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Jerry Jacks

Dead again. And again. And again.


Jerry Jacks

Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) and Jerry Jacks (Julian Stone)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Jerry Jacks

Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Jerry Jacks

Jerry (Sebastian Roche) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Jerry Jacks is the brother of Jasper Jacks, aka "Jax" and, like his brother, is originally from Australia but moved to Alaska with his family. Jerry came to Port Charles in 1998 to meet Jax's fiancee, Brenda Barrett. While in town, Jerry entered into an affair with Bobbie Spencer Jones. Involved with Bobbie and with family in town, the nomadic Mr. Jacks decided that he'd like to stay in Port Charles.

The Jacks Men Are Arrested

It didn't work out for him -- or any of the Jacks men. John Jacks, Jerry Jacks, and Jax were arrested when the FBI found out that their successful company had been started with drug money. Though the family was wiped out, Jax rebounded. He was able to save his brother from going to prison. Jerry had always been resentful of his brother's business acumen, but they became closer during this period.

Jerry and Bobbie Spencer

With Jerry around, things are never dull. Bobbie Spencer learned that the hard way. Emily Quartermaine inadvertently left her video camera in a hospital room, and Jerry and Bobbie, having no idea that the camera was there, entered the room and made love. At the 1999 Nurses Ball, the footage was shown as part of Emily's documentary that the ball guests were watching. Embarrassing is not a strong enough word.

Jerry was then in a horrible car crash and nearly died. Jerry and Bobbie decided to get married as Jerry swore his shady way of living was in the past. However, Jason and Sonny found out that Jerry was laundering money for a crime boss named Moreno. As Jax worked to keep his brother from getting arrested, Roy DiLucca, an old beau of Bobbie's who was back in town, was working against Sonny. He gave the FBI account numbers that brought the FBI to Jerry's door. In the midst of his wedding, Jerry was arrested.

Jerry wanted Bobbie to go on the run with him, but she refused. Jax bailed his brother out, and with Sonny's help, Jerry left town after saying goodbye to his brother. Bobbie ran to the docks, but she was too late. Shortly after his getaway, Jerry sent Bobbie a Christmas present.

Jerry Returns as James Craig

In 2007, Jerry was back in Port Charles again, this time under the name James Craig. He was unrecognizable, having had plastic surgery which dramatically changed his appearance. Now "James Craig" worked as a broker for Lorenzo Alcazar and a criminal organization. Lorenzo was at the same time planning to kill Sonny Corinthos. As Craig was finishing up a delicate negotiation for Alcazar, Alcazar entered Sonny's office to kill him. However, Carly walked in, which distracted Alcazar long enough for Sonny to shoot Alcazar in the head.

When Alcazar initially regained consciousness in the hospital, he had amnesia. James Craig was in a panic. He pressed Alcazar's girlfriend, Skye Quartermaine, for the location of a briefcase so that he could conclude business for Alcazar on an arms deal. Skye wasn't much help. Craig finally realized that Alcazar hid the briefcase in the MetroCourt hotel safe. But then, Lorenzo collapsed from complications from brain surgery. Craig was out of time.

Jerry and the MetroCourt Crisis

On the eve of a hospital gala, Craig entered the MetroCourt with masked men, intending to get the briefcase and leave. Sam McCall was working at the MetroCourt. She hit the silent alarm, and Maxie Jones and one of Craig's men were locked inside the vault along with the briefcase. Craig learned that the vault was on a time lock, and it wouldn't be opened for hours. In anger and frustration, James shot Robin Scorpio. Emily and Elizabeth Spencer, with Carly's help, saved her life.

Craig and his henchmen terrorized and threatened the hostages as the police made plans to enter the hotel. Craig forced Emily to choose between Elizabeth Spencer, who was in labor, and her father, Alan Quartermaine, who had been stricken with a heart attack. Alan was released but he died shortly thereafter. An explosion hit the hotel, and Jerry grabbed the briefcase and took off.

