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Sam McCall/Alicia Montenegro

Alicia Montenegro: Eurotrash Dancer with the Face of an American Klutz (2005)


Sam McCall/Alicia Montenegro

Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall/Alicia Montenegro)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Perhaps the dumbest twin sequence occurred when Sam McCall had a double, Alicia Montenegro. Kelly Monaco (Sam) is no stranger to doubles, as she portrayed Livvie Locke and Tess Ramsey on the series Port Charles.

General Hospital was anxious to cash in on Monaco’s Dancing with the Stars win. The storyline revolved around one Allegra Montenegro, who has set up a wedding between her Eurotrash daughter Alicia and a rich guy named Andrew, but Alicia refuses to cooperate.

Allegra then forces Sam to pretend to be Alicia, with the idea that she would go through with the marriage and consummate it so Allegra could get her grubby little hands on Andrew’s money. However, Alicia and her fiancee love to ballroom dance. Sam is no dancer.

Here in my opinion is what made it dumb: These people weren’t amateur ballroom dancers who went someplace on Wednesday night and danced, and they weren’t doing competitions. No, they would just stand around and decide to start dancing.

Anyway, the dancing fly in this ointment meant that Allegra had to teach Sam to ballroom dance, and Sam is a klutz. The gentleman who played Andrew was a contestant on the Australian DWTS, and Allegra was played by Meg Bennett, an actress and soap writer who is also Mrs. Bob Guza.

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