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Lucky Spencer

The Child is Father to the Man


Lucky Spencer

Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Lucky Spencer: Street-smart child, mind control victim, cop, addict, husband, father. Lucky has been part of General Hospital since he was a child of ten, and the character has had several faces. Jonathan Jackson, Jakob Young, and Greg Vaughan have all played a different face of Lucky throughout his years on General Hospital

Jonathan Jackson (1993-1999)

Early Years

Lucky was born in Texas to Luke and Laura Spencer, and for the first ten years, he moved around a lot, as his parents were avoiding mobster Frank Smith. Lucky was raised to think on his feet and be independent. When danger reached the family-owned diner in Canada, the Spencers decided to head home and face their demons. Luke and Laura went one route and sent Lucky on his own. Once in Port Charles, Lucky was hidden at Kelly's by his Aunt Ruby, but Smith's men came after him. Lucky took off and met a relative, Sly Eckert, also a young boy. Sly's father was Luke's cousin Bill Eckert, who looked enough like Luke that Frank Smith's men killed him. Lucky, Laura, and Luke were reunited, but they were in for a rough time. Shortly after arriving, Lucky followed Luke to a meeting and was shot. Fortunately, he recovered.

The Spencer family settled in Port Charles and welcomed a new baby, Lulu Lucky also learned that he had a half-brother, Laura's son with Stavros Cassadine, Nikolas. Not even Luke knew that when Laura was held in captivity by the Cassadines, she had Stavros' child. Nikolas came to Port Charles when Lulu needed a bone marrow transplant. He and Lucky did not hit it off, especially when they both developed a crush on Sarah Webber, who favored Nikolas.

Lucky Falls for Elizabeth Webber

Lucky, however, became involved with Sarah's sister, Elizabeth, after she was raped in the park and Lucky found her there, bruised and battered. They worked together to find her rapist, and Lucky became protective toward Elizabeth. The two fell in love. During a fight with Lucky, Nikolas told his half-brother that Luke had raped Laura before they were married. After confronting his parents, Lucky left home and began to live over Jason Morgan's bike shop. Elizabeth urged Lucky to understand and forgive his parents, which he did, though he continued to live independently. The two planned a future together. It wasn't to be. One night, there was a fire at Jason's shop. A burned body was found in Lucky's room, with a necklace Lucky ahd given to Elizabeth. The supposition was that Lucky was dead.

For a year, everyone believed Lucky was dead. About a year after Lucky's "death," Cesar Faison died in an explosion, but not before telling Luke that Lucky was alive. Faison had kidnapped Lucky and programmed him on instructions from Helena.

Jacob Young (February 25, 2000 to February 10, 2003)

Luke Searches for Lucky

Luke investigated what Cesar told him and began coming across clues to Lucky's whereabouts, all of which were set up by Helena. Luke and Laura retraced their past following clues to the Haunted Star, to the Ice Princess Island, and to Texas. Lastly, they went to the Triple L Diner that they ran in Canada. There, Helena gave Lucky bus fare and freed him. Lucky wasn't happy to see his parents; he hit Luke and ran away.

Next: Lucky's Mind in Captivity

Lucky Tries to Move On

Free of Helena, Lucky and Liz reunited. Lucky found that he really felt no love for Elizabeth, probably due to what Helena had done to him. But he wanted to make her happy. They planned a New Year's Eve wedding, but Gia Campbell informed Elizabeth that Lucky no longer loved her. The wedding was canceled. They tried to start over, but it was slow going. After a car accident involving Gia and Eizabeth, Nikolas, Gia, Elizabeth, and Lucky wound up living at Windemere, as well as Elizabeth's sister Sarah, who had returned to Port Charles.

Gia had caused the car accident, and Helena knew it, so Nikolas helped her escape. This infuriated Lucky, but he kept the secret. When Elizabeth found out what had happened during the accident, she was angry that everyone had protected Gia and kept the truth from her. She broke up with Nikolas and became estranged from Gia and Nikolas.

Lucky again was attracted to Sarah; the two entered into a relationship, though Maxie Jones was also interested in Lucky. When he rejected Maxie, she told Elizabeth about Sarah and Lucky. Sarah was jealous of Elizabeth. When Elizabeth was involved in an explosion and Lucky ran to her, Sarah left Port Charles. Lucky went back to being a photographer for Deception.

Luke and Laura Disappear

Now reunited, Luke and Laura planned a wedding for late summer. As Laura planned it, she had flashbacks of a night in the attic of her childhood home. Luke then poked around in the attic for clues and discovered an old camera with film in it. Lucky developed it; the first picture was of a young Scott Baldwin covered in blood. While Luke pursued the new lead, Lucky began to develop another photo. Before he was finished, Luke realized what it was and took off in search of Laura.

When Luke and Laura failed to appear for their wedding, Lucky and Nikolas searched the attic for clues. They found Rick Webber, Laura's stepfather, dead. Both believed that Luke killed him. They placed Rick in his car, doused him with alcohol, and pushed the car off of a cliff. However, Scott and Mac suspected that it was not a drunk-driving accident. Lucky and Nikolas were frantic over what had happened to Laura. Lucky was relieved when he heard from Luke, but this did not appease Nikolas. He informed Scott of Luke and Laura's location. They were gone when Mac and Scotty arrived. They were captured when they went back to the attic. Laura suffered a complete breakdown, believing herself a teenager. She was committed to a mental institution. Luke was arrested for Rick's murder.

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