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Jax and Carly

Blondes Have More Fun


Jax and Carly

Jax and Carly (Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright)

Adam Larkey/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Love Born Out of Hate

Jax and Carly started out as enemies. When Carly's best friend Courtney died after giving birth to a baby boy, Carly let go of her feelings and offered to help the father, Jax, offering to do whatever she could to help him raise the child. Gradually she fell in love with him. When it was learned that Nikolas Cassadine was really the father, Carly helped Jax cover it up. That didn't work, and Jax and Carly were heartbroken when they lost John, now named Spencer, to Nikolas.

An Attachment to Sonny

Carly and Jax planned to marry, but when Jax's brother Jerry called him out of town, Carly married Sonny so she wouldn't have to testify against him in a shooting incident. During the MetroCourt hostage situation, staged by Jerry Jacks, Carly and Sonny made love, which she confessed to Jax when he arrived back in Port Charles after the wild goose chase Jerry had sent him on to get him out of town. Carly divorced Sonny, and she and Jax married quickly.

It's been a pretty rocky road, what with interference from both Jerry and Sonny. After Carly and Sonny had sex in a limo after their comatose son Michael was put in an aftercare facility, Jax was livid. Despite Carly's aggressive attempts to seduce Jax and rekindle their romance, Jax was adamant about a divorce, going as far as settlement discussions.

Carly's Commitment

Carly has since proven that she can turn her back on Sonny, and the recent General Hospital crisis, when Jax feared for Carly's safety, has brought them back together with a vengeance. En route to a room in the MetroCourt to make love, they started the process in an elevator. Can these love bugs make it for good? Only the writers know, but the fans love their sexy playfulness. Now with Carly pregnant, the couple may soon welcome a new baby into their life together. If only Carly's son Michael doesn't come between them.

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