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General Hospital Daily Recap for February 26, 2013

Vampire Wedding


Sonny follows Kate to the spot of the accident that caused Trey to go into a coma. She cries that she needs to remember the night he died. She never knew how he lived. She wants Sonny to leave, but he says he made a promise to stay by her. "You already left me," she screams, "the minute you slept with Connie." "I never left you," Sonny says. "You left me."

Sonny goes on to say that it was a terrible time for him. When he talks about losing Jason, Sonny cries, and Kate feels terrible. She is apologetic, but she adds that she has no control over when Connie emerged. Sonny questions that. Maybe she does. Perhaps she let Connie take over instead of allowing herself to lean on him when she first learned Trey was alive. Sonny asks if they can start over. At that point, Kate just wants to be alone to mourn her child, so she asks him to leave.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth playfully stabs her brother Steve in the arm with a pen. There! Olivia's hallucination is now true. While discussing his upcoming wedding, he asks her to be his best man - or in this case, woman. She is very pleased and accepts.

Later on, A.J. visits his psychiatrist and then sees Elizabeth at GH. He wants to tell her about his session.

Olivia is horrified to see Heather enter the apartment with a knife. Heather claims that it's Olivia's fault that she has had to replace Steven Lars with Danny. All she ever wanted was some time with Steven. She goes to stab Olivia and gets her arm as Steve walks in. He attempts to intervene and Heather stabs him in the stomach. Olivia becomes completely hysterical and screams to Heather to keep pressure on the wound while she calls 911. When the paramedics arrive, Heather slips away.

Steve is taken to GH, and Olivia, sobbing, tells Elizabeth that Heather is alive.

At PCPD, Shawn visits Molly. He tells her that he doesn't know anything about Sam yet. Molly is upset by what she did, which is a little late. She was supposed to be the good daughter, she says. She knows she hurt her mother and T.J.

T.J. visits, and he informs her that the story of the escape is in the news. He is shocked that she has thrown her whole life away over someone she barely knows. Shawn gives them time alone. Molly attempts to explain to T.J. that the escapees are the only people who can help Sam and Danny. T.J. doesn't want to lose her because of Rafe.

The gang is at Windemere, but McBain Lucy, and Rafe don't see any sign of Caleb. It doesn't look like Danny has been by himself for long, though. McBain wonders if Caleb and Sam are somewhere in the tunnels. He locates an opening, and, with Rafe's help, pushes it open. McBain and Lucy want Rafe to stay with Danny. Before leaving, Lucy gives him a St. Michael's medal, which she says will protect him and Danny.

Once inside the passageway, Lucy and McBain decide to separate. Rafe sits with Danny and talks about his mom and how much he misses her. Then Heather appears.

Caleb carries Sam through the the tunnels. Sam wants to return to Danny, but Caleb won't let her go. He promises her that the life they once had will come back to her. He puts her on a table and bares his teeth - he has fangs. He bites her neck as she tries in vain to fight him. Sam becomes very dizzy. Caleb says she will leave this world and cross over to his. Then he leaves.

Later, he drops rose petals over Sam, who is now in a wedding gown. He holds up a photo of their past wedding. He's about to bite her again when McBain shows up and stops him.

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