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A.J. Quartermaine's Story

The True Story of A.J.'s Demise


The writers of General Hospital expanded history a little when Monica and A.J. spoke about the night that A.J. died. They had to in order to bring A.J. back to life. The question is, were the basic facts correct? Yes.

Here is how Alan James Quartermaine wound up in the hospital and here's why he had to stay "dead":

A.J. was running ElQ. However, he was particularly pathetic at it and endured endless criticism from the Quartermaines. Finally, A.J. had had enough. A troubled man, he emptied all of the bank accounts and disappeared with Nicholas Cassadine's wife Lydia.

The Return of A.J.

By February 2005, A.J. was hooked up with mobsteress Faith Roscoe, and the two of them kidnapped Michael, Morgan, and Kristina. Eventually Morgan and Kristina were rescued by Jason and Sam. A.J. had Michael and faked Michael's death. With everyone believing Michael dead, A.J. brought his son back to Port Charles and hid in the Quartermaine attic. They were found by Alan. Alan agreed to help A.J. disappear with Michael. Alan, however, backed down -- he was worried about A.J.'s propensity for violence and also, he wasn't sure his son was totally sane.

The Death of A.J.

Realizing that Michael was alive, Jason went after him. He ran afoul of A.J. when he found A.J. and Michael at the Quartermaine mansion. A fight ensued; A.J. shot Alan in the back, and as Jason and A.J., fought, both went careening down the stairs. A.J. broke his back. While he was in General Hospital, he was smothered.

Traumatized by his kidnapping ordeal, Michael suffered from nightmares and believed that he had killed his own father. He went into therapy with Dr. Asher Thomas and finally understood that he saw the crime and had not murdered A.J. And the murderer was his own therapist. Some years earlier, A.J. hired Dr. Thomas to kill Jason. He believed that after the accident he caused, his brother would be in a vegetative state and that Jason would be better off.

A.J. then attempted to blackmail Dr. Thomas. He wanted Dr. Thomas to state that A.J. was insane when he kidnapped Michael and shot his father. With all that A.J. had on him, Dr. Thomas realized that A.J. had to go.

What Monica Says Now

Monica says now that efforts to revive Jason were performed by Steve Webber, who then gave the time of death and went. Monica then talked to A.J. about how sorry she was, what a good person he really was, and how he was so badly hurt and hurt so many people. She then kissed him, and suddenly, A.J. began breathing. "Your love brought me back," A.J. says. She called upon Steve Webber to fake the autopsy and got him removed from General Hospital.

Steve Webber, who helped Monica, was actually on the show at that time, being portrayed by Shaun Benson. So the writers took the time to find out who actually could have helped Monica.

A.J. in 2005 was being played by Billy Warlock. Even if the scene with Monica saying goodbye had occurred, it could not have been shown.

It's obvious that with A.J. alive, Monica had to keep it a secret since he had stolen the Quartermaine money. No one would be happy to see him, plus he now had participated in a kidnapping and the shooting of his father as well. Things wouldn't have gone well for him. Some people are better off dead and at that time, A.J. was one of them!

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