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Sonny and Brenda

Body Heat


Sonny and Brenda

Sonny and Brenda (Maurice Benard, Vanessa Marcil)

Jane Harwood/Screencaps

Surely one of the sexiest couples ever in daytime, Sonny and Brenda (Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil) burned up many a General Hospital set with their torrid affair. The first denoument of their relationship took place when Brenda wore a wire to obtain evidence on Sonny. Like all those brunettes who came after Brenda, Brenda thought she was helping him. Somehow Sonny didn't follow her logic. But has any woman demonstrated logic around Sonny?

There were actually two endings to that storyline written. In the first, Brenda was framed and had to stand trial because of Sonny. It was rewritten as the wire story, to the dismay of many on the inside at GH, because it was felt Sonny would never forgive her.

Head writer Claire Labine believed otherwise, so for a more than a year after the event, Sonny and Brenda attempted to find their way back to one another, with bigger and bigger roadblocks in their way. Ah, nothing like the frustration of true love. The fans went crazy. Brenda finally hooked up with Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher), and thus began one of the all-time great love triangles. A love triangle that had Brenda, like the beater that plays the musical instrument triangle, going from side to side. Brenda had two weddings to Jax that didn't work out. One, in fact, was stopped by Sonny when he presented her with Jax's not so dead wife Miranda. Then there was the time Sonny left Brenda standing at the altar, which led to her nervous breakdown. Jax was there to pick up the broken pieces. Alas, when Sonny and Brenda were stuck in a cave, they declared their love for one another and sealed it with sex. Poor Jax! And thus it continued, until it was believed Brenda went over a cliff with her insane mother. That is, until it was learned that Brenda wasn't dead.

You could always depend on plenty of heat when Brenda was around.

However, the 2010 reconciliation of the couple proved to be disappointing. The character of Brenda was rewritten as a fragile woman with very little of the fire that had attracted Sonny. Though there were moments of spark, and a lot of build-up, the storyline, which began in Rome, never really caught fire.

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