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Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain

Twin Brother from Hell


Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain

Is it Ryan Chamberlain or Dr. Kevin Collins? No matter, Jon Lindstrom played both.

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Twins - One Good, One Bad

Yes, another troubled twin, Ryan Chamberlain. And a bold one, well played by Jon Lindstrom, who also doubled as the kind and professional twin of Ryan, Dr. Kevin Collins.

In Texas, under the name of Todd Wilson, Ryan fell for Felicia Jones. Felicia witnessed him killing a woman and was shocked into amnesia. When Felicia returned to Port Charles, Todd Wilson moved there using the name of Ryan Chamberlain, a pediatrician, and, figuring her amnesia kept him safe, dated her. Evidently, he changed his mind about that and became panicked that her memory would return. So Ryan did the Heather Webber drink-spiking thing, this time with a memory loss concoction. The drink didn't take, alas.

Felicia Regains Her Memory Before Her Wedding

On a weekend trip to the mountains, just as Ryan pulled out the wedding dress and ring and declared himself to Felicia, her memory returned. When she tried to leave the cabin, Ryan lunged toward her. Mac Scorpio rrived just in time to see Felicia, knife in hand, standing over Ryan's body. Later Ryan claimed Felicia was insane and had attacked him unprovoked.

Charged with attempted murder, it's Ryan's loving and forgiving testimony that puts Felicia into a state institution for 5-15 years. Fortunately for everyone, Ryan was about as psychotic as they come. One night, he believed that he saw Felicia's ghost (though why I don't know, since she wasn't dead) and he confessed to several murders, including that of his mother. Then he figured out that Felicia was no ghost. Mac saved her.

Ryan Mistakes Audrey Hardy for the Mother He killed - Uh-Oh

Ryan took off for Audrey Hardy's (Elizabeth Spencer's grandmother), believing her to be his mother. He wound up beating her. Kidnapping Maxie Jones, he escaped to Texas where, again, Mac stepped in. Now it's Ryan's turn for the mental hospital. He swears revenge on everyone.

Kevin, the Good Twin, Arrives in Port Charles; Ryan Escapes

Then poor Dr. Kevin Collins, Ryan's identical twin and a psychiatrist, arrived in Port Charles and can't figure out why everyone is throwing rocks at him.

Meanwhile, in the asylum, Ryan seduced his occupational therapist in prison and convinced her to help him fake his death, which she does. Except it turns out to be her death - with the scarf she helped him make! Ryan assumed Kevin's identity and stole Felicia's newborn daughter, Georgie. After saving the baby, Lucy Coe, Kevin, Mac, and Felicia cornered him in an amusement park where a gas pipe broke. Ryan fell into the flames.

Bye-bye, Ryan. We won't miss you.

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