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The Fan Club Weekend Approaches!

It's time for another General Hospital Fan Club super weekend, featuring the stars of General Hospital holding various events for the fans. It's a time for friends to see one another and their favorites as well.

Fan Club Fun in Past Years

Rosalie Martinez/Linda Elena Tovar: General Hospital Character/Actress


Rosalie Martinez is Nina Clay's nurse and co-conspirator.  Played by feisty Linda Elena Tovar, Rosalie gives as good as she gets as she assists Nina in getting revenge against those on her enemies list.

On Nina's List
General Hospital Fans Spotlight10

Rosalie Martinez/Linda Elena Tovar: General Hospital Character/Actress

Rosalie Martinez, General Hospital character, played by Linda Elena Tovar

General Hospital Recap for July 25, 2014

General Hospital recap for July 25, 2014: Ned agrees to return home, Shawn and Jordan make a love connection, and Ava is under Julian's watch.

Stars, Fans Rev Up for the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend

General Hospital fan club weekend, a listing of the events and the writer's impressions of ones that she has attended in the past.

General Hospital Recap for July 24, 2014

General Hospital recap for July 24, 2014: Sam and Silas break up, Molly goes home, Ava finally tells Julian what he wants to know.

General Hospital: Is Tony Geary Gone?

Anthony Geary news item about his recent surgery: will he return to General Hospital?

Nina Clay & Michelle Stafford: General Hospital Character and Actress

General Hospital actress Michelle Stafford and the character she portrays, Nina Clay, a biography and a look at Stafford's career.

ABC Honcho Talks About 'General Hospital'

Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment Group President, speaks highly of General Hospital at the Television Critics Association panels.

Castillo Headed Back to 'General Hospital'

Teresa Castillo (Sabrina Santiago) is getting ready to return to work on General Hospital

General Hospital: "Still Think It's a Reflex?"

General Hospital: Drs. Drake, Obrecht, and Clay, Rafe Kovich, Silas, Alice, and Tracy are discussed as part of the July 14 episode.

General Hospital: The Three Blanches

On the General Hospital episode of July 10, three famous women named Blanche were referenced.

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