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Changing GH

Reader Reviews: Readers Change General Hospital

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By gh lover

Change General Hospital

Current Characters: Who stays? 

everyone accept siobhan,ethan,helena,and lisa

Current Characters: Who goes? 


Current Characters: Who is downgraded? 


Current Characters: Who is upgraded? 


Types of storylines you would introduce? 

laura comes back and convinces luke to get treatment.and he gets treatment.

Overall mood of the show 

good.exciting.too many cliff hangers.too much mob.less about sonny

Old Characters: Who returns? 

laura,luke,nikolas,lila rae

Any new couples? 

dante and lulu marry

My Review 

this is a great show.but can get boring.and it has too many unncecessary characters like ethan and siobhan they have got to go.and they shouldnt have let laura go.and luke even if anthony geary didnt want to do it anymore.it wasnt necessary to get rid of the character.find someone else,and it has too many clift hangers.and they shouldnt have let nikolas go and should have more of nikolas and spencer.and this stuff about helena cassadine is getting old.they should defintly bring laura back and she saves him from alcoholism and gets treatment.and they remarry again.and i miss gloria monty .garin wolf i dont like what he did to carly.why would they let gloria go.and insted of it being all about sonny make it with less mob and more family .and they got rid of too many good characters and replaced with all unncecessary charachter like emily they shouldnt have killed her offthey should get rid of tracey and edward and make the quartermains more kinder and like a family.and they should make dante and lulu get married.and have a double wedding with jason and sam and lulu and dante.and maxie and spinellki marry and he snaps out of this jackal pi it was hilarious at first now getting boring.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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