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How I would Change GH

Reader Reviews: Readers Change General Hospital

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By mist99

Change General Hospital

Current Characters: Who stays? 


Current Characters: Who is downgraded? 

dante olivia, the mob(sonny)

Current Characters: Who is upgraded? 

nicholas, liz, jason, brenda

Types of storylines you would introduce? 

Less mob, more love, business

Recurring themes 

I would like less mob, send sonny to Prison already not forever just for

Frequent locations used 

hospital, cafes, ELQ

Overall mood of the show 

It is to dark and crime, and destruction. there is enough or that

Old Characters: Who returns? 

no one

Any new couples? 

Jason and Brenda!! Nicholas and Liz Lucky and someone new? liz's sister?

My Review 

I love general hospital! It is something I look forward to watching. I am so over the Sonny mob storyline. Put him in jail please. This will give you the opportunity to switch over the storyline. Jason and Brenda can fall in love. maybe michael work for his grandfather and abbey too. Get lisa away from patrick - she is a good actress maybe her and johnny should get together? Sam's character is super boring... focus on the pi and cases getting over jason. Maybe knocked up by a romantic fling? Just get away from the mob stuff. You can still have scandals with business. I love the actress that plays Carly but the same old story line is old.

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