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General Hospital Daily Recap for December 7, 2012

Apology Not Accepted


Sabrina is trying to get her shy self together for meeting with Todd Manning about the Nurses' Ball when Patrick enters and distracts her with his bare chest. He offers to accompany her, which sounds great to her.

Unfortunately, Brit stops by and, when Patrick says he's on his way out with Sabrina, suddenly says she needs a consult and it's an emergency. Sabrina announces that she will go on her own, and Patrick bolsters her up by stating that he has every confidence in her.

Patrick attends the consult and finds it wasn't such an emergency. That means he can still get to Manning's office.

Carly drops in on Todd and is apologetic for her Blair rant. What's really bothering her is Michael. Todd suggests that she apologize to him about the way she's been acting toward his father. Except, as Carly points out, she's not sorry. Todd thinks that kids need to feel safe, even if you have to create the illusion that all is well.

Sabrina arrives at Todd's office later, and he has work for her. She explains she's not there as an employee; she's there about the Nurses' Ball. His response: "Nurses have balls?" Sabrina goes into her spiel about the history at General Hospital of AIDS research, and honoring Robin, and how she's hoping that he will help with the costs. He refuses.

After Sabrina goes into another presentation, he feels sorry and admits that he just doesn't have any money. Jerry Jacks cleaned him out. Sabrina believes he will be sorry that he missed out on an event that could save lives. As she's leaving, she sees Patrick. He's very proud of her -- and adds that had he been there, he would have punched Todd out.

At the apartment, Michael informs Starr that it looks like A.J. just might go free. The two start kissing, and things start to go the way of hoping there are condoms nearby. Carly knocks at the door and won't quit. Discouraged, Starr answers while Michael dresses. Carly does her apology.

Michael forgives her, adding that he hopes she understands why he is joining the board at ELQ with A.J. No, Carly snaps, she doesn't. It's a mistake. Doesn't he understand that A.J. is using him to get rid of Tracy? Carly, on a roll, declares that she is not releasing his ELQ shares to him until he's 25 no matter what. Infuriated, Michael throws her out. Carly goes back to see Todd and says the apology didn't exactly go as expected.

Tracy goes to PCPD to see Robert. A.J. and Diane are there to talk with John McBain. McBain sees that Tracy gets to Robert's cell. At that point, Robert is still begging Dante to release him. When Tracy arrives, Dante leaves. Luke told Robert, apparently, that if he needed help with anything, he should call Tracy. Tracy is more than willing to give help, if Luke trusts him, and Robert explains his predicament and the need to get Faison.

Diane and A.J., in another part of the building, are making their case to get rid of A.J.'s charges by giving them an international criminal. A.J. shows McBain his phone photo of Faison.

Dante joins the conversation and the three of them step aside and talk. McBain concedes that they are willing to deal. He asks A.J. a lot of questions about Faison. A.J. says the last time he saw Faison was in Switzerland. Diane lets Michael know that the charges have been dropped. A.J. bids farewell to Tracy until the boardroom. Dante admits to Robert that he is correct -- Faison is still alive.

Back at the hospital, Sabrina is depressed about her efforts for the Nurses' Ball, but she's not giving up. She picks up one of the old scrapbooks and looks through it. "I wonder if she could help me," she murmurs, looking at a photo of stunning Lucy Coe.

Anna and the man she calls Duke are in Switzerland. She is still wondering if Faison is alive. That was such a horrible time in her life. Because of him, she almost lost everything. Duke wants her to concentrate instead on having a good time. She has him agree not to discuss Faison again. She enters her own room.

Dr. Obrecht comes into view in Faison's room, and he takes off his Duke mask. Obrecht thinks it's nervy to have Anna in Switzerland, but Faison is desperate. It's a risk, but he has to do it. Anna goes out and when she returns, she knocks on Duke's door. McBain calls her, but she ignores it. Meanwhile, he leaves her a voicemail that Faison is indeed alive. Hearing a struggle, Anna breaks into Duke's room and comes face to face with ... Faison!

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