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Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis - Continued


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In premature labor, Alexis screamed for Ned. Alexis was told that she must give birth immediately, and Ned convinced her that it was the right thing to do. Alexis gave birth to a daughter, Kristina. The child was whisked away to neonatal intensive care right away. Alexis became so focused on her baby that she rejected Ned.

Having withdrawn from the D.A. race, Alexis attempted to go back to work. Alexis eventually withdrew from her current case to bring Kristina to Johns Hopkins for surgery. Ned, meanwhile, pressured her because he wanted to be part of Kristina's life. Alexis had to agree, or else Ned would go to court and reveal that Sonny was the baby's father.

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Deeply depressed, Alexis went to work for Stefan, and he in turn promised to help her regain custody of Kristina. Alexis finally won the battle. She also underwent treatment with Cameron, realizing that she needed therapy.

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Alexis became pregnant with with Ric's baby. She was told to rest, so she could not search for Kristina. Kristina was rescued from Faith Roscoe in Louisiana, but Alexis and Ric learned that Michael was dead. The entire experience convinced Alexis that Kristina should not have contact with Sonny. Ric, however, would not support her custody efforts. Also, she was supposed to be in therapy, which she wasn't, and Ric expressed his unhappiness about that. Alexis realized that Ric didn't trust her. The two separated. Alexis took Kristina to London. Sonny slapped charges on her when she returned.

Alexis and John Durant got together to take Sonny down. Michael by now had been discovered alive. He told Jason that Sonny murdered A.J. Ric found out that Alexis was taking money from the Cassadine bank accounts to finance her case against Sonny. Ric was through with her for good. He also claimed that Sonny had not killed A.J.

Alexis was horrified when she learned that Ric was aware that Michael was the true killer, which is why he had fought so hard for Sonny. Alexis wanted to try with Ric again, but Ric didn't believe that she was over her vendetta against Sonny. They made the decision to divorce. Their attorneys, however, refused to help them until after their baby was born. Alexis insisted that Ric cheat on her so that they could divorce right away.

Fate had other plans. During a hurricane, Ric and Alexis were stuck in the Quartermaine mansion and realized that they were still in love. However, they didn't trust how they felt about one another. At Lucky and Elizabeth's wedding, Alexis found out that Ric and Reese slept together while she and Ric were separated. Then the horrible train accident occurred, and Ric and Alexis were thrust together again, this time as atheir daughter Molly was born. They both decided to try again and make the marriage work.

When an encephalitis plague hit Port Charles, both Ric and Alexis became ill. Alexis was able to get the serum early on and recovered. Ric was quite ill. Alexis confessed to him that when she was sixteen, she had a baby. Mikkos brother her to a private clinic in Maine and forced her to give up the baby, a girl, for adoption. When Ric recovered, he and Alexis went on a search for her daughter.

Alexis learned that none other than Sam McCall was the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was 16. Meaning that the baby that died and saved Kristina was Alexis' granddaughter! Alexis and Sam had problems - Alexis wasn't happy about her daughter's involvement iwth Jason Morgan. During a Port Charles blackout, Alexis argued with both Ric and Sam. When she went home later, she found her husband and daughter having sex in her house. Jason was with Alexis, but he hadn't yet entered, so Alexis turned and asked Jason to take her to General Hospital.

Alexis was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was more important for her at that point to keep her family unit together, so she did not confront Ric and Sam about what she had seen. She at first resisted chemo, but finally agreed. Once she felt stronger, she did confront Ric and Sam and asked Ric for a divorce. Ric and Alexis entered into a custody battle over Molly. Ric used any method available to him - including having Alexis arrested for smoking medical marijuana.

When Alexis met James Brosnan at Windemere, she did not realize that he was not only Jerry Jacks, but the notorious Jams Craig, responsible for the MetroCourt hostage crisis and bombing. When she learned his identity, she became his attorney as a favor to Jax.

Alexis found herself attracted to Jerry despite herself, and Jerry took full advantage of it by pursuing her. In 2008, Anthony Zacchara threatened Kristina in order to pressure Alexis into releasing Johnny from prison. Jerry swore to Alexis that he wouldn't let anything happen to her children. He and Alexis made love. In the face of criticism from everyone, Alexis persisted in her affair with Jerry.

Alexis finally realized Jerry was using her, and she decides that her taste in men is too horrible to ever try again. She has concentrated on raising Kristina and Molly and encouraging them to become intelligent, independent women. Molly and Kristina pushed her to date Mac Scorpio, which Alexis has, and she's enjoyed spending time with him.

Recently, Alexis joined her friend Diane Miller's law firm, mainly so that she could participate in Sonny's defense in the Claudia Corinthos murder case. Alexis is just beginning to realize that her daughter Kristina is a troubled young woman who dislikes her father, Sonny, and is involved with an abusive boyfriend. Kristina has been badly beaten by him and is lying about it, stating that someone else did it. Alexis' eyes are just now being opened to the amount of healing, emotionally and physically, that Kristina needs.

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