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Jason Morgan and Sam McCall

Separate Lives, Together Once More


Jason Morgan and Sam McCall

Jason and Sam (Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco)

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Jason and Sam: Friends First

When Samantha "Sam" McCall first became involved with Jason Morgan, it was an uneasy alliance that first blossomed into a friendship. At the time, she was pregnant with Sonny Corinthos' baby and living with Jason out of convenience for Sonny and for her own protection. Sam McCall didn't yet know that her mother was Alexis Davis, the person she would blame for her miscarriage. Alexis hounded Sam to deliver prematurely so that her daughter Kristina could have the baby's cord cells. Although Sam and Jason did not yet realize that they were in love, Jason was devastated over the loss of Sam's baby and was a great comfort to Sam. Then, at the wedding of Nikolas and Emily, Sam had too much to drink and kissed Jason. The two knew then that they were in love.

Love, Betrayal, Anger, and Other People

Like most couples who live in Port Charles, things haven't been easy for Sam and Jason. A foster child ultimately returned to her mother, risky surgery for the amnesiac Jason, Sam sleeping with stepfather Ric Lansing, Elizabeth becoming pregnant by Jason, an angry Sam allowing a woman to walk off with Jason's son Jake - oh, gee, anything else? Sure. Sam seducing Lucky out of revenge, then falling for him, Jason and Elizabeth trying for a relationship - wow, would these two EVER find one another again?

A Meeting of Minds and Hearts

In fact, yes. It started up again almost as it began, with a friendship/truce type thing, and the rekindling of their deep love. One great thing about "Jasam," as the fans refer to them, is that Sam is mano a mano with Jason when it comes to danger. Now that she and Spinelli have a detective business, the three have often worked together. The other great thing? Sam doesn't ask Jason to be anyone other than who he is - strong, quiet, dangerous, and yet vulnerable.

Jason went to prison to protect Michael Corinthos, and Sam has been denied a conjugal visit because they're not married. They survived that setback. Sam has decided to have a treatment that may allow her to become pregnant - and Jason has decided to finally pop the question! Sam is a little nervous because she's so happy with the way things are now. But no matter what, Jason and Sam each have a homing device when it comes to one another. If any couple can make it, they can.

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