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General Hospital in 2014 - What's Ahead

The Couples, the Babies, the Intrigue!


65th Annual Writers Guild East Coast Awards - Arrivals
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Ava, Franco and Carly

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Ava and Morgan

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Our fearless leaders, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, have plenty planned for General Hospital in 2014.  The action and the drama won't stop.  Even story arcs that seem to have been closed aren't quite finished.

Robin and Patrick:  Patrick has made his decision, but that is far from a happy ending for this couple.  Robin, Patrick, and Sabrina will face more challenges in 2014, and those issues won't just affect them but their families as well.

We know that Patrick is not going to get the Chief of Staff position he wanted, and that Robin's serum will bring her great attention and money.  Also, though this hasn't been fleshed out, Sabrina might be pregnant and unlike Britt, this time it is Patrick's child.  Personally I'm not looking forward to this as I feel it was just done in a way with Britt.  And it's so obvious.  But I believe in the writers, so we have to see what unfolds.  Also, Patrick wants to have another child with Robin. Will the two women be pregnant at once?

Sonny and Olivia: It looks like, for the time being, that Sonny and Olivia will remain a couple.  She has what it takes to tolerate him.  Morgan will be having a tough time, torn as he is between the Jeromes and Sonny. 

The Jeromes: Speaking of the Jeromes, don't be expecting them to check out.  Julian and Ava take center stage in Sonny's story arc, Morgan's story arc, Sam's story arc, Lucas' story arc, and Alexis' story arc.  And yes, it looks like Alexis will have a story coming up.  We all know how much she loves bad boys.  Can she resist Julian Jerome? 

Victor Cassadine: Like the Jeromes, he will be involved in many story arcs.  This is something that the writers do very well; they are able to relate stories to one another for a wider involvement of characters. 

Nikolas and Britt:  Can these two make it, given the fact that Ben is Nikolas' nephew and he doesn't know it but he's going to?  Britt and Nikolas have great chemistry, but I have to say that Nikolas seems to have great chemistry with just about everyone.  How Nikolas will take the big reveal, I have no idea.  One thing I do know is that Britt considers Ben hers.  Expect some legal maneuvering and lots of drama. 

Sam and Silas:  We've yet to find out about Silas' past errors in judgment, shall we say.  It's been hinted that he worked for the Jeromes as a doctor who treated gunshot wounds and did not report them to the authorities.  The new detective with the PCPD will be part of Silas' story.  And why does Silas hate Ava?  Stay tuned and find out.

Heather: Since being buried alive by her son, Heather has not been in a good mood.  Now, if she nearly ruined Sam's life because Sam didn't deliver a note, imagine how she'll act over having dirt shoveled on her face while she was still breathing.  If I were Franco and Carly, I'd hire round the clock guards.

Maxie: Maxie's trip into self-knowledge is going to leave her a changed woman.  The question is, will it be a good change or bad change?  And how will this impact Maxie winning custody of Georgie?

Some Possibilities

I expect we'll see more of Lucy and Kevin, since a daughter has been scheduled to appear for ages.  It might be Serena, and we may have already seen her skulking around.  Also, rumors swirl about Valentine, the most evil of all Cassadines, though Carlivati denies them.  There are also rumors about Stefan Cassadine.  It would be great to have Stephen Nichols back but give me a break, Luke put a stake in his heart.  A couple of people have to stay dead.  What will happen with A.J. ? There's a chance he and Tracy may join forces.  I'm still hearing about another Quartermaine heir.  And will the murder of Connie Falconeri ever be solved?

Faison isn't dead.  He's too valuable a character, and the fact that no one has stated that he is dead is suspect.  I think we can expect to see more of Dr. Obrecht - maybe she'll do karaoke again, perhaps a Marlene Dietrich number like "Falling in Love Again."

And will Lucas Jones come between Brad and Felix

Other Couples, Characters, and Changes

There are many characters on the show, and lots of unanswered questions: Anna and Duke, Duke's involvement with Sonny, Lulu and Dante, Luke and Tracy, Michael and Kiki, and we don't know if there are plans to thin out the cast and/or bring back more legacy characters. Carlivati has stated that the character of Laura Spencer will never be gone for good.  Her contract was for a set period of time and he had to devise a way to get her out of town.  However, Tony Geary has stated that Luke and Laura are done.  Will the Nurses' Ball be back?  There is a lot we don't know.

There will be some changes at Disney/ABC as well, since Katie will be leaving the air in June of 2014.  Is Disney developing another show for syndication?  If it's following GH, it will have a strong lead-in, which could help it, providing it's the right show.

Whatever happens, we can look forward to some big doings, if 2013 was any indication.  It's not the 50th anniversary any longer, but it doesn't need to be for General Hospital to continue its upward trend and give us exciting stories.  Here's to a wonderful year, and a thanks to the producer, writers, cast, and crew of General Hospital for all their hard work in the past and going forward.



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