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Changing GH

Reader Reviews: Readers Change General Hospital

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By Used2LuvGH

Change General Hospital

Current Characters: Who stays? 

Sonny Kate Elizabeth Robin Pztrick Carly Jax Alexis, Diane, Maxie

Current Characters: Who goes? 

Olivia, Ethan, Maya, Brook Lynn, Claire, Lisa

Current Characters: Who is downgraded? 

Lulu, Dante, Jason, Lucky, Sam, Brenda, Ephiphany

Current Characters: Who is upgraded? 

Kate, Diane, Alexis, Mac, Tracy

Types of storylines you would introduce? 

Kate/Crimson, Sonny and Kate, Kate is Tracy's daughter; Kate gave up a baby

Recurring themes 

Crimson Annual charity Fashion Show, Karaoke at jake's; Kate/Carly/Jax/Sonn

Frequent locations used 

Kate's office at Crimson, Family houses, Sonny's patio, outside!!!

Overall mood of the show 

Lighter, more Romance, Less mob, less violence, rootable characters & coupl

Old Characters: Who returns? 

NONE. use the characters we have and love!

Any new couples? 

Sonny and Kate, Mac and Alexis,

My Review 

If I were writing GH, there would be more focus on romance first of all. And some healthy, fun, realistic romances like Sonny and Kate, Robin and Patrick, etc, where the couples love and respect each other and have unconditional love for each other like SKate had. Of course couples need angst, but they wouldn't split as soon as they get married or find happiness. I would also focus on Crimson and General Hospital, showing Kate as a smart, powerful business owner, and exciting hospital stories. I would write stories about family issues. I would not rewrite history or change the core values of the characters like has been done with Kate's story being handed to Olivia, or changing Sonny's history (before Olivia, no one knew about Sonny's abusive stepfather). I would like the main characters to grow and evolve. I would stop the violence against women and children. I would stop repeating the same storyline/dialog over. There would be more balance in the storylines and the new favorite characer would not be in every scene/story like Claudia and Olivia were, and Dante is and Brenda probably will be.

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