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Frisco and Felicia

Reel Life Becomes Real Life


Frisco and Felicia

Frisco and Felicia (Jack Wagner, Kristina Wagner)

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Some time WSB spy, some time police officer Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) fell hard for beautiful Aztec princess Felicia Cummings (Kristina Melandro), not only on General Hospital but in real life. (The couple married in 1993.)

Frisco's and Felicia's GH adventure started when they searched for Aztec treasure and later married. When Frisco was presumed dead, Felicia became engaged to Lucy Coe's cousin Colton Shore, not knowing that he was programmed to kill Frisco. Felicia was so shocked when Frisco turned up alive and told her this that she developed amnesia. But nothing could really keep her from Frisco, and once her memory returned, the couple was together again. Alas, they later divorced after having their daughter, Maxie, and Frisco split town.

Felicia became engaged to Mac Scorpio. Frisco returned to Port Charles to see his sick daughter Maxie when she needed a heart transplant - and Felicia broke her engagement to Mac.

Frisco's stay wouldn't be permanent - just long enough for Felicia to become pregnant with their second child, Georgie, and good old Frisco hasn't been seen since (unless you're a Bold and Beautiful fan). The forgiving Mac married Felicia. Then it was Felicia's turn to take off. In real life, the Wagners divorced in 2006.

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