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Future Spoilers

General Hospital Upcoming Spoilers: Hot Stuff


July 17, 2014

It looks like the oft-mentioned Kailey Cassadine and daughter of Lucy and Kevin may not be showing up for a while longer.

Michael is suspicious of Tracy's attentions to Alice.

Levi is desperate. Does this mean another sham marriage for Maxie?

Sam investigates Nina's medical condition -- she has doubts.

Bobbie is returning.

Rosalie notices a hunky youth - Morgan.

Lucas hooks up with either Felix or Brad.

Anna tries to save Robin and Patrick's marriage when she learns that Patrick plans on moving on without his wife.

July 11, 2014

Who saw this coming: Levi's pending deportment raises the question of...marriage.  I

Morgan and Kiki...together once more?

Jordan and Anna talk about Jordan's undercover situation.

Nina wants to bring down Ava as well as everyone else in Port Charles.

June 20, 2014

We find out Levi's real agenda -- treasure!

Annie Donnelly, Sean and Tiffany's son, knows Nathan.

Who is partnering in business with Faux Luke?

A new couple arrives in Port Charles.

Dr. O has a secret and it involves a new Cassadine

Julian will ask Alexis to marry him

Another shooting...

June 12, 2014

Anna's sting operation with Jordan might go bad.

Big shock.  Nina's baby survived.   This is a rumor.

Ava and Sonny start getting closer.

Christina, Lucy and Kevin's daughter appears.  I'll believe that when I see it.

And let's not forget Kailey Cassadine, Katherine Bell's daughter.

June 5, 2014

Kiki doesn't like Serena Baldwin -- immediately.

Kailey Cassadine uses a different name fror Nikolas. 

Here's a no-brainer: Sam and Silas may break up.

Scott decides someone is out to get him.

Wedding bell blues maybe for Ava and Sonny, having to do with testifying in court.  And GH, please don't get it wrong.  It's not that a spouse CAN'T testify against his or her spouse, it's that they CANNOT BE FORCED to testify against his or her spouse.

What will Lucy do when she finds out why Kevin has been in Seattle so much?

We will know who Faux Luke is, but the characters won't.

Different rumors about Sonny -- he goes into a coma is one and another is that he disappears.

Elizabeth and Nikolas may still get back together, but Nikolas is not over Britt.  He's still in love with her.

Looks like Stavros will return, and when he does both Elizabeth and Lulu will be involved. Elizabeth may become his target.

The company Deception may still happen.

May 22, 2014

Carlos is still in prison, but that could change because of a certain tape.

Kiki's left out while Michael runs ELQ.

Will Lucy wind up with Scott?

Emma is standing by Cameron but Spencer won't give up on her.

Dr. Obrecht has news for Victor.

Someone else is involved with Barrett Enterprises.

May 1, 2014

A bit of advice: take everything after the first group of you read here with a grain of salt and especially if it's marked RUMORS.

It's revealed that Nathan is Victor's son.

Sly Eckert, Luke's cousin, may return to Port Charles.

Felicia tries to get Christina to confide in her.  Is Christina finally showing up?

Meeting of Titans: Victor Cassadine, Madeline, and Obrecht.

Rumor:  That embryo belonging to Dante and Lulu is still floating around (as if there are no other embryos) -- Will Ava use it if she loses the baby? Why is their embryo the only one anyone wants??

Any chance for Olivia and Duke to get together?

Dr. Obrecht knows that Helena was not told about Stefan and his daughter, Kailey, and it concerns her. 

Rumor: Maurice Benard may be taking six months off!

RUMOR: Ava/Sonny marry so they don't have to testify if the time comes.

Rumor:  WSB saved Faison and he's in a Scarsdale Freezer too!

April 24, 2014

Sonny also gets a dose of medicine. The bad kind-from Ava.

Helena is alive...sooner rather than later.

Carlos might upset Ava's plans.

Felicia tells Scott to back off.

We'll hear more about Victor, and possibly the Jerry connection.

Lucas will be asked to join the GH staff--will he take the job?

April 17, 2014

Sonny gets an injection (and it's not of humor) from Ava.  Either Ava or Luke does it, apparently.

Julian will be accused of putting Sonny in a coma. 

Ava will take over Sonny's organization while he's comatose.

Robin gives Anna some news that will cause her to leave town. 

March 13, 2014

Julian finally offers to bank his marrow for Danny.

It turns out that Ric's father, Trevor, may have been taking money from the Zacchara family and supporting Julian's operation.  Trevor bought Barrett Enterprises in order to launder money. 

Ric thinks Jason is dead.  He doesn't know what arrangements were made for Jason by Faison and Julian.


Victor will be grilling Dr. Obrecht under the guise of dating her.  He wants to know any secrets she has about his family, one of which may be that Stefan is alive and was one of her test subjects.

Victor wants to bring both Helena and Stavros back.  They may show up over the summer.  He wants to use the WSB to find Valentin Cassadine, the most evil of all Cassadines. 













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