Jerry Poisons Nikolas Cassadine

Jerry went to Wyndemere, where he injected Nikolas Cassadine with a poison that required administration of a serum every 24 hours, or he would die a slow and painful death. To demonstrate that he meant business, Craig waited until the last minute to give Nikolas his first injection. Nikolas by then was nearly dead. In exchange for the serum and the antidote, Nikolas was to get Craig a new identity and money to start anew. Nikolas agreed, while Robin, Patrick Drake, and Emily worked to find an antidote for the poison. Craig also forced Emily to help him with a bank negotiation, using Nikolas' poisoning as leverage.

As he waited for Nikolas to meet his demands, "Craig" occupied himself with following Jax and getting to know Alexis. Eventually Robin and Patrick would figure out a cure and give it to Nikolas. By this time the truth about who James Craig really was came out. Everyone was shocked that it was actually Jerry Jacks, but none more than his own brother and mother. They were forced to accept that Jerry had done the unimaginable. He'd terrorized innocent people and was now using Emily to secure his place in Port Charles.

Everyone who could verify that Jerry Jacks and James Craig were one and the same were forced to lie to the police in order to protect Emily. Nikolas vowed that no matter what it took, one day he would make Jerry pay for the things that he had done. Most treated Jerry like the piranha he was except for Jax. Jax loved his brother and was certain that there was a reason why he had been driven to do the horrible things he had done. Carly knew better but couldn't convince Jax.Things went from bad to worse when Jerry once again dropped out of sight and Jax started getting strange calls.

Convinced that Jerry was in trouble, Jax went to look for his brother. Carly was devastated. They had just gotten married and she was tired of Jax taking off for long periods of time to save Jerry from disasters of his own making. Jax insisted that he loved his wife and family but left anyway. Shortly after Jax left, Jerry resurfaced. Carly realized that it had all been a ruse by Jerry and confronted him about it. He didn't deny it. He intended to keep Jax out of town while he got to know his knew sister-in-law and was convinced that she was worthy of his brother.


What Jerry didn't realize is that an old flame of his, Irina, had returned from the dead and kidnapped Jax. She wanted to use Jax to punish Jerry for betraying her.

Years earlier, Irina and Jerry had been lovers and were working together when Jerry was captured. Irina was too and she was brought into his cell. He was given a choice, he dies or Irina dies. Jerry chose to live and Irina was murdered before his eyes. Or so Jerry thought. It turns out that Irina was also given a choice and she opted to work with her captors and stage the "execution".

Irina couldn't believe that Jerry, who claimed to love her, had chosen to let her die and she wanted Jerry to suffer. Her plan was to kill Jax before Jerry's eyes. While she waited for her plan to come to fruition, Irina amused herself by forcing Jax to have sex with her. What Irina didn't know, was that Jerry had spent years regretting what had happened in that cell. He had loved Irina deeply and that event had turned him into James Craig, a man who loved no one and nothing.

When Jerry learned that Irina had Jax, his love for her died. Rescuing Jax became his only focus. When the opportunity presented itself, Jerry killed Irina in cold blood, put her in a body bag and dumped her remains in the middle of the ocean. Jax saw James Craig for the first time and was disgusted. He told Jerry that he never wanted anything to do with him again and returned to Port Charles with Carly. Jerry returned as well.

Jerry Goes After Alexis

Upon his return to Port Charles, Jerry began to heavily pursue a relationship with his former sister-in-law, Alexis Davis. He escorted her to the infamous black and white ball, where he and his brother saved her by bringing her to GH.  Alexis and Jerry continued their casual flirtation for many months after that.

While he was pursuing Alexis, Jerry was also involved in many shady dealings. He masqueraded as Mr. Moreau, a member of the mob. Moreau, however, turned out to really be Ian Devlin, a new doctor at General Hospital. Ian was the man who had changed Jerry's face many years ago. Ian and Claudia hatched a plan to kill Sonny, but Ian ended up shooting Michael instead. Jerry rushed to stop the shooting, but was too late, as Michael already had a gunshot wound to the head.

