, and was the original Carly Jacks.
Brook Lynn Ashton
Brook Lynn Ashton, General Hospital character biography. Brook Lynn is a Quartermaine, the daughter of Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo, and Tracy Quartermaine's granddaughter.
Casting Capers
General Hospital's Eleventh Hour Recasts, including the roles of Zander Smith, Sage Alcazar, Lisa Niles, and Michael Corinthos III.
Lucy Coe - General Hospital Legacy Character
Lucy Coe, General Hospital legacy character Lucy Coe, played by Lynn Herring
Duke Lavery and The Jerome Family - Fifty Years...
The Jerome family, a mob family in Port Charles, and the connection they had to Duke Lavery.
Lynn Herring
Lynn Herring, (Lucy Coe) - General Hospital, where she is now
Patrick Drake
Patrick Drake, General Hospital Dad, daddy to baby Emma Drake and husband of Robin Scorpio
Rebecca Herbst: Beauty and Talent
Rebecca Herbst, General Hospital Actress. She plays Elizabeth Webber Spencer Lansing Spencer.
Fun and Games at Wyndemere - Fifty Years of...
A history of the deaths that have taken place at Wyndemere Mansion and on Spoon Island, both homes of the Cassadine family.
Sean Blakemore
Sean Blakemore (Shawn), General Hospital actor biography
Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain
Ryan Chamberlain, General Hospital villain and the twin of good guy Kevin Chamberlain
Brianna Brown
Brianna Brown (Lisa Niles), General Hospital actress
Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton (Stone Cates) on General Hospital - where he is now
Robin Scorpio - General Hospital Character
Robin Scorpio, General Hospital character, including her involvements with Stone Cates, Jason Morgan, Patrick Drake, and kidnapping by Cesar Faison.
Roger Howarth Joins General Hospital
Roger Howarth, General Hospital Actor biography, in which the reasons why he left One Life to Live initially are discussed.
Baldwin Family Tree
General Hospital Family Tree of the Baldwin Family
Tony Jones
Tony Jones - General Hospital dad and father of B.J. Jones and Lucas Jones
Luke & Laura
Luke and Laura, played by Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, a super couple on the soap opera General Hospital
Carolyn Hennesy - Flying High
Carolyn Hennesy Interview - General Hospital Actress who plays Diane Miller on General Hospital.
Rick Hearst - No Regrets
Rick Hearst, who plays Ric Lansing on the soap opera General Hospital, talks about his recent status change from regular to recurring, the role of Ric, his father Trevor, portrayed by Stephen Macht, and what's ahead in his future.
Greg Vaughan
Greg Vaughan - General Hospital actor, who played Lucky Spencer
Richard Dean Anderson: When MacGyver Was on...
Richard Dean Anderson, General Hospital actor, article which goes into the story of the character played by Anderson, Jeff Webber.
Kristina Davis - General Hospital Character
Kristina Davis, General Hospital character, played by Lindsey Morgan, previously played by Lexi Ainsworth
Kirsten Storms - General Hospital Actress
Kirsten Storms, General Hospital actress, who plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital
Steve Burton
Steve Burton, a General Hospital actor biography - he plays Jason Morgan
Nathan Parsons
Nathan Parsons (Ethan Lovett), General Hospital actor
Helena Cassadine
Helena Cassadine profile, the matriarch of the Cassadine family
Olivia Falconeri Biography
Olivia Falconeri, General Hospital character, is Kate Howard's cousin, played by Lisa LoCicero
Sam McCall/Alicia Montenegro
Sam McCall-Alicia Montenegro; Allegra, Alicia's mother, was the evil one.
General Hospital Recap for February 18, 2014
General Hospital recap for 2/18/14, during which Dante learns he's the father of Britt's baby, Felix learns about Lucas; Robin and Patrick fight.
Patrick Drake - General Hospital Character
Patrick Drake, General Hospital character, played by Jason Thompson
Max and Milo: The Giambetti Brothers
Max and Milo Giambetti, General Hospital characters, the story of their evolution as bodyguards for Sonny Corinthos
Lucky Spencer - General Hospital Character
Lucky Spencer, General Hospital Character. Page 2.
Heather Webber
Heather Webber, a General Hospital character biography, including her relationships with her son Steve Webber, Franco, Sam McCall, and Luke Spencer.
Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) - General Hospital...
Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) on General Hospital - a biography and his feelings about the show and Anna Devane
Luke Spencer
Luke Spencer - General Hospital dad, father to Lucky, Lulu, and now Ethan.
Kelly Monaco
Kelly Monaco, General Hospital actress biography; she plays Sam McCall.
Sam McCall
Sam McCall, General Hospital bad girl turned good, played by Kelly Monaco since 2003
Lucky Spencer/Ronan O'Reilly
Lucky Spencer/Ronan O'Reilly, General Hospital evil twins. Lucky impersonate his assassin lookalike, Ronan O'Reilly.
Julian Stone
Julian Stone (Jerry Jacks I) - what he is doing today
Lexi Ainsworth/Lindsey Morgan (Kristina) -...
