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General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of April 21, 2014

It's Your Funeral


Week of April 21, 2014

April 21

Michael needs Sonny to comfort him.  I think he should try somebody else.

Spencer runs into Luke.  Okay, Spencer, now's your chance.

Nik and Elizabeth are interrupted by Ric as they have a moment.  And with Ric around, a moment is all they're probably going to get.

Sabrina catches Patrick off-balance.

April 22

Sonny finds Luke and Spencer talking together.

Patrick and Sabrina have some news for Emma.  She's going to have a brother, perhaps?

April 23

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma face a scary situation.

It's A.J.'s funeral.

Monica doesn't want Sonny at A.J.'s funeral, but he shows up anyway. 

April 24

Anna and Nathan look at the fallout.

Spencer tells Sonny about Luke's plans.  Will Sonny believe him?

Morgan is on the defensive about Kiki when she has yet another go-round with Faux Luke.  Morgan is loyal to his ex-wife, who is in love with his brother.

April 25

Carly and Franco discuss what to do next.

Patrick and Sabrina receive information that their baby could be at risk.  Well it wouldn't be a Port Charles baby if it wasn't.

Morgan is betrayed...by Sonny and Ava.  Morgan, it was bound to happen.






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