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Stavros Cassadine - General Hospital Character

Evil in the Form of a Popsicle


Stavros Cassadine - General Hospital Character

Mom's pride and joy, the killer and stalker Stavros

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Crazy for You

Talk about your spawn of the devil - this guy, Stavros Cassadine, was the spawn of two devils, Mikkos and Helena Cassadine. Stavros had one partially redeeming quality -- a slight tendency toward warmth for his son Nikolas. Otherwise, this was one ill wind.

Bent on revenge against Luke, the Cassadines kidnapped Laura after she had been married to Luke for a short time. Back then, Stavros appeared in four episodes and was played by actor John Martinuzzi. After Helena convinced Laura that Luke was dead, Stavros made her his bride. During those beautiful days of captivity - NOT - Laura gave birth to Nikolas. Eventually, a bored Helena then allowed Laura to escape. The now-obsessed Stavros follows her to Port Charles. He accosted her in the home she shared with Luke and was about to rape her at knifepoint in front of her tied-up husband when Luke escaped his bonds and, using the top piece of the bedpost, crushed Stavros' skull.

Luke and Laura ran; Stavros chased them, but, groggy from the injury, he fell down the stairs. As he lay dying, he expressed his lasting love for Laura. Then, in Cassadine fashion, he placed a curse on the couple. Gees, another curse. They're lucky they had any years together at all.

Helena Cassadine Defrosts Her Son

Once de-iced by his mother years later, Stavros, now deliciously played by Robert Kelker-Kelly, was an absolute delight. He walked in and out of Laura's house as if it was his own, leaving her little reminders of their life together - a rose, a photo of the two of them, the Cassadine ring in the middle of the porch. Psychological torture. In one macabre scene, he adorned her pillow with a rose and a black teddy, then lay down next to the teddy and stroked it. Whacko. He listened in on conversations between his mother and his son. He did similar things to his brother Stefan, who can't figure out the horrible nightmares he's having about his wicked brother.

"Lucien Cane" Moves Freely in Port Charles

Walking around town with a fake identity, Stavros went after his son's girlfriend, Gia, and made a pass at Carly. Mommy Dearest had some sort of formula for world destruction and Stavros, eager to see its effects, tried it out on one of the staff. By then, Helena was wishing she could test it out on Stavros, having learned too late that she has created her own personal Frankenstein. When the lovely Chloe found a photo of Stavros in the family album, she realized his true identity and, in an absolutely brutal act, Stavros killed her.

Stavros Meets His End - Maybe

Stavros was brought down by Luke a second time - some people just refuse to die - when he fell halfway into a pit during a fight with Luke. Luke reminded Stavros that, yet again, Luke's face will be the last one he would see before dying. Stavros laughed and plunged into oblivion - we hope. Between Stavros, Helena's weapons of mass destruction and the hypnosis codes to de-program Lucky, Port Charles had its hands full.

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