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Future Spoilers

General Hospital Upcoming Spoilers: Hot Stuff


Future Spoilers American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


A bit of advice: take everything after the first group of you read here with a grain of salt and especially if it's marked RUMORS.  If you scroll down, you will see that many of these future spoilers haven't happened.  Not that they still couldn't.

Rumors: Obviously, all these Ric items cannot possibly be true.  Some but not all.

Rumor: Maurice Benard may be taking six months off!

Rumors:  Paul Hornsby (Dillon Q's dad) will be involved in scenes with the fake Luke, Jenny Eckert (Ned's ex-wife), and Julia Barrett (Brenda's sister).

Sabrina returns to Puerto Rico to have her baby, but she'll return.

Elizabeth will have a chance at love with a capital L at the Nurses' Ball. 

Julian will be accused of putting Sonny in a coma. 

Ava will take over Sonny's organization while he's comatose.

Patrick receives a disturbing message from Robin. 

Robin gives Anna some news that will cause her to leave town. 

April 11, 2014 Updates

Is Nathan a Cassadine?  Soon everyone will be related to everyone else; they practically are already.

Luke may inject Sonny with the "Nina" medication and put Sonny in a coma.

Lucy may try and get Bobbie and Sonny together.

Morgan may hook up with Serena Baldwin if she ever shows up.

Carlos is arrested.

Helena may be back earlier than expected.

Ava tries to convince Sonny that he shouldn't feel guilty..

Spencer is in trouble.

Sabrina receives disquieting news about her baby.

Michael has questions for Anna about A.J.'s shooting.

Jordan proves her mettle with her new boss.

Carlos may get in the way of Ava's plans.

Carly would just love to know what Ava is hiding.

Franco tells Carly his latest plan.

Ava is terrified of being arrested.

Ned Ashton returns.

April 2, 2014

RUMOR: Jax is set up to take the fall.

Michael vows to bring his father's killer to justice.  Meanwhile, his other father is a wreck.

Fueled with destructive information, Ava is ready to take an elevated position.

Victor is returning.

Bobbie is there for Monica, and Ned is a comfort to Tracy.

March 27, 2014

Spencer is in over his head.  He knows too much, maybe?

Will Dr. O take all the blame for the baby debacle.  I don't see how she can, given that letter.  But you watch, Britt will wriggle out of it somehow.

Sonny comes close to going off the deep end.  In fact, he may just go.

Someone disappears.  Might be because of a Cassadine, Victor probably.

Bobbie and Lucy have to deal with traumatic situations.  If Lucy's daughter ever shows up, that might be Lucy's problem.  Bobbie's is either that Luke is acting strangely or she caught Lucas with someone.

Julian has a new plan to unleash on Sonny.

March 20, 2013

A legacy character returns to help solve a mystery.

Ned tells Tracy that Luke's behavior is familiar to him - but not on Luke.  A latex mask, perhaps?

Bobbie interrupts an intimate moment -- could that be between Scott and Lucy or Lucas and Brad?

Lucy's daughter is furious with her.

Scott is told off by someone he loves, and he's terribly hurt.

Let's get physical -- Scott and Kevin?

Duke changes his mind.

Anna has a surprise when she opens her door.

March 13, 2014

Rafe turns into a dark character and helps Ric to break up Molly and T.J.

Julian finally offers to bank his marrow for Danny.

Ric tries to break up Alexis and Julian.  Boy, he's got quite an agenda.

It turns out that Ric's father, Trevor, may have been taking money from the Zacchara family and supporting Julian's operation.  Trevor bought Barrett Enterprises in order to launder money. 

Ric thinks Jason is dead.  He doesn't know what arrangements were made for Jason by Faison and Julian.

Victor may have a connection to Julian. He also may have had a hand with problems Holly and Ethan are having, and that's why Robert left.

Ric may have business connections with both Jerry Jacks and Faison, and might have been involved with Duke's transfer to Faison.Julian and Ric are trying to frame Jax as the man behind the money.  Jax?  Does this mean Jax is coming back?  I hope so.

March 6, 2014

Lucas is offered a position at GH.

Someone else is mixed up with Barrett Enterprises.

Ava flirts with Scott -- with her own agenda.

Morgan winds up in the hospital in April.

Johnny Zacchara returns and might join Sonny to go up against the Jeromes.  Tracy and ELQ may become involved.


Kailey Cassadine, the daughter of Katherine Bell and Stephan Cassadine, will appear in March.  She was left in an orphanage and she was hidden from the Cassadines.  She wants to know why on both counts.

Victor will be grilling Dr. Obrecht under the guise of dating her.  He wants to know any secrets she has about his family, one of which may be that Stefan is alive and was one of her test subjects.

Victor wants to bring both Helena and Stavros back.  They may show up over the summer.  He wants to use the WSB to find Valentin Cassadine, the most evil of all Cassadines. 

Jerry is somehow cured.

Sam will learn about a connection between Julian and Faison regarding Jason's death.  Not seeing this relationship with Julian developing into any father-daughter thing.

Sonny and Ava may get married so they don't have to testify against one another.










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