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Having Fun at GH Weekend


Andrea Bogart, who played Michael's ill-fated girlfriend Abby, wasn't on stage for the Blast from the Past, but she circulated with the audience.  In person, she is tall, tanned, and beautiful.  She has been doing very well since General Hospital, appearing in the film Side Effects  She now has a recurring role on the series Ray Donovan. You've also seen her on NCIS, The Flip Side, We Are Men, Suburgatory, and a new series in development, Stalker.  She's posing here with photographer Annette Conlon.

Other Blast Attendees
General Hospital Fans Spotlight10

General Hospital: Conflicting Reports

Is Billy Miller the new Jason or not?

General Hospital Recap for August 18, 2014

General Hospital recap for 8/18/2014: Franco sees that Nina can walk; Sonny & Carly give in to their passion; it's not looking good for the hostages.

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend: Blast from the Past

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend: Blast from the Past, featuring many old-timers who appeared on General Hospital in past years.

General Hospital To Change Time Slot in Some Markets

General Hospital will be reverting to its old time slot in some areas.

General Hospital Recap for August 12, 2014

General Hospital recap for August 12, 2014: Levi reveals his true motives, Jason wakes up, Sam has a moment with Patrick, and Victor betrays Robin.

General Hospital Recap for August 5, 2014

General Hospital recap for August 5, 2014, in which Spencer goes home, Carly and Nina meet, and Patrick sees Robin at the clinic.

Kathleen Gati: General Hospital Actress Holds Her First Fan Event!

General Hospital Fan Club weekend 2014 event with Kathleen Gati, who was joined by Ryan Carnes and Sonya Eddy for a wonderful afternoon.

General Hospital Recap for July 29, 2014

General Hospital recap for July 29, 2014: Franco is kidnapped, Jordan's cover is blown, and Alexis' house is destroyed.

Goodbye, Old Friend

A farewell to columnist Ravenbeauty, a champion of soap operas

Rosalie Martinez/Linda Elena Tovar: General Hospital Character/Actress

Rosalie Martinez, General Hospital character, played by Linda Elena Tovar

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