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Robin and Patrick

Scrubs Love


Robin and Patrick

Robin and Patrick (Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson)

ABC/Adam Larkey
Robin and Patrick

Robin and Patrick (Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson)

Patrick Wymore/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Robin and Patrick

Patrick and Robin (Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough)

Rick Rowell/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Robin Scorpio first sought out top surgeon Patrick Drake to perform surgery on ex-beau and good friend Jason Morgan. Though the operation was a success, Robin found Patrick's cocky attitude and detachment from his patients a big turn-off. The sparring, insults - and sexual tension - started flying immediately, to the point that Patrick deliberately annoyed Robin by pretending to be involved with her NOT best friend, Carly.

Patrick and Robin became closer after he believed he'd been infected with HIV during surgery, though this proved false. However, they became lovers during this time. Realizing after a pregnancy scare that Patrick wasn't going to be able to commit to her, Robin split with Patrick, announcing she wanted to find a sperm donor so she could have a child. Patrick took up with nurse Leyla Mir, but his heart wasn't in it. When Robin became pregnant, Patrick believed it was by a sperm donor, but Patrick was the father due to one of the defective condoms circulating through Port Charles at that time.

The couple then went back and forth ad infinitum because Robin didn't believe Patrick truly wanted to be a father. When he proposed over the hospital loudspeaker, she turned him down. Finally she realized he was sincere and relented, but their first wedding was interrupted by the birth of baby Emma. Finally, in December 2008, they tied the knot.

After baby Emma's birth, Robin suffered from post-partum depression, at one point leaving home.  In another town, she pretended to be single and picked up a man in a bar.  She realized what she was doing and became frightened.  When she returned home, an intervention took place, and Robin finally got the help that Patrick had been encouraging her to seek.  Her depression lifted, and she was soon back to her normal self. 

During this time, Robin found her thoughts going to Stone Cates, her early love who died of AIDS.  Also, one of Patrick's ex-girlfriends, Lisa Niles, came to work at General Hospital.  Lisa was still a wild college student at heart and seemed to want to pick up again with Patrick.  Robin had an opportunity to work with AIDS victims in Africa and decided to take it.  Patrick was not happy about her decision, especially since she had just recovered from post-partum depression.

While she was gone, Patrick had sex with Lisa Niles.  He didn't tell Robin, but these things have a way of coming out -- especially when the other party wishes you would get out of her way.  Heartbroken, Robin moved in with her Uncle Mac

When the couple reconciled, they then began to have to deal with Lisa on their own.  Lisa started a gas leak in their house; she switched Robin's HIV medications; she took Emma on a supposedly "innocent" outing without their permission; she held Robin in a cabin.  Lisa went crazier and crazier; finally, Lisa was murdered during a yacht party.

But Lisa's evil had left its mark -- because Robin had been without her medications due to Lisa switching them, when she started on her drugs again, they stopped working.  This meant she had to find another protocol or go into full-blown AIDS.  Protocol after protocol failed.  Believing she was going to die, Robin decided not to put Patrick through it and made up her mind to leave.  Thanks to   Elizabeth, Patrick found out and was able to hash the situation out with Robin.  Working with a new specialist, her viral loads stabilized again.

Shortly afterward, Robin was working on a therapy for the very ill Jason when the lab exploded and she was presumed dead.  She had been kidnapped by Faison.  Now she is home again, and Patrick is torn between her and Sabrina Santiago.  It's momentary.  We know what Patrick's choice will be in the end.

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