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General Hospital Daily Recap for January 8, 2013

Brain Dead


Carly goes to see Sam to tell her that she was right about Todd -- he switched the babies. Johnny shot out the tires. Connie? A cover, Carly says. Sam is disgusted and in fact asks Carly to watch the baby while she finds Todd and tells him off. He and Johnny are in jail, Carly informs her. As far as Sam is concerned, that makes them all the easier to locate!

Carly laments that Jason is no longer with them. He never judged her. Sam bristles; Jason is not gone. Carly gets tough. It's time that she faced reality just like Carly has had to - Sam owes it to herself and to her baby. Jason would want her to move on. He was shot and fell into the water. He's dead. Sam screams that there is no body - perhaps he's being held hostage. Carly argues with her, and Sam throws her out.

Alone, Sam asks herself if she's just being delusional and asks Jason to send her a sign. I'd like to suggest that if Jason is still alive, he isn't going to send her a sign, but he might if he's dead. Just then, there's a knock at the door.

At PCPD, Todd is holding a pillow over Johnny's face and smothering him.

Dante enters the unit, and Todd stops his murder attempt as Johnny chokes. He asks Todd what he was doing with the pillow, and Todd says he was fluffing it. Todd tells Johnny that Starr knows about the babies being switched by him and asks him to call off his thugs and prove his compassion. Why is he trying to take away her father? Todd asks. He's already killed Cole and Hope.

Johnny says that everything comes with a price. He wants Carly back. Todd isn't in a position to hand over Carly, he explains. And why should he? Before that can be resolved, Diane arrives to go to Johnny's arraignment. Carly arrives at the jail later.

Patrick explains to Kristina, Starr, and Connie that Trey is brain dead. Connie will not accept the diagnosis and demands that Patrick do something about it, and if he can't, find somebody who will. Dante arrives to arrest Connie. Of course, if Trey dies, on top of the other charges, there will be a murder charge. Well, manslaughter maybe.

Sonny sincerely wants to help Connie, though Connie thinks he only cares about Kate and doesn't want his help. He begs Dante to let her stay at General Hospital for a while before taking her in. Dante is skeptical - how come she's just starting to care about Trey now that he's brain dead? Sonny is positive that she is being sincere. Dante agrees to give her one more day out of the slammer.

Connie gets on the phone -- she instructs someone, a doctor, to get a day pass from prison. She sobs to Sonny that the accident was her fault. Starr sits with Trey while Michael and Kristina go for a walk. When Patrick has a chance to talk to Michael, he tells him that it will be Connie's decision as to when to remove life support. No way is that happening, Connie says. "I left him to die once and I won't do it again."

At Maxie's apartment, Spinelli attempts to pull himself back to consciousness. He's vague on details of the previous night. He remembers drinking too much peppermint schnapps and kissing...oh-oh. He's worried that Ellie knows, and Maxie informs him that she never came home. Spinelli wonders if she slept with someone else, and Maxie reminds him that whether or not she did, he did.

Troubled, Spinelli asks if perhaps he and Maxie are supposed to be together. It seems that he keeps ending up with her. Destiny? Maxie leaves the room, and Spinelli sees that he has a call. It's Sabrina telling him that Ellie was in an accident. When Maxie returns, Spinelli says he has to leave and explains what happened to Ellie. Maxie is discouraged. She phones Dante and says that she needs to see him.

At GH, Sabrina is in Ellie's room. Ellie too is vague on details. She remembers being hit b the car and asks for Spinelli. Sabrina gives Ellie her cell phone as she notices that there is a message. It's Spinelli, angry that Ellie wasn't on the roof at midnight and wishing her good for the rest of her life. Ellie becomes very agitated. Sabrina attempts to calm her, stating that when Spinelli hears the message she left about the accident, he will understand.

Spinelli rushes in. Ellie is so happy -- now she can get well. She so wanted to be with him on New Year's Eve. She can't stand the thought that he was alone. Well, he says, he wasn't alone.

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