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Heather Webber

Baby Broker and Poisoner in the Name of Love


Heather Webber

Robin Mattson as Heather Webber

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Heather Webber

Steven Lars Webber (Scott Reeves)

Michael Yarish/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Heather Webber

Sam visits Heather at the sanitarium

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When in Doubt, Get Pregnant

Heather Grant Webber - Oy, what a witch. It's not so much what Heather did - what didn't she do? Her only problem was that she was fairly stupid. Played by Georgianne LaPierre (sister of Cher), Mary O'Brien and Robin Mattson respectively, Heather Grant appeared on the scene as a nanny from hell hired by Diana Taylor. She immediately went after Monica's then-husband Jeff Webber. With scheming and manipulation, she got him into the sack and played the trump card of every villainess - the pregnancy one.

Heather Makes a Sale

By then, though, Jeff and Monica had reconciled, and they wanted the baby. So Heather faked suicide. When that didn't make the desired impression, she decided to sell the baby, Steven Lars, to the Taylors. That sort of didn't work out either, so she ended up taking $500 from Jeff and going to New York City to pursue a career in modeling, the first anyone had heard of this grand illusion.

In New York, she hooked up with a ruthless landlady, Mrs. Hadley, who convinced Heather to go back to the original plan of selling the baby to the Taylors but using Hadley as the baby's grandmother so they wouldn't know the child was Heather's. Then Heather could take the $10,000 and head for Hollywood.

Jeff Webber Takes Pity on Poor Heather

Well, after a lawyer helped rig a fake adoption and Ms. Hadley took her cut, Heather really didn't have enough for even a bus trip to LA. So when Jeff showed up looking for his child, she said Steven Lars was dead. Feeling sorry for her, Jeff proposed. Once back home, Heather was able to spend time with the Taylors and their adopted son P.J., once known as Steven Lars. Heather decided she wanted him back, probably to re-sell him, so she tried to drive Diana crazy, finally spiking Diana's iced tea with LSD. Except there was a mix-up and Heather drank it herself and ended up in an asylum.

Heather Uses a Sanitarium Like a Hotel

For a while, Heather faked catatonia by day and by night dressed as nurse Shelley Vernon, whom she resembled, and ran around Port Charles spying on people. She found out Jeff had a new girlfriend, Anne Logan. When Heather was finally released, she claimed that she couldn't remember her past - I mean, wouldn't you? She wanted to kill Diana, but in order to do that, she had to fake hysteria and get back to the sanitarium for her alibi.

Once back home - the sanitarium - she hid a gun in a doll and did the Shelley by night thing. Diana wound up dead - we learned later that it wasn't Heather, but Heather's mom who killed Diana when she thought Diana was going to kill Heather. Like who could blame Diana. It's her mother whose actions I question. Heather wrote Anne's name in Diana's blood so she would be accused, but detective Joe Kelly, who for reasons known only to himself fell in love with Heather, uncovered out the truth. Heather didn't go down for the murder, but she was in plenty of trouble anyway and got six months. Even when Heather's plans didn't turn out, she made more trouble than almost anyone else.

All in the Family

Heather then turned her attention to Scott Baldwin but got nowhere. Scott was enamored of Susan Moore, Alan Quartermaine's lover, the mother of Jason, and Heather's cousin. What a family. Alan gave Susan money as a settlement. Later on, Susan tried to blackmail the Quartermaines and was killed. Heather, now teamed with another winner, Jimmy Lee Holt, stepped in to get custody of Jason and, more importantly, Jason's trust fund. You know how she loved those babies - they were little money machines. That didn't play out either.

Another Gasp for Heather

Years later, Heather returned to Port Charles, after Lila's death and tried to nab Edward Quartermaine, who finally realized Heather was only after his money. Poor Heather - all that money, and one sandwich short of a picnic in the brains department. Fortunately, her son Steven Lars turned out very well. In fact, he was a successful doctor who for a time held the position of Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Steve at least was able to return to Port Charles and make a life for himself. Until his mother resurfaced, he never mentioned her name.  Wonder why.

Heather was again institutionalized, and in 2012, she "helped" supply the details of Jason's birth.  She informed Sam that she had been present during the birth.  Now, right away, you know something went on.  Then she revealed that Jason was a twin.  The penny drops. The twin had been sold (apparently, why do it for free) to a nurse, one Elizabeth Frank, Franco's mother.  All of this info was in exchange for a letter Heather wrote to Steven Lars and gave to Sam to deliver.  Sam failed to deliver the letter, turning Heather against her, something one never wants under any circumstances. 

Heather and Sane -- A Contradiction in Terms

Probably just to get rid of her, Heather was declared sane and released in the care of Steven Lars.  She moved in with him, and Steve promptly forgot his mother is looney and left her to her own devices. Heather didn't like Olivia Falconeri, Steven's girlfriend.  Olivia got nowhere talking to Steve about it, since Heather was very careful in Steve's presence.  Heather also hated Anna Devane because she wanted Luke for herself.  Steve witnessed Heather's behavior toward Anna and sought the opinion of a psychiatrist, Dr. Ewan Keenan.

