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General Hospital Daily Recap for November 2, 2012

Sex and the Single Girl


Connie and Johnny find they can't eat at the MetroCourt as it's booked for a party. Carly okayed it, which makes part-owner Kate (as Connie) angry. Connie asks to see Carly but is told that she is in Todd Manning's suite.

Johnny looks nervous. However, he doesn't think Carly would have anything to do with Todd. Right. Connie, having seen Todd's bare chest at one point, wouldn't blame her if she did. Connie leaves the bar and Johnny.

The maitre d' informs Johnny that Connie makes the staff nervous, so it might be best if she stays out of the hotel. Johnny gives the maitre d' money and promises to keep Connie from the hotel if the maitre d' will give him the number of Todd's room.

Meanwhile, in Todd's room, Carly and Todd are kissing and it's really looking like it's going the full route. But Carly resists. She thinks Todd is on the rebound, and that's not what she wants. Todd promises her that he isn't on the rebound at all. He's over Blair. They start over, but someone pounds on the door. It's Johnny. Todd, shirtless, opens it. "Go home to your wife," Carly sneers. Furious, Johnny leaves, slamming the door behind him.

Todd is pushing to sleep with Carly, but she doesn't want to rush it. He then suggests that sex is a good way to get revenge on Johnny. She still refuses. She acknowledges that she and Todd are friends, and right now, with Jason gone, she really needs him -- as a friend. He asks if she ever went to bed with Jason. Yes, she says, but it was a long time ago. Todd smiles. There's hope, then.

Sonny and Alexis talk at Kelly's. Sonny is upset that now that Trey signed the commitment papers, Connie still isn't in an institution. Alexis believes the Judge can be persuaded, but Sonny isn't sure. He laments that he's lost the two people he most cared about, and with Bernie gone, his financial affairs are a disaster, and Kristina was almost killed.

Connie bounces in and with her words, figuratively sticks her tongue out at them for their loss in court. "Don't get too cocky," Sonny warns her. Unconcerned, Connie announces she's off to have sex with Johnny, rubbing it in that he's her husband. After she leaves, Sonny expresses his anger by knocking over a table. Johnny is outside the restaurant. Connie knows he saw Carly and Todd together. She wants him to go to bed with her, but he's focused on his desire to kill Todd.

AJ finally talks Michael into listening to him. He explains how Monica helped him disappear and that when he heard about Jason, he felt he had to return. He wants to hug his son, but Michael isn't having it. "You kidnapped me," Michael yells, "and you faked my death. You lied to me about my parents..." It's quite a list. When Michael saw AJ killed by Dr. Thomas, he went into shock.

AJ wants to tell Michael his side. He goes into the abuse he suffered at the hands of Sonny and Carly; how Carly drugged him and left him in an alley; how Sonny forced him to sign his rights to his son away. Michael doesn't believe him.

AJ argues that he's done bad things in the past, but he's a changed man. He wants to be a good father to Michael. He begs Michael not to tell anyone he's alive until he can decide what to do about the charges leveled against him.

Starr waits for Michael and wonders what's keeping him. Trey enters and she asks about the hearing. Alexis he says, filed the motion but Connie denied she was his mother so he couldn't possibly have his best interests at heart. There's another hearing for Connie to tell her side.

He notices that Starr is half-listening, concerned about Michael. Trey knows Michael went to get condoms, but he suddenly realizes that this is their first time. Starr decides to go and look for him; she flings open the door and there he is. Trey goes to bed. Michael tells Starr that he just saw his father.

On the docks, Carly talks to Jason, stating that she wants to trust Todd, but can she? AJ walks over to Carly and faces her.

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