Months later, Alexis informed Jerry that Anthony Zacharra had made a threat on the life of her daughter, Kristina. Jerry promised Alexis that he would take care of it, and the two of them made love. Jerry later threatened Johnny Zacchara's life should something happen to Alexis or her family.

As Jerry continued his pursuit of Alexis, her daughter Sam continued her investigation into his role in a counterfeit prescription drug ring. Sam lured Jerry to her hot tub in hopes of seducing a confession out of him. Instead, Jerry turned the tables on Sam and planted drugs at her place. He also arranged for Alexis to walk in on them and he accused Sam of trying to seduce him into helping her move drugs. Sam was later cleared of the charges and sneaked on board of Jerry's freighter in hopes to find proof of his connection to the drugs. Jason arrived to rescue Sam and the boat exploded with Jerry still on board.

Jerry Disappears Again

Jerry disappeared after the boat explosion but he remained in contact with Claudia Zacchara Corinthos via messages recorded on DVD's that he had hidden around Sonny's house. He tormented Claudia with the DVD's and recommended that she find the discs before Sonny since her involvement in Michael's shooting was revealed on them. Jerry also made contact with Jax through a DVD and apologized for his role in what had happened to Jax's step-son Michael.

Michael responded to a medical treatment and emerged from his coma but he did not stay in town for long. Michael and his sister Kristina left Port Charles shortly after Claudia was involved in a car accident that caused her to lose her unborn child. Claudia contacted Jerry and hired him to bring Michael to her since she believed that Michael had been behind the wheel of a car. Jerry tracked Michael and his sister Kristina to Mexico and made contact with them. Claudia retracted her request to Jerry after she learned that Michael was not responsible for her accident and that Jason and Sam were on their way to retrieve the teens.

Jerry had already found Michael and Kristina but instead of aborting the plan, he lurked nearby to make his move on Jason. The two men engaged in a fight inside of a church and Jerry left Jason for dead after the building collapsed on him.

The Balkan

In 2010, Brenda Barrett returned to Port Charles.  A European mobster called "The Balkan" blamed Brenda for the death of his son Aleksander, whom Brenda had dated.  For a time, Jerry was suspected of being the Balkan.  When Jerry appeared in Port Charles, the police made an effort to capture him, but he escaped.  It turned out that Jerry was working for The Balkan. The Balkan ordered Jerry to meet Siobhan McKenna, one of The Balkan's associates. 

The Balkan instructed Jerry to meet with one of his associates named Siobhan McKenna.  The Balkan insisted that she stay alive but Jerry attempted to get money from Balkan in order to make sure that Siobhan lived.  The Balkan was not about to put up with Jerry, so he had him shot.  His body was thrown into the harbor, and Jerry was presumed dead.

Ewen Keenan and Jerry Kidnap Robin

Jerry next worked with Dr. Ewan Keenan.  The two men caused an explosion in a lab where Robin Scorpio was working so that people would believe she was dead.  Jerry and Keenan kept Robin sedated and transferred to a clinic in Switzerland.  Jerry threatened Keenan not to tell anyone, and that included his new girlfriend, Elizabeth Webber.

Jerry soon proved that there was a method to his madness.  He ordered Ewen Keenan to kidnap Jerry's niece, Josslyn.  At the same time, Jerry sent Alexis to Wyndemere.  She was then chloroformed and injected with something.  When Josslyn was brought there, she, too was injected.  Both then were returned home.  Alexis had no memory of what happened.  Presumably, neither did Josslyn.

Both Josslyn and Alexis came down with high fevers, but both recovered although no treatments worked on them.

Jerry met an old contact, Joe Scully, Jr., who had helped him with the MetroCourt robbery by supplying him with men.  Now Jerry needed help again.  Joe's legal problems would go away if Jerry was supplied with a team for another job. 

The new job was to release a toxin into the watter supply.  Only Alexis and Josslyn not be affected because they had been innoculated against the toxin. 

Jerry purchased a cable channel from Todd Manning.  He appeared on television and informed the people of Port Charles what he had done.  If they had already had any contact with the water, they were already exposed.  A counteragent was available -- before Jerry could deliver his terms, Jason and John McBain stopped his message.  Jerry, however, refused to talk to them about the counteragent. 

