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General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of July 28, 2014

This Old Heart o'Mine



Alice (Bergin Williams)

ABC, Inc. sam-and-silas1.jpg

Sam and Silas - a couple in danger of a breakup

ABC, Inc. kiki.jpg

Kiki Jerome

Week of July 28

July 28

There is an explosion targeting Julian's family, and he wants revenge.

Mickey learns Jordan's secret.

Sam thinks it's over with Silas.

July 29

Jordan gets close to Fluke's identity.

Jordan's cover -- blown.

Nina wants Nathan to fight for Maxie.

Port Charles is rocked by an explosion, which in turn inspires a plot for revenge.

July 30

Julian verbally attacks Faux Luke regarding the hit.

Tracy receives news of Alice.

A person from the past surprises Alice.

Jordan learns who caused the explosion.

July 31

Julian knows the truth about A.J. and tells Sonny.

Nina has something special for Silas. 

Things may be looking good for Alice, thanks to Tracy.

Franco is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak.

August 1

Finding Spencer is easier said than done.

Patrick and Sam learn something interesting about Nina.

Silas confides in Kiki about where things are with Sam.

Ava tells Julian everything.



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