Lexi Ainsworth and Lindsey Morgan, General Hospital legacy actresses - where are they now. Both played Kristina Davis.
Lindsey Morgan: There Was No Part, But She Got...
Lindsey Morgan - General Hospital actress, who plays Kristina and talks about her decision to become an actress.
Hutch (Rick Moses) - Like a Rolling Stone
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General Hospital: A Rich History, Part II
An overview of General Hospital from the 1990s to the present
Carly Jacks
Carly Jacks - General Hospital character - she is currently played by Laura Wright
Scott Reeves
Scott Reeves biography - he plays Dr. Steven Lars Webber on General Hospital
Kimberly McCullough: Growing up as Robin on...
Kimberly McCullough, General Hospital actress, plays Robin Scorpio on General Hospital. McCullough has played Robin since childhood.
Scott Baldwin-Lucy Coe - Fifty Years of General...
Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe - 50 years of General Hospital: the story of Lucy Coe acting as surrogate for Scott Baldwin and his dying wife Dominique Stanton Taub
Evil Twins on General Hospital
Evil doubles of characters on General Hospital
General Hospital super couples, soap opera,...
Anna Devane and Duke Lavery,General Hospital super couple, played by Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan.
Nazanin Boniadi
Nazanin Boniadi, General Hospital actress - she played Leyla Mir
Manny Ruiz/Mateo Ruiz
Mateo Ruiz-Manny Ruiz, General Hospital evil twins
Stavros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly)
A profile of Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine's son and one of the worst villains on General Hospital
Goodbye, Steve Burton
Goodbye, Steve Burton, General Hospital actor, who played Jason Morgan. A look back at how the character has evolved over the years.
Sean and Tiffany
Sean and Tiffany, played by John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt, a supercouple on the soap opera General Hospital
Erin Chambers
Erin Chambers (Siobhan McKenna) on General Hospital - biography
Frisco Jones: Fleeing the Scene
Frisco, General Hospital character, played by Jack Wagner, and married to Felicia Jones, played by Kristina Wagner. Frisco Jones is the father of Maxie Jones and the late Georgie Jones, the brother of the late Dr. Tony Jones, and ex-sister-in-law of Bobbie Spencer
Frisco and Felicia
A profile of Frisco and Felicia, a super couple who appeared on the soap opera General Hospital and were played by Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner.
Kiki Jerome, General Hospital Character
Kiki Jerome, General Hospital character, Ava Jerome's daughter, Michael Corinthos' girlfriend, and ex-wife of Morgan Corinthos.
Drew Garrett
Drew Garrett - (ex-Michael Corinthos) on General Hospital
Greg Cipes - General Hospital Actor
Greg Cipes - General Hospital Actor who plays KT, the drug dealer, on General Hospital
Robin and Patrick
Robin and Patrick, a supercouple played by Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson on the soap opera General Hospital
Jennifer Smith on General Hospital
General Hospital character Jennifer Smith, unusual casting on General Hospital, a role played by three different actresses
Jax (Jasper Jacks)
Jax (Jasper Jacks), General Hospital character played by Ingo Rademacher.
General Hospital Recap for April 4, 2014
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Morgan Wonders
Lucas Jones, Another Stolen Baby: Fifty Years...
Lucas Jones, another baby stolen - 50 Years of General Hospital
Where to Write to Sponsors
How to contact soap opera sponsors
Laura Spencer Reveals to Luke that She Has a...
Laura Spencer reveals to Luke that she has a Cassadine son.
Ignacio Serricchio (Diego Alcazar)
Ignacio Serricchio, General Hospital Where Are They Now
Jerry Jacks - General Hospital Character
Jerry Jacks, General Hospital Character, played originally by Julian Stone and later by Sebastian Roche
General Hospital Recap for March 4, 2014
General Hospital recap for March 4, 2014, during which Robin leaves with Victor, Silas and Sam search for Nina, and A.J. is shot.
Frisco, Felicia & The Aztec Treasure -...
Fifty Years of General Hospital - The Aztec Treasure, during which Frisco and Felicia, one of General Hospital's supercouples, meet for the first time.
Diane Miller
Diane Miller, General Hospital Character. Played by Carolyn Hennesy.
Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos Dies...
Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos dies
Tony Geary: Timeless to Me
Tony Geary, article on General Hospital actor, who plays Luke Spencer
Claire Coffee
Claire Coffee, General Hospital actress - she plays Nadine Crowell, a love interest of Nicholas Cassadine.
Dante Falconeri - General Hospital Character
Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), General Hospital character biography. Dante is the son of Sonny Corinthos and Olivia Falconeri.
Ric Lansing - General Hospital Legacy Character
Ric Lansing biography, including his desire for revenge against his half-brother Sonny, and his relationships with Alexis Davis and Elizabeth Webber.
Brandon Barash
Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara), General Hospital actor biography
Emma and Robin
Emma (Ruby/Rosa Romero) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough). Page 8.
Jason Cook (Matt Hunter)
Jason Cook, General Hospital actor biography - he plays Matt Hunter.

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