Jax arrived in Port Charles, which upset Jerry, as he didn't want his brother affected.  In fact, Jax had been in Shanghai, and Jerry had arranged for him to be detained there if he tried to leave.  Jax could not dissuade is brother to give up his scheme.  Jerry was arrested.  When Todd visited him, he found out that Jerry wanted an enormous amoutn of money in order to release the counteragent.  The amount was inspired by the Dead Man's Hand which had been their father's at one time - $88 million. 

Jax learned something shocking from his brother.  Their father, John Jacks, was murdered by his doctor, Ewen Keenan.  John had stolen the cards from Ewen's family.  Jerry let Ewen get away with it but then made Ewen work with him.  Jax became very agitated.  Why didn't he tell him?  They could have together found the cards and returned them to their father.  Jerry said they really couldn't have, since he was the one who took them.

Furious, Jax overcame a police officer and freed Jerry, but at gunpoint.  He ordered his brother to lead him to the counteragent.  However, Joe Scully, Jr. attacked Jax, and Joe and Jerry ran.  They went to Ewen's farmhouse to get the counteragent.  Todd called Jerry to say the money had been collected.  They arranged a meet.  Jerry kidnapped Alexis, telling her she would be going with him when he left Port Charles.

Dead Again

Todd and Jerry, with Alexis, met on the docks.  Todd was there with Carly, Jax, Sonny, and Johnny, all of whom had given money.  Jerry received the money.  He gave them the counteragent and left with Alexis.  When they reached Jerry's boat, he told her that there was a bomb inside the briefcase with the counteragent.  Shawn climbed onto the boat and saved Alexis when Jerry walked away from her. 

Before Jerry could leave, Jax confronted him.  Jerry started coughing.  Jax thought Jerry, too, had been exposed to the toxin, but Jerry said no.  He had been shot by the killer sent by the Balkan, but the bullet was laced with plutonium and had poisoned him.  He could get a cure, but it was going to cost him the ransom he collected.

Jerry pulled a gun on Jax, but Sonny arrived on the boat and fired at Jerry.  Jerry hit a barrel of gas and the place exploded.  Sonny and Jax got out, but again, Jerry was presumed dead.

In December 2012, we see that Jerry is still alive.  One of his associates, Cesar Faison, was taken into custody.  When Robin's parents came to the clinic in Switzerland on a tip, Robin was sent to Jerry.  Jerry brought her to Cassadine Island in Greece so she could work on a cure for him. In exchange, he would allow her to return to Port Charles.  He had hoped that Faison's wife, Dr. Obrecht, could develop the cure, but she ran into problems and could not.

By this time, Helena Cassadine had poisoned Luke Spencer with plutonium.   Luke Spencer, desperately taking a clue from Helena, arrived on Cassadine Island. Jerry decided to use Luke to test the treatment, in the event that Robin used the serum to try to kill him.  He was foiled by Tracy Quartermaine, who surprised Jerry, and then gave Luke the entire dose. 

Very ill, Jerry delayed Robin's homecoming by demanding another dose.  With Luke gone, Robin told Jerry she would need Luke's blood in order to do create a treatment now; otherwise, it would take too long, and he would be dead.

Jerry sent Faison, Britt, and Dr. Obrecht back to Port Charles with Robin while she developed a treatment.  He kept her parents, Anna and Duke, hostages in the lab.  If Robin called attention to herself or called the authorities, they would be killed.  Anna and Duke escaped the lab and captured Jerry.  Robin was able to make another dose of the serum, which Luke wants for Sean Donely.  Will Jerry die?  Probably not, since nothing so far has been able to kill him.

Just the Facts

Played by:

Julian Stone (April 10, 1998 to December 14, 1999)

 Sebastian Roche (April 23, 2007 to November 12, 2008; April 7, 2009 to April 24, 2009; July 31, 2009 to August 19, 2009; December 13, 2010-December 20, 2010; December 18, 2012 to Present)

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