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Blackie Parrish (John Stamos) - Street Smarts

Blackie and the Riff Raff


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In 1982, hot off of the wedding of Luke and Laura, General Hospital went for the teen set with Blackie Parrish, a new character. After a grueling, three-day audition, a young actor, John Stamos, got the role. Blackie was his first professional job. He instantly became a teen heart throb.

Lesley Webber was destroyed by the disappearance of her daughter, Laura Spencer. She and her husband, Dr. Rick Webber, took in a foster son, Blackie Parrish, who had just lost his mother. Blackie Parrish was a street kid used to living by his wits. He met his girlfriend, runaway Lou Swenson, when she was hiding in a construction trailer.

Upset by the degradation on the waterfront, Rick Webber founded a sports center to give kids a place to go rather than hang out on the streets and get into trouble. Blackie was a big help in getting this center off the ground. Interested in music, and with the help of Lou, he formed Blackie and the Riff Raff, a band in which he played the drums. The group acquired a manager, who brought in Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) as lead singer. Blackie moved in with Frisco at the Port Charles Hotel.

Under pressure to come up with a hit song, Blackie panicked and developed writer's block. He stole a song from a hotel bellboy, Josh Clayton. Lou knew this and confronted Blackie with Josh's tape. Steffi, Blackie's manager, jumped to grab the tape. In an attempt to get away from her, Lou backed away, fell, hit her head and died.

Blackie owned up to his responsibility for Lou's death and was sentenced to ten years in prison for manslaughter.

That was the end of Blackie Parrish, but the beginning for John Stamos, who went on to a wonderful career that includes multiple TV series, including Full House, Jake in Progress, Dreams. Thieves, ER, Glee, TV movies, guest appearances, music videos, three shows on Broadway, and directing Beach Boys videos. And he gets better looking every year.

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