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Article Archives: 2003-2006

General Hospital archived articles, 2003-2006 concerning various characters and events on the show and fan club events.

Advice to the Lovelorn
Carly, Kate, Laura, Lulu, Sam, Elizabeth, and Nadine all need advice on love on the soap opera General Hospital

Wondering Why: Are Plot Holes Really Necessary?
An article questioning some of the hole-filled plotlines recently on General Hospital

Out with the Old: We Say Farewell to Lila Quartermaine
An article about the dismissal of Anna Lee, who played Lila Quartermaine on General Hospital

Deconstructing Sonny
Sonny Corinthos, an important character on General Hospital is being made to look like an idiot in his storylines involving Alcazar and the late Lily.

The Sonny Corinthos Mind Meld
article about Sonny Corinthos and his devastating effect on Rick, Jason, Emily, Carly and Reese.

Rick Hearst - Mr. Awesome
Maria Ciaccia recounts attending one of Rick Hearst's events at the General Hospital Luncheon.

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