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Kiki Jerome - General Hospital Character

A Change of Identity



The Road to Kiki

When it comes to Kiki Jerome, the old adage is true: Necessity is the mother of invention.  In fact, her whole family history is a tortuous road of not invention, but re-invention.

In order to get the full story, we need to go back to 2009, when James Franco appeared on General Hospital as a whacked out artist named Franco. During Franco’s story, it was learned that he had a daughter, Lauren, who lived with her mother. The writers were perhaps going to introduce her as a character at some point.  However, this was a time of great upheaval for General Hospital, with rumors of cancellation. James Franco made his final appearance as Franco in 2011, when the character was killed. 

By early 2012, Ron Carlivati had taken over as head writer, and Frank Valentini had become producer.  Carlivati had some different ideas for General Hospital.  He brought over characters from the defunct One Life to Live. Three were to be on contract: Roger Howarth as Todd Manning, Kristen Alderson as Starr Manning, and Michael Easton as John McBain.

All went well until Prospect Park prepared to put One Life to Live online and sued ABC, prohibiting them from using the characters of Starr, Todd, and John.  The characters left Port Charles, hoping to return after some sort of settlement had been reached.  ABC decided to cease negotiations.  Since Prospect Park had rights to the characters and not the actors, the actors returned as different characters. 

In late 2012, Tracy Quartermaine and A.J. Quartermaine began a fight for control of the family company, ELQ, now that Edward Quartermaine was deceased.   The children and grandchildren all inherited shares, and Tracy and A.J. busily courted them.  It is then revealed by Heather Webber that Jason Morgan was a twin, and his twin was Franco.  Carly Corinthos knows of Lauren’s existence but doesn’t reveal it until her Uncle Luke, who is helping Tracy find votes, blackmails her for the information.  The frantic search for Lauren begins, with Spinelli and Luke on opposite sides.

Luke finds Lauren’s mother, Ava Jerome, who confirms that Lauren is Franco’s daughter.  Luke explains that Lauren is therefore entitled to shares in ELQ.

Alderson returned as Lauren "Kiki" Jerome, Morgan’s brunette girlfriend, in May of 2013.  The couple was living with Ava. Kiki was not someone approved of by Morgan’s family. Morgan, a compulsive gambler, was in financial trouble and being helped by Kiki.  Her help was ineffectual, and Sonny had to bail out his son.  If Kiki wasn’t much help to Morgan, she was soon to divide the brothers: There was no denying the sexual tension between her and Michael Corinthos and they eventually kissed.  Since Kiki is a Quartermaine and Michael by birth is a Quartermaine, the two were cousins.  Once this was learned, they knew they had to steer clear of one another. (In fact, they were really second cousins since they share only two grandparents, but General Hospital left it that they were first cousins.)

Franco returned from the dead in the form of Roger Howarth, and Michael Easton returned as Dr. Silas Clay, who turns out to be an old lover of Ava’s.  He is also, it is eventually learned, Kiki’s father, though Ava tries desperately to conceal this from everyone (including her daughter).  Morgan is also in a panic because he knows that Kiki and Morgan are attracted to one another.  When Connie Falconeri publishes information in the newspaper, stating that Kiki is not a Quartermaine and therefore, the takeover of ELQ is in question, Morgan whisks Kiki off to a Judge before she can see it and marries her. He later denies he knew anything about her true paternity before their marriage.  It isn’t until their wedding reception when Sonny, off of his medication, blurts out that Morgan knew the truth before the hasty wedding.

Kiki walked out on Morgan and into Michael’s arms, though they tried to fight it for the sake of propriety.  At this point, she is not speaking to her mother, who lied to her about her father’s identity, and trying to build a relationship with Silas Clay.

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