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Is Brenda Returning to Port Charles?


On General Hospital, the last we heard of Brenda Barrett, the woman who stole so many Port Charles hearts, she was living in Rome. In fact, Jax just visited her there.

The last we heard of Vanessa Marcil, the one, the only, the forever Brenda, she was doing a show called Las Vegas.

With Las Vegas now canceled, viewers have been wondering if this means that Ms. Barrett will return to Port Charles and mix things up again.

Rumor has it that indeed, TPTB have been in negotiation with Marcil for just such a return. At the moment, the sticking point may be money. It would behoove General Hospital to pay whatever Marcil asks. The show's ratings are down, and General Hospital - and we - need Brenda desperately.

What the return of Brenda would mean is mind-boggling. Carly would forget all about Kate (Kate who?) and turn her attentions on yet another rival for her man's affections - and, given their history, a more likely one - Brenda. Kate would forget all about Carly (Carly who?) and the mob (what's the mob?) and wonder about Sonny perhaps reconciling with the great love of his life. And if Antonio Sabato, Jr. returns to General Hospital after his stint on General Hospital: Night Shift, which is also rumored - WOW. More chemistry, more fireworks, more past history, more story.

Brenda could also help Lulu during this difficult time - if she gets back before Lulu ends up in an adjoining rocking chair with her mother. Brenda's mother was crazy, and Brenda feared she, too, would end up like her mother. Her mother, actually, ended up in the ocean after deliberately driving off of a cliff. Did I mention Brenda was with her? Obviously, Brenda lived. General Hospital has never been able to really say goodbye to either Brenda or Marcil.

If handled correctly, the return of Brenda could mark a new beginning for General Hospital, one that would include ratings in possibly Bold and the Beautiful land. And if Sabato returns...well, General Hospital could approach the days of a certain couple on the run.

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