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Ric Hides Carly in a Panic Room

The Saga of Carly, Ric, Faith Roscoe, and Elizabeth


Ric Hides Carly in a Panic Room

Sonny and Carly in 2003 (Maurice Benard and Tamara Braun)

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In 2003, Ric Lansing finally decided to take a chance on a decent life. He had fallen in love with Elizabeth Spencer and proposed to her. Faith Roscoe wanted Elizabeth dead so she could have Ric to herself. Faith attempted to kill Elizabeth by putting a snake in her art studio. Elizabeth was bitten, but she was treated in time. Shortly after that, Elizabeth found out that she was pregnant with Ric's child. She and Ric were ecstatic. Faith was less so. Infuriated, she waited for her opportunity and pushed Elizabeth down some steps. Elizabeth miscarried.

Ric Assigns Blame

Ric was positive that Sonny was responsible for this after he learned that Elizabeth had been in conversation with Sonny shortly before she fell. Ric purchased a house for Elizabeth and himself and made sure that the house had a panic room. Elizabeth wasn't aware of that the house had one, even after they moved in, as it was hidden and only could be opened by a button in a bookcase. The books covered the button.

On the day of Jason's and Courtney's wedding, everyone gathered at the church. Michael went looking for his mother, who was pregnant with Morgan, but he couldn't find her. Ric had kidnapped Carly (then played by Tamara Braun) and brought her to the panic room. He chained her on a long chain so she would have use of the room and bathroom. As extra torture, he had a monitor in the room so she could see what was going on in the living room and realize that Elizabeth had no idea she was there. Ric intended to keep Carly there until the baby was born. Then he was was going to kill Carly, and he and Elizabeth would raise the baby.

Elizabeth Sees Carly

Elizabeth wanted to be pregnant again, but this, of course, wouldn't fit into Ric's plans. He doctored her orange juice daily with birth control pills. The situation lasted for quite a while. Then one day, Elizabeth was working in the living room and happened to empty the bookshelf. She saw the button to the panic room. Not knowing what it was, she pushed it, and to her surprise, a door opened in the wall. This gave Carly her big chance. She rushed to the door and begged Elizabeth for help. Poor Elizabeth. When she saw Carly, she literally suffered a stroke -- thanks to the shock and the birth control pills, she suffered an embolism.

This really didn't fit into Ric's plans! As Elizabeth lay unconscious in the hospital, he pondered what to do. He loved Elizabeth in his own twisted way, but on the other hand, he really couldn't have her coming to and revealing that she'd seen Carly. As he sat by her bedside talking to her, Ric expressed regret that he was going to have to kill her. Then one of the doctors informed Ric that it was very possible that when Elizabeth regained consciousness, she would probably have brain damage. Ric was immensely relieved. From Ric, this was a typical sick reaction.

Elizabeth actually had normal brain function when she came to, and she made a complete recovery. Fortunately for her husband, she didn't remember seeing Carly at all. Ric had dodged another bullet. Later on, Elizabeth remembered that day and what she saw. By then, Carly was gone.

Carly Goes from Kidnapper to Kidnapper

No, she hadn't escaped. No, Sonny hadn't found her. Lorenzo Alcazar had! He took Carly to his yacht. It was much more comfortable, but she was still a prisoner. Alcazar wanted to use her as leverage with Sonny. It turned out that Carly and Lorenzo were attracted to one another. When Carly fought going into premature labor, Alcazar held her hand. Lorenzo fell in love with her. Carly felt the attraction but she was in love with Sonny. Alcazar didn't give up. After Jason rescued her, and brought her home, Alcazar continued to go after her. When she was comatose (after being shot by Sonny, who intended to shoot Alcazar) she dreamt that she was married to Alcazar and went through an entire lifetime with him.

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