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Olivia Falconeri Biography

Kid From the Old Neighborhood


Olivia Falconeri Biography

Kate (Megan Ward) and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero)

ABC/Ron Tom Olivia Falconeri Biography

Olivia and Johnny

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Olivia Falconeri Biography

Olivia (Lisa LoCicero)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Olivia's Secret

Olivia Falconeri came to Port Charles from Bensonhurst in 2008, at the request of her ex-lover, Sonny Corinthos. Sonny was marrying Olivia's cousin, Kate Howard (real name: Connie Falconeri) and he wanted to get them back together.  The cousins had not been in contact for twenty years. Kate left her family and changed her name and identity in order to pursue a career in fashion. She set up shop for her new magazine, Crimson, in Port Charles. Both Connie and Olivia dated Sonny in high school. Unbeknownst to Sonny, Olivia gave birth to Sonny's child, Dante Angelo. In order to save him from Sonny's mob lifestyle, she never told her family the identity of the father, and Sonny never found out. The only one who knew the truth was Kate.

Olivia came to Port Charles, reconciled with Kate, and was to be maid of honor in Kate's wedding to Sonny.

Olivia's son, Dante, appeared in Port Charles working undercover with the mob, using another name. When he tried to arrest Sonny, his father was unaware of his true identity and shot him.  Since then, Dante has walked a fine line as an officer of the law and his father's attempt to forge a bond between them.

Olivia Learns the Truth about Sonny

Olivia eventually realized that Sonny was not honest with Kate - that in reality, he had not left the mob. Kate accused Olivia (as she did over and over) of being jealous of her relationship with Sonny. Kate also continually argued with Olivia that Sonny should know about his son, but Olivia begged Kate to keep silent.  Then, of course, after Dante was shot, the truth emerged.

Olivia had a May-December relationship with Johnny Zacchara, but the relationship ended. She then started to date Steve Webber. That relationship became complicated with the release of his mother, Heather Webber, from a mental institution. She caused a rift between Steve and Olivia because it was clear to Olivia that Heather was manipulative and far from well, and Steve wanted to think the best of his mother. 

Heather, known for getting rid of people in her way, gave Olivia LSD, which put her in the hospital. Olivia's hallucinations have proven prophetic since then, though at times it's hard to interpret the visions that she sees.  But she's always been right.

Steve, alas, was sent back to Tennessee and today is in prison for murder. Olivia works at the MetroCourt.  Her cousin Kate went through dissociative identity disorder vacillated between two personalities, that of Kate and the street-wise Connie.  Fortunately with therapy, the two personalities melded.  Then she was murdered.  This devastated Olivia, and after trying to help Sonny through his misery over losing Kate, he and Olivia became lovers again. 

Olivia Falconeri:

Lisa LoCicero plays Olivia Falconeri on General Hospital


2008 - present

Occupations, Past and Present:

Olivia has worked in a car dealership in Bensonhurst
Currently, Falconeri works as a liaison at the MetroCourt Hotel in Port Charles

Residences, Past and Present:

Formerly: Bensonhurst, New York
Now: Port Charles, New York

Marital Status:



Sonny Corinthos
Johnny Zacchara
Steve Webber


Kate Howard (cousin)
Dante Angelo Falconeri (son with Sonny Corinthos)

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