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Duke Lavery and The Jerome Family - Fifty Years of General Hospital

Dirty Work at the Crossroads


Duke Lavery and The Jerome Family - Fifty Years of General Hospital

Cheryl (Jennifer Anglin) with Baby Lucas (Ben Hogestyn)


Mob Families

Once upon a time in Port Charles, 1986, in fact, there were two rival mob families, the Jeromes and the McKais.

Jonathan was a cousin of the Jeromes, and he was imprisoned with Angus McKay and his son, Duke Lavery. Jonathan thought the McKays were responsible for the death of his cousin Evan's death. Angus told Jonathan that his family had killed Edge because he raped Camellia, Angus' daughter. In truth, Camellia killed Evan as he was raping her.

Angus wanted a truce between the two families, so he committed suicide, feeling the lack of his presence would lessen the tension.

Duke Joins the Jeromes

In 1988, Duke Lavery joined the Jerome family. His wife, Anna Devane, had been kidnapped and he knew the Jeromes had the right connections to find her. Robert Scorpio, Anna's ex-husband, found Anna, in the hands of Grant Putnam, before Duke did.

Duke wanted to get out of the mob, but Victor promised Duke that he was working toward going legit. Before doing that, though, he wanted to take out his rivals, the Carters. Victor dispatched Duke and his own son, Julian, to meet with the Carters. It turned out that Julian's sister Olivia had set a trap for them, and Julian was shot and killed. Olivia wanted to take over the Jerome mob when Victor died or retired.

The End of the Jeromes, Sort Of

However, Olivia's family was ahead of her, and Victor had helped Julian fake his death. Olivia was murdered by Victor's illegitimate son Dino, another one who wanted to take over the Jerome family. Olivia lived but suffered brain damage and was institutionalized.

Eventually, Duke testified against Victor and Victor went to prison. Victor escaped prison and, crazy about Lucy Coe, went to see her. Lucy wanted no part of him. Victor had an engraved pendant for her, which he swallowed, choked on, and died. Lucy ran to Alan Quartermaine, and the two of them threw his body in the lake.

Will the Real Duke Lavery Please Stand Up?

By 1990, Julian was the head of the Jerome family. Duke Lavery had gone into the Witness Protection Program the year before, but he had returned with a new face some months later. Julian didn't think this new person was Duke Lavery. Actually, he was correct, though no one knew it at the time. The man was actually Jonathan Paget, an imposter. Julian wanted to get rid of him and while he was at it, he thought he might get rid of Olivia, too.

Julian finally decided to kill "Duke" and frame Olivia for it. Julian kidnapped his sister, but when Olivia realized he was going to kill Duke, she wanted to tell Anna. Julian murdered her, so she never had the opportunity to do so. Later, Julian and Duke got into a struggle and both were killed. We thought.

Bobbie Spencer, Robert Scorpio and the Illegal Adoption

Julian Jerome left a son, whose mother was Tiffany Hill's sister Cheryl. Cheryl was having a relationship not only with Julian, but with Robert Scorpio. Cheryl was told at the hospital that her baby died, but the baby had been sold. When Bobbie Spencer's legal adoption fell through, she bought the baby and named him Lucas, after her brother Luke.

Cheryl was troubled, however, because she was sure she had heard her baby cry. She asked Robert Scorpio to find her child. Robert investigated and learned that Lucas was sold to Bobbie Spencer, and stopped Bobbie from fleeing Port Charles with Lucas.

Though Bobbie and her husband, Tony Jones, were devastated, Robert Scorpio returned Lucas to Cheryl, and was told that he was Lucas' biological father. A paternity test revealed that the child was Julian's.

The Return of Lucas

Bobbie Spencer would get Lucas back the following year when Cheryl was killed in a car accident. Thinking that Tiffany did not want children, she had asked in her will to have Bobbie raise her child. Tiffany and her husband Sean Donely were very upset and entered into a custody battle, which they ultimately lost. Tiffany played dirty throughout, even exposing Bobbie Spencer's past as a prostitute.

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