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Felix Dubois/Marc Anthony Samuel - General Hospital Character and Actor

General Hospital's Felix Dubois - Out and Proud


Felix Dubois/Marc Anthony Samuel - General Hospital Character and Actor

Marc Anthony Samuel as Felix Dubois, speaking to Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo)


Felix Dubois isn't the first gay character on General Hospital, but he's definitely the most fun. Out and proud, Felix knows who he is -- gay, a nurse, a loyal friend, witty, and outspoken. He also, one suspects, has a heart as big as General Hospital itself.

Felix worked long and hard to help his good friend, Sabrina Santiago, blossom into a lovely young woman and stop hiding behind her Clark Kent glasses and pulled back hair. He also encouraged Sabrina to pursue a relationship with Dr. Patrick Drake. Now that Sabrina and Patrick are together, Felix is darned if Britt Westbourne is going to break them up. He doesn't trust her, he knows she's manipulative and a fake, and he's told her so. "Don't stop conspiring on my account," Felix tells Britt while she's on the phone.

So willing was Felix to help Sabrina that he flirted with lab tech Brad, whom he despises, in an effort to help her. His real crush is on the buff Milo Giambetti, who has no idea how Felix feels.

Felix Hits Port Charles

Felix used a little subterfuge to get the attention of Port Charles.

Felix arrived at General Hospital in December 2012 as a student nurse and friend of Sabrina Santiago. He claimed that he also has worked for Lucy Coe as a consultant at her cosmetics firm, and offered to help Sabrina secure a meeting with Lucy in the hope that she would finance the Nurses' Ball. Felix and Sabrina get into see Lucy, but Felix didn't actually know her.


Felix's appearance on the show seemed harmless enough, but the character was criticized by some viewers and also in the press as a stereotypical homosexual character. A blogger, Andy Towle, complained that Felix in his first scenes offered lipstick to a woman for a touch-up.

Ron Carlivati, GH's head writer, took exception to the comment, pointing out to Towle that Felix isn't the first gay character he created, and that he is the winner of a GLAAD Media Award. Carlivati explained that General Hospital character of Felix, was unfolding, and that the lipstick was an important part of his story arc.

Carlivati went on to write, "Does this make him too queeny? Not straight-acting enough? Is that the only type of gay character allowed on TV now? As far as I'm concerned, to be offended by this character is what is offensive." Carlivati called the situation "Lipstickgate." Andy Towle ultimately gave in, stating that the character needed to be developed more before making any judgment.

Marc Anthony Samuel

The actor who plays Felix, Marc Anthony Samuel, has worked in several facets of show business. Samuel hails from Chicago, where his father was an actor. Inspired by his dad, he later studied acting with the Portland Repertory Theater. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has worked as a model, actor, and has developed a huge voiceover career in video games, animation, radio and tv commercials, audiobooks, and even as a guide on museum recordings. His voice as Felix is somewhat different from Anthony's real voice - he has a low, resonant voice and speaks more slowly than Felix.

The Nurses' Ball

In a recent interview, Samuel spoke of being "a kid in the candy store" with all of the "zingers" Felix gets to say. He also talked about the Nurses' Ball, which he really enjoyed. "It helped a lot of us bond together, and I got to know some of the other characters on the show and see people do things you never get to see them do." He also admits, "It was weird interacting with people you grew up watching."

As far as the musical portions of the Nurses' Ball, Samuel admits to having no dancing background at all, but he surprised himself. "I discovered I had an aptitude for following the choreography...as an actor I've always been kind of a mimic. As for singing, I sang in church when I was a little boy in Chicago." He also made the point that he and Bradford Anderson "were right in the middle and carried all of Richard Simmons' weight" and thankfully "he's surprisingly light."

New Projects

Samuel has two recent projects: One is a film, Savaged, and another one making the film festival rounds, Hot Guys with Guns, an action comedy, which harkens back to the '80s action comedies such as Hart to Hart, Charlie's Angels, and Lethal Weapon.

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