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Alexis Davis

An Attorney, Single Mom, and Force of Nature


Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

A Cassadine by Birth

Alexis Davis was born with the name Natasha Bergman, but raised with the name Alexis Davidovitch. Her mother was an opera singer, Kristin Nilsson, and the mistress of Mikkos Cassadine. Kristen and Mikkos also had another daughter, Kristina. Helena killed Alexis' mother. As a teen, Alexis attended Briarton Griggs Academy. Law school followed college. Alexis arrived in Port Charles in 1996 in order to defend Kevin Collins when he was accused of stalking Felicia Jones. Alexis found herself in demand as an attorney.

Alexis had always been told that she was a cousin to Mikkos' children. On coming to Port Charles, she saw Katherine Bell, who was involved with Stefan, as a threat. Alexis believed that Katherine did not love Stefan. She tried to convince Stefan that Katherine was actually his half-sister, the long-lost Natasha, once believed to be deceased. When Stefan discovered Alexis' motives, he cut off his connection to her. Alexis then learned that she was actually Kristina.

Helena threatened to kill Alexis if she did not defend Tony Jones for kidnapping Carly's baby, (later named) Michael Corinthos Jr.). The baby was believed to be Jason's son; in actuality, he was the son of A.J. Quartermaine. Alexis was counsel for ELQ and involved with Tracy Quartermaine's son, Ned Ashton. Ned broke up with Alexis when she took over Tony's defense.

The Plot to Murder Helena

Alexis colluded with Luke Spencer to murder Helena. Their plan failed when Katherine Bell fell against a loose railing intended for Helena on a parapet and crashed to her death. Stefan was accused of murdering Katherine, and Alexis defended him. Stefan found out that Alexis was his half-sister, and Ned found out why she defended Tony. Alexis and Ned reconciled.

When Alexis learned that her nephew Nikolas was not the Cassadine prince after all, she was angry that Stefan had never told her the truth. This meant the Cassadine money was there for the taking, and Alexis decided to go after it, For this, she enlisted the help of Jasper Jacks. Alexis abandoned her plan when Helena tried to kill her. She decided to separate herself from the Cassadines.

Alexis Marries Jax to Help a Friend

When a relative of Lila Quartermaine's, Chloe Morgan, came to Port Charles, she and Alexis became friends. Chloe started seeing Jax. A talented clothing designer, Chloe was about to lose her company if she didn't marry immediately. Her Uncle Herbert had given her start-up money, but if she wasn't married within five years, she forfeited the company. Ned, her distant cousin, with Alexis' urging, agreed to marry Chloe. Alexis, Ned, Chloe, and Jax went to Las Vegas. However, Herbert's widow, Gertrude, showed up, claiming that the loan provision said "happily married," and she wasn't buying this sham.

As a cover, Ned and Chloe denied they were there to marry. It was Jax and Alexis who were going to tie the knot. So Jax and Alexis got married. To keep up the appearance of marriage, Alexis moved into Jax's penthouse apartment. It worked out quite well, as Jax and Alexis grew even closer as friends during their union. Chloe and Ned married. However, Aunt Gertrude found Chloe and Jax together, realized Chloe's marriage was false, and took her company. Ned and Alexis became officially engaged.

Ned decided to return to his double life as businessman Ned Ashton and musician Eddie Maine. He agreed to be filmed for "A Day in the Life of Eddie Maine." While on tour in Detroit, he brought the camera crew back to his hotel, not realizing that Alexis was on the bed wearing a teddy and holding a rose in her teeth. Thereafter Alexis was known as "Eddie's Angel," and her photo was downloaded all over the Internet. Ned arranged a private wedding in Belize, hoping to stop the media attention, but the wedding site was discovered.

Ned changed tactics and decided on a huge wedding with media allowed. Nikolas escorted Alexis down the aisle, but Alexis had visions of marriage to a Quartermaine and became a runaway bride. Meanwhile, Stefan returned from faking his death, and Nikolas became so angry with him, he made Alexis the trustee of the Cassadine holdings instead.

Alexis and the Zander Smith Case

Then a member of the Quartermaine family needed Alexis' help. Emily asked Alexis to be the attorney for her boyfriend, Zander Smith. Zander was in trouble, not only with the law, but with a rival of Sonny's, Joseph Sorel. Zander agreed to give testimony against Sorel, and Sonny promised to protect him. He posted bail for Zander. The night that Zander was released, Emily, Alexis, Sonny, and Zander left the PCPD and were shot at by two thugs disguised as police officers. Sonny shielded Alexis and was injured. Ned was still unhappy about Alexis ditching him at their wedding, but he was happy that she was unhurt. The two agreed to work on their relationship. Their resolve was short-lived; Ned believed that Alexis put her career first. Alexis was shying away from commitment. They broke up. Alexis devoted herself into defending Sonny against various charges. The two lived across the hall from each other and became friends.

The Search for Kristina

Alexis began to search for her sister Kristina. The day her mother was killed, she sent Alexis and the baby Kristina out to the stable to hide when she saw Helena coming. Alexis left the baby in the stable and went to check on her mother, whom she found dead. Kristina was gone when Alexis returned to get her. Her father, Mikkos, had taken her and sent her to be raised by a family named Carter so that Helena couldn't find her. Alexis was thrilled to find her sister and have her back in her life.

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