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General Hospital Recap for February 10, 2014

Decisions, Decisions


General Hospital Recap for February 10, 2014

Elizabeth and Nikolas

Michael Yarish/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
General Hospital Recap for February 10, 2014

Britt and Nikolas

General Hospital Recap for February 10, 2014

Carly (Laura Wright)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Trouble in the Tunnels

At Wyndemere, Britt and Nikolas meet with a contractor and discuss the horrible noise they heard coming from the tunnels. He says the house might be settling. He walks into the catacombs, where Heather is desperately searching for the knife, so necessary to her plan. The contractor sees them -- at that point, Heather has found the knife and a sobbing Carly is begging not to be murdered. 

Heather stabs the contractor as Carly watches.  He dies, and Heather laments that it was inconvenient.  Blood on the knife, but the wrong blood.  She wipes it off, using his hoodie. Carly suddenly yells out that Heather has forgotten something critical.  What about her time of death?  Heather is livid, blaming Luke and the kids coming into the stable at the wrong time.

A Day in the Park

Robin is with Emma in the park and on the phone with Victor as he presses her for a decision. She says that she's not ready to discuss it yet.  Victor, who made the call from outside of the house, re-enters the Cassadine mansion, and asks Spencer what he was doing at the Drake residence. He orders the boy to swear that he didn't see him with Robin.

A.J. is in the park when he has a flash of memory from the night that Connie died.  It's of Ava exiting the elevator after Connie's murder.  A.J. asks, what have I done?

Later, Elizabeth and Cameron have come to the park, and they join Robin and Emma.  The kids play while the adults chuckle about the Spencer-Emma-Cameron love triangle.  Robin goes to get coffee, and A.J. rushes up to Elizabeth to tell her that he remembers the night of the murder.  She smells liquor on his breath and wants nothing to do with him.

Robin, meanwhile, runs into T.J., Molly, and little Danny.  Robin holds the baby, and you can see that Danny has made her decision for her as she talks lovingly to him about Jason.

Spencer Receives a Text, and Britt Searches for Ben's Hairbrush

Back at the mansion, Spencer receives a photo text from Cameron containing a photo of Cameron and Emma.  He informs Uncle Victor that he'll be happy not to tell anyone he saw him with Robin, but he'd like a little help.

Britt looks around for Ben's hairbrush.  Victor offers to take Spencer to the park.  They all go together, as Britt and Nikolas planned to take Spencer as well.  Once they get tthere, Nikolas sees A.J. talking to Elizabeth, and it looks to him as if A.J. is being very aggressive.  Nikolas approaches and A.J. takes off.  Spencer, meanwhile, gives Emma a Faberge egg.  Poor Cameron - very few men or boys can compete with that.

Victor settles in with the newspaper -- guess it's not too cold for him -- and what does he see but a photo of Heather, whom he recognizes from Wyndemere.  Over yonder, Britt confronts Elizabeth about Ben's hairbrush. Just because she's paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get her.  Elizabeth shrugs it off and advises her to watch her stuff. 

Franco arrives and hears Victor asking the kids if they saw Heather.  When they say yes, Victor leaves.  Franco approaches them.  What was that about the woman they saw?  They tell him, and then later tell Nikolas, who is alarmed and declares that he doesn't have a woman working for him at the stables. 

Scott Visits Heather

Scott visits Miscavige, demanding to visit Heather and holding up his badge for emphasis.  When he sees who's in front of the blond wig, he recoils.

Ava is Desperate to See Morgan...Franco Finds Heather...Robin Calls Victor

Ava enters Sonny's office with the intention of seeing Morgan.  Morgan explains that he can't be with her because of the promise he made to Sonny.  The two start kissing, but Morgan backs away.  He begs her to come over to his father's side.  She can't, she insists.  "Julian would turn on you," Morgan shoots back.  "I can't betray him," she says.  Morgan won't give up, and finally, she agrees.  He leaves to find Sonny.  Ava looks stricken.

Ava's phone rings, and she notices that it's from A.J.  "What does that lush want with me?" she asks out loud.  A.J. walks in.

Franco reaches the catacombs and sees Heather hiding the contractor's body.  Carly looks at him, hope in her eyes. 

Robin calls Victor and tells him, "I'm in."


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