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Teresa Castillo/Sabrina Santiago

Waiting to Emerge Into a Butterfly


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Teresa Castillo/Sabrina Santiago

Emma and Sabrina performing at the Nurse's Ball

ABC, Inc.

Teresa Castillo debuted as nursing student Sabrina Santiago on General Hospital in late 2012. She is a rather plain-looking young woman who has a crush on Patrick Drake, the widower of Robin Scorpio -- everyone believes.

If you're an old movie fan, the name Sabrina conjures up the tomboyish Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina who comes back from Paris a glamor girl and wins the notice of William Holden. So the name is possibly not a coincidence. Hiding behind a large pair of glasses, we suspect there's a real beauty there just waiting to emerge.

Even with her head down and going about her work, Sabrina poses a threat to the nasty Dr. Britt Westbourne, who wants Patrick Drake, seemingly at any cost. Why does Britt hate this young nursing student so much? Is it because of her good relationship with Patrick's daughter, Emma? Or is there something about this young woman that Britt is afraid attracts Patrick? Such as a sweet personality, a love for his daughter Emma and vice versa, depth, gentleness, and compassion? All qualities Britt lacks.

And what does it matter? Isn't Robin Scorpio alive? Except no one knows that. Britt goes so far as to manipulate things to make Sabrina flunk out of nursing school, though she stands up for herself and demands to be tested again. Low, Britt, low.

Nevertheless, Sabrina has become an integral part of the hospital part of the General Hospital fabric, being the mover and shaker behind the Nurses Ball and responsible for making contact with Lucy Coe. And everyone is waiting for that inevitable makeover. Whenever you see a young woman with glasses, you know there's one coming.

When Lucy starts to work more with Sabrina, she will probably relate to her. After all, Lucy was once a plain Jane librarian who transformed before our eyes into a sexy glamor girl. So it may be Lucy who is responsible for Sabrina's makeover, or it may be fel;ow nursing student and new friend Felix. Felix originally pretended to have an 'in' with Lucy Coe. It was only after the two of them reached New York that Sabrina found out that Felix didn't know Lucy at all! Sabrina had a mission, however, and bravely kept going.

Teresa Castillo

So what about the actress playing her, Teresa Castillo? I'm guessing the role is a real stretch for Castillo. Not too much is known about her personal background, except that she attended University of California at Irvine. Professionally, she is multitalented -- an actress, singer, and dancer. She is a strong enough singer, in fact, to have played Maria in West Side Story. We're talking high C's in that one! As a dancer, she has had extensive ballet training, as well as in tap and jazz. She has appeared as the lead in two other musicals: Little Shop of Horrors and Bye Bye Birdie, as well as being part of a Disney/ASCAP workshop of Steven Schwartz's Alladin.

"Sabrina's" lovely singing voice was heard at the Nurse's Ball in a short solo, and then later in a duet with Emma Drake.

As far as television work, the 30-year-old Castillo has been prolific since 2005, with roles on episodes of Cold Case, 90210, CSI Miami, Bones, iCarly, Eagleheart, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Franklin & Bash, How I Met Your Mother, and a TV movie, The Seven-Year Hitch in 2012. In 2012, she was put under contract by General Hospital.

She has also been active in commercials: McDonald's, Chevrolet, Trans Air, Lot 29 Clothing, and Johnson & Johnson.

Santiago has been married since 2008 to Shane Aaron, and the couple is expecting their first child, a girl, in May 2014.

Sabrina Today

Well, that's Teresa. Back to Sabrina. After her makeover by Felix Dubois, the young woman gained confidence and found romance with Patrick.  The two became engaged and are planning to marry soon.  Neither is aware that Robin Scorpio is alive.  It's more than likely that she will reveal her presence as soon as she finds a antidote for the poison that is killing Jerry Jacks. 

Now, Sabrina's old boyfriend Carlos is in Port Charles, and he wants to reconcile with her. It remains to be seen if, now that Patrick has returned to Robin and Sabrina has learned she is pregnant, if Carlos will come back into the picture.  Sabrina does not want Patrick to know the child is his.

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