Heather went to her appointment with Dr. Keenan at General Hospital and saw Sam's order for a paternity test.  She realized that Jason's twin might be Sam's baby daddy.  She threatened to tell Jason, since she was still harboring anger over the undelivered letter.  Sam reminded her that she had sold Jason's twin, and Sam knew it, so perhaps Heather should keep her mouth shut. 

Heather's next project was to fix the wagon of Dr. Maggie Worth after Steve was arrested by the Memphis police.  Steve had allowed a patient to die in order to save Maggie when they worked together in the south.  She killed Maggie and made it look like a suicide, even forging a confession.  Steve was released from prison.  Then Heather could turn her attention back to Sam and Luke.  She buried Anthony Zacchara, believing that Luke had been involved in his death.  Getting rid of the body would keep Luke from being implicated. 

Heather's Tried and True: Working with Infants

On the night she was attending to the burial, she met Todd Manning, who had Tea's baby and needed help.  The baby died.  Heather found Sam unconscious and took her baby and switched him with the dead one.  It was a great way to get back at Sam.  I'm so glad I'm not Heather's mail carrier.

She used the information that Todd was involved in switching the babies to get a job at his paper.  She then overheard Luke and Lulu talking about the feelings Luke had for Anna.  Heather announced to Luke that she had hidden Anthony's body to help him.  Luke stated that he had not killed Anthony, and he wanted to tell Anna about the location of the body right away.  Heather bopped him on the head, took him to a cabin in the woods and tied him up.  When Luke came to, Heather informed him that he would be there until he fell in love with her..  When she couldn't get to the cabin, she arranged for Todd to take care of him, using her handy blackmail tool.

Heather then moved ahead with her plan to inject Anna with LSD, but as is usually the case with Heather, she loused it up and Olivia was hit with a dose of LSD instead.  Anna was able to rescue Luke after searching for him.  Heather fired at Anna during the ensuing fight but instead hit Luke when he moved in front of Anna.  Heather told Anna that she had information about Robin to use as a bargaining chip, but it didn't work.

Back to Ferncliff, Temporarily

Heather was returned to Ferncliff.  For some reason, her son rejected her.  She escaped Ferncliff and went to Llanview, where Sam's baby was living with Tea Delgado.  Heather said her name was Susan Moore.  Once she was in the house, she grabbed the baby and ran. 

Heather was forced to sneak into General Hospital to get medicine for the baby.  She and Olivia saw one another on a stairwell and fought.  She pushed Olivia down the stairs and ran to the roof.  Sam and Jason came up to the roof to try and get the baby.  Heather jumped; Jason pulled the baby away.  Heather was hospitalized for injuries.

Then it was back to Ferncliff, but as usual, she escaped.  When she found out that Edward Quartermaine was dead, she got into the Quartermaine house and read Edward's will.  Skye caught her.  Heather held a knife at Skye's throat and was going to use her as a hostage, but Big Alice Gunderson whacked her with a baseball bat.  And it was back to Ferncliff, which still hadn't done anything about its security.  However, now she had new info: the content of Edward's will. 

She wasn't alone at Ferncliff.  Todd Manning and Lucy Coe were there.  Lucy was seeing vampires and Todd was -- well, Todd.  They teamed up, got out, and went to Wyndemere.  Heather broke away from Todd and Lucy and kidnapped Sam's son.  Before she could go anywhere, Caleb Morley instead choked her and threw her into the harbor. 

Normally, it can be be difficult to keep track of one's vendettas, but when it comes to that, Heather has a methodical mind. Once she was out of the water and had dried off, she turned her attention back to Olivia Falconeri.  Steve walked in while they were fighting over a knife and found himself stabbed.  By the time the paramedics arrived, Heather was out of there and back at Wyndemere.  Truly upset about her son, Heather turned herself in.

It's Maximum Security for Heather

Now Heather was sent to Miscavige maximum security psychiatric care facility.  She said she would confess to switching the babies and engineering the escape from Ferncliff if Todd would help her to call Steve.  He did.

While at Miscavige, Heather found things to do.  She made a deal to be tested as a possible bone marrow donor for Danny in exchange for BLTs from Kelly's.  Unfortunately, the BLTs didn't keep coming so as usual, Heather found a way to escape. You can't build a place that can hold her.  She would visit Franco and eat at Kelly's, always wearing a disguise.  She presented Franco with a piece of her artwork, which he pretended to love.  When his art dealer loved it and Franco himself couldn't seem to paint anything, he really loved it and asked for more.  At his next art show, he passed her work off as his own.  Heather was shocked.

Heather Has Another Surprise

Franco was at that point pretty beaten down, so he admitted to the crowd that the paintings were Heather's. Scott Baldwin, the new DA, threatened to charge both Heather and Franco with fraud.  Heather stepped forward, admitting that Franco was her child and Scott was the father.  She showed both a birth certificate and a DNA test as proof.  A horrified Franco saw his life passing before his eyes.  Later, when Heather tried to interfere with his relationship with Carly, Franco strangled her and buried her.  As he walked away from the mound of dirt, Heather's arm pushed out of the grave.  She was alive.  Which means she'll be back, just as insane and furious and vindictive as